Publix Opinion (Nov 29, 1929)

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Big Ovation To [WANT AD GAG SCORES AGAIN has earned so much valuable free space for wide-awake theatre Returning Organist — An extensive advertising and publicity campaign, welcoming pack Miss Dot Jerman, to the Publix Colorado, Pueblo, Colo., as feature organist, aroused intense in| terest among her many admirers and served to ‘build’ her as an added attraction. Daily stories and photographs were carried in the local newspapers while Miss Jerman was on a tour around the circuit. A six-sheet poard, in the form of a map, in the lobby of the theatre, noted the cities she visited as \well as told where she was at present. Wires from her were posted on a bulletin poard in the lobby. A tie-up was arranged with the Western Union whereby they furnished daily messages, from other . organists. Incidentally, all wires carried copy about the eurrent attraction. When Miss Jerman’s return became a matter of a week or 80, eight window tie-ups on “Dot Jerman Sundaes’ were obtained. A eomplete new outfit of clothes, including shoes, hose and flowers for Miss Jerman’s opening solo was promoted without cost. Hun-| dreds of window cards were placed in leading stores, double spread co-operative ads were paid for by the town merchants. When Miss Manager Roy Slentz, staged a parade which was led by both a 22 piece band. from the Musicians’ Local and the Publix Sound he procession proceeded all, where| it was city officials, e sound speec announcements, full mention was given to the Sound Train and to the feature attraction. ‘RADIO WELCOMES SOUND SPECIAL The Publix Sound ‘Train received tremendous ovations beffective radio tie-uD, folk in and near hen it visited the Publix 1 Theatre there. Manager with the loc cost to the theatre, for “send out a tracer.” The mike was kept open for more the sound train every ten, minutes. Each town along the route would then welcome the car as it passed through the town, until it reached Watertown. ILLINOIS THEATRE LEASED Publix Theatres has taken 4 lease of Redmond’s Majestic Theatre, East St. Louis, Illinois, from Fred Leber, his wife, and Harry F, Redmond for 20 years. TO ALL MANAGERS: Gentlemen: Please advise Mr. Serkowich of any idea you use that you think might be beneficial to the rest of the territory. When you advise him of one stunt and you do not see this stunt reproduced in Publix Opinion, do not take it that the idea was no good, but simply that, in Mr. Serkowich’s opinion, it did not warrant space in Publix Opinion at that particular time. You owe it to the organization to keep Mr. Serkowich' advised of anything you use or think of that might be worth something to the other fellow. Please keep this in mind and Jo not fail to comply. Sey Harry Hardy District Manager Jerman did return, | than five) hours, announcing thei location of | Here is the old reliable want ad tie-up, which merchandisers, inaction again. Thornton W. Sargent, Director of Advertising and Publicity at the. used the gag to ballyhoo “The Return of Sherlock Holmes.” C’mon, repeaters! Let’s see you duplicate it! Executive OFFICES AMBASSADOR THEATRE BLOO. SEVENTH AND .toocust SPYROS P. SKOURAS PRESIDENT PUBLIX OPINION, WEEK OF NOVEMBER 29t : Publix-Ambassador Theatre, St. Louis, \ ‘ltion of the season. It is entit POINTED HEELS) TO HAVE SONG | SENSATION | The forthcoming Paramoutl :. with to be the outstanding song sen “J Have You,’ and is sung | Helen Kane several times, in at: dition to which it is played instr mentally many times throughol the picture. a reuit | St. Louis, Missouri Octe 24th a 1929 e Classified Ad Manager, . St. Inuis Globe-Demecrat, St. Louis, Mos Dear Sir: the Globe-Democrat want ads produce results. gimple protess of deduction, you large circulation plus response desired. Certainly, Dre It is not surprising, Watson, you should know that By the should realize that. a quality readers would draw the accordingly, that more than seventy-five applicants appeared at the Ambassador for that position of impersonating me and, that mo one can perfectly processes, that sly old fox, and Skouras Brothers, I want to con for agein denonstrating that their ¢ there were many who Professor Moriarity. At any rate, the results we desire. while it is true imitate me or my detective certainly would have fooled on