Publix Opinion (Nov 29, 1929)

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PUBLIX OPINION, WEEK OF NOVEMBER 29TH, 1929 9 4 Ss t ar S G ar Me This full a Sesnisctend ae olannas by Eugene W. Street, manager of the Publix Carolina Theatre HAVE ORIG INAL in Greensboro, N. C., at a cost of only a few passes. It ran for two days and was followed by ai series of half Cooper page ads, also free. In addition, five thousand hand bills were printed at no cost to the theatre and distributed to all the schools). NOTE: N. Y. PARAMOUNT HELD THIS PICTURE TWO WEEKS! Arch Reeve, in a preview of Gary Cooper’s ‘‘Medals,” (Title is being changed) declares that the entire motion picture industry and the entire theatre-going public, e4 have been given just what they al; LP TT UU Ct tT iii i i ATT TATA TAA TANIA ways wanted—a picture that is different. Hai : To produce it, Paramount has Hey Folks! defied hide-bound screen conven tions, has used different formu‘ lae in construction and has de-| ; This Is Clara Bow parted from the beaten path of Extensive use is being made in the current Christie Talking Plays for Paramount of original song and orchestral music created especially for these pictures, many of which will be currently published by various leading music dealers. For “The Lady Fare,’’ Abner Silver and Renee Russell wrote “Hot and Bothered,’ and Jimmy Johnson and Henry Creamer GREENSBORO DAILY RECORD, CETTE $2 ' : ® : wrote “‘The Hottest Gal in Ten time worn action and plot. The Talking To You. | |nessee,’’ both of which have been novelty of this picture alone will Ps oe . published by Shapiro-Bernstein make it a sensational and record I m Inviting You and Co. breaking box office attraction. tie “Wie Danes Gob.” win To See My Latest | : Buster and John West, two new | “Medals” is the first all-talking| § classic story starring Gary Coopé . : : : [numbers by J. C. Lewis, Jr., are ie ee Cunitely spp Teenee Picture FREE As featured. These are ‘Sailor NOSE cae ian dapitetanval |g ; : Walk,” which is a novel main title ty ese ag saat aida ; Guests Of The 4 |introduction presented with a ait p ae aug oe eee . D ail R e d! » jchorus of girls, and ‘Honest ased on Sir James M. Barrie’s| | Ne ’ ; famous stage play, ‘“‘The Old Lady| | y cord. eae Nera 8 Goan had West and Shows Her Medals,’”’ a daring nov-| } is : ; nae | elty, called “the most human| § The Name Of It Is j |. “He Loved the Ladies,’’ presenti story ever written.” It is a| & ing Taylor Holmes, with Helene i pathetic, touching, heartrending, Millard and Albert Conti, is intro mother love masterpiece, that is| ¢ COE : OE. gs e 499 ; onan as Miss, Millard’ singing ‘ shorn of the trite ‘boy and girl) § ; retly ords,” a new song a romances,” but replete with high a | OVICHGA. Bc gel as be suspense and moving drama of| | ( L ‘ love—tender, deep and true—but| 8 e 3 Irving Bibo wrote “I’m Going Bey nother and son love. Rich-| | And It Plays Thursday, Friday and Saturday At The Carolina | |to Specialize on You,” featured in 9 6 pani ly 3 ard Wallace, director of ‘‘InnoWeak But Willing, ‘starring Will cents of Paris,’’ and many other | King, published by Bibo and Lang. successful pictures, is directing E | Now Here’s How To See It Absolutely FREE! “Medals.” PICTURE. TIES IN ; Just clip the coupon in the right hand corner below and get one There are still a few people in Greensboro who do not subscribe to ; Sophomore Classes = 4 of your friends to sign it, agreeing to subscribe to THE DAILY THE RECORD. They either borrow it from their neighbor or buy 4 Hold Po ul : WITH H ALL OWEEN ; RECORD for 90 days, and you're all set to let Clara entertain you Aceu street. Tell them how much Lahrt itis to have TODAY’S ; p arity 7 FREE! ~ You don’t have to collect any money from your friend. He it or bara eae tee. Spore : sei Mies! ote! Contests : —_——— : si carry 0 me on now, let’s go see Clara, j When “Three Live Ghosts’’ agrees to pay the carrier boy 15c each eupicd during the 90 day FREE! And by the way, you don’t have to live right in Greensboro 4 UTE EPEC & played at the Publix Olympia, period, and that’s all. Then bring the coupon to THE RECORD to get in on this! If you live in a nzarby town and want to see Clara | The sophomore classes of the Miami, Fla., during Halloween,| § Building and get TWO tickets to the Carolina, FREE! FREE, Okey with us. i | high schools, prep schools and col Manager James H. McKoy took leges in and near Chattanooga, advantage of the similarity in picTenn., were solicited by Manager ture title and occasion, by placing 9 . 4 |Paul Short to advertise ‘‘The Sophee pel Enos ie the All Set! pa rig ee ee 1 | omore,” at the Publix State. obby, and decorating his theatre i ' with cut-out spooks, witches, Popularity contests among these Le t ‘ 2 ® : i |classes aroused intense interest a and other holiday decoraou At he Carolina! } | throughout the entire student body ; of all the schools. In addition to A parade of news boys dressed s in ghost costumes and led by the offering prizes’ in the form of : j HAVE THIS FILLED OUT AND BRING IT TO passes to the most popular soph . Seca tk ft bars rex THE RECORD BUILDING FOR TWO TICKETS ¢ | Omores, announcements were post: : ssurputta f |ed on the various school bulletin and to the theatre. This stunt was I hereby subscribe to THE DAILY RECORD for a period of 90 days, Ej ; boards permitting the sophogood for plenty of space in thel | and agree to pay the carrier boy the regular subscription = i # 1 i price of 15c per week on his regular collection day. I am not at 3 mores to see the picture at reduced , ocal papers. Weird sound effects| } present a subscriber to THE RECORD nor is this subscription to take 2 5 P.M | and proper handling of lights the place of one now in force, under another name. : rates between 3 and i * 1 ' proved very effective and startling] § oie sees : me ee nee } to the audience four days prior to ae Sh llie e CNS : : Does a copy of Harry Rubin's the playdate, when the trailer was 2 rae rears 3 Sound: Pips’: Be Wo yOur, REOISe: 7 shown. 3 tion room every week? =) z a i TUaUAnOYiNG4O04000004000000000000000000000000F900000000SSTA0UAU04040008090000000000000200954000000000000900TC400U000000 HOOTEEDAONOAOUOEOSGOOQOTSNOUCGOTUROSOROUOUUATUCROOUGLEGUG}UUUCEOUGGNOROTRUTONEOOOTTODAOTOGIINORIOUOAIUEOTT MIMI Me I TTT = jf Stop the waste of repeatable|— i Ren Gite -® ideas by sending them today to ! ae A SURE THING! s | : Photograph With Local If you ever get a picture with f ; A ] C d S a Navy, Army or Marine Corps ; D AN V IL L E WE L & tt ngie Commands opace angle, be sure to snipe the “A” y re boards these services, have in yy Taking advantage of breaks and each town. It’s a Ra and S; : Pea e i lities may help a i it “These photographs, in my opinion, truly depict what Publix operation means to a town, writes Jules J. te pgs P aaidcee u ber earns . cone nothing! ag Rubens, former part owner and now Division Director for Publix-Great States. “The Palace and Fischer Theanewspaper space. Bill Pine of P ublix Balaban tres, in Danville, Ill., were operated for years by a local company. They were remodeled under the supervision ; and Katz Publicity Department C. B. Craig of the Publix-strand got this one on both Army and in Gloucester is a friend of Cy Navy stands on “Salute.” Perkins, catcher for the World Series winning Athletics, who also lives in) Gloucester. Cy has a picture of himself and Sophie Tucker on the sands of Atlantic City. When “Honky Tonk,’’ starring Miss Tucker, came to his theatre, Craig smelled a possible tie-up and planted the photograph with The Gloucester Daily Times. It was reproduced in the society section with a story of Cy’s attendance at the opening of the picture. Crowds Attracted By Novel Auto Parade |: A “Dizzy Lizzy’ contest was sponsored by Manager Harry J. Gould, of the Publix Palace, Ft. Worth, Texas, to publicize ‘“‘College Love.’ The contest, limited |to high school and college students, awarded cash prizes to the owner of the most dilapidated and ‘“‘wise-cracking’’ flivver. When the contest was ended, the entire parade, with bannered cars, drove through the town to the theatre, ito receive the awards. of Claude B. Rubens and D. N. Sandine of the construction and maintenance department. The merchants, who donated several hundred dollars for street decoration and who contributed much newspaper space, consider that Publix contributes more to their business district than any other factor.”