behalf of Sherlock Holmes gratulate the Globe-Democrat Jassified ads produce Tati Ange To ferret out lost articles, jobs, roommates, used car buyers, Sherlock Holmeses, or what need you-- Globe-Bemorcrat | WANT ADS | POSTER CONTEST | Tie-up Effected With DRAWS STUDENTS A poster contest was conducted in the public schools of Austin, Texas, by Manager Homer LeTempt of the Publix Majestic there. The superintendent of schools gave his permission for such.a contest, which resulted in an announcement in all of the classrooms that the students producing the best posters on “Byangeline’ would be awarded prizes. When the announcements were made, mention of the picture, playdate and theatre was also included. The local paper wrote a feature story about the contest and also gave space to theatre feature and playdate. Woolworth Company Harry Niemeyer, of the PublixSkouras Publicity Department, arranged a tie-up with the F. W. Woolworth Company, nationally known 5 and 10 cent stores, whereby they distributed 40,000 heralds in packages and placed 60 window ‘ecards and 100 stills in their twelve stores, to publicize “phe Girl From Woolworths.” In addition, a “woolworth Night” for employees, was promoted. ad NEBRASKA NOTES The Publix Empress, Kearney and the Publix Swan, Columbus, poth in Nebraska, have re-opened and will operate three days a week; Friday, Saturday and Sunday. SCORE CARDS AID A CLASSIC NOVEL Manager Cc. T. Perrin, heeding the repeated admonitions of PUBLIX OPINION concerning the advantages of a football tie-up, distributed 1500 score cards at the local ‘big game,’ to exploit ‘‘The Taming of The Shrew,’’ at. the Publix Sterling, Greeley, Colo. Bachelors were invited, through the courtesy of the local paper, to view the. picture -and learn ‘Show a shrew could be properly tamed.”’ The newspaper carried several feature stories that showed Shakespeare’s classic in a modern light. The principals of the local high schools commented upon the Bard | of Avon’s play to the students. this picture by planting orchestra tions with the dance orchest particularly those who broad It, is not a difficult matter to h |an orchestra include this song: their radio program and annouln the title as that of a forthcomil Paramount picture. ! For those radio stations uh will broadcast a phonograph cording, _| makes there will be se of phonograph rec available, including a Victor 1 ord sung by Helen Kane. Orch trations and piano copies are i being printed and will be ava able within the next ten days. Managers are requested to w Herb Hayman, Music Sales Di partment at the Home Office 0 any number of orchestrati which they can place with lo orchestras and they will be nished gratis. There is a possibl elen Kane Victor ased w theatre cording of this tion purposes pri picture there within the nex recording of this song on a Pu record, sung by Annette Hans in typical Helen Kane style. 7 ‘Werb Hayman will apprecid hearing from each manager, © lining the things he help exploit the Have You” from is doing song ‘* I Havel ‘Pointed Heel PRE-VIEW PRINTS PLAN ACCLAIME Great enthusiasm is being reg tered by both theatre man and exchange flowing into the ter, Buying and view prints, promptly arrived at their men in the repd office of Leon N Associate Director of Booking, on the the first of which destit tion on the time scheduled. 7 smoothly working plan of 1 new venture, which has so far D gressed without a single hitel another tribute to Publix org zational ability. . Theatre managers and publid directors are particularly with the new arrangements ll much as they can now 80 al intelligently campaigns planning their & upon: merchan which they have seen, insteat trying to sell the proverbial 7 | in the bag.” MUSIC HEAD ON § INSPECTION TOl Boris Morros, Director of} sic for Publix, left last Mot for a tour of inspection throu out the South and West. Mr.] ros will visit New Orleans, Hi ton, San Antonio, Dallas, K al City, Denver, Omaha, Des Mol Minneapolis and Chicago. Thi ‘ iG the first extensive inspection | that the Publix music head made in two years and his vis being eagerly looked forward t theatre managers, masters of¢ monies and organists throug! the entire circuit. a i i SHAYON IN MUSIC DEP" Sam Shayon, formerly of Music Department, has retv to that department in the car of Executive Assistant to ; Morros, Director.