Publix Opinion (Nov 29, 1929)

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SEND IN YOUR ANNIVERSARY PUBLIX OPINION, WEEK OF NOVEMBER 29TH, 1929 FANS SELECT OWN XMAS FILMS As a Christmas gift to the patrons of the Publix Paramount Theatre in Marion, Indiana, Manager J. C. King conceived the idea of permitting them to select six pictures from the New Show World product for pre-holiday showing. He made a tieup with the newspaper to carry a daily box with the list of eleven pictures, from which the six were chosen by popular vote. Fans whose lists most nearly matched the original bookings were awarded free tickets. DATES NOW Removal of the screen trailer department to a new. location of the special cartoon anniversary trailer which will be available to the entire circuit, according to A. M. Botsford, director of advertising and publicity for Publix. © A partial list of Publix anniversaries has been compiled and is printed herewith. Mr. Botsford desires to complete this schedule with data from every theatre on the circuit. If your, theatre is not listed below, send this information to him at once. If it is listed, but the data is not complete, send the missing facts. The numeral before each theatre name established the anniversary as the first, second or third, want to see? | mailed etc. March 29—April 4 November 23—29 . 1 Princess, Bloomington, Ind., ? Scollay Sa. Olympia, Nov. 23 Apr. 1 2 Palace, Gary, Ind., Nov. 24 April 12—18 3 Ritz, Richmond, Ind., Nov. 25 1 Princess, Toledo, O., Apr. 14 3 Rivoli, Muncie, Ind., Apr. 16 December J—13 3 eve Worcester, Mass., April 19—25 ec. 1 State, Lexington, Ky., Apr. 20 December 14—20 9 Paramount, Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 16 4 Strand, Muncie, Ind., Dec. 20 8 Metropolitan, Houston, Tex., Dec. 17 3 Texas, Houston, Tex., Dec. 17 December 21—27 May 31—June 1 Granada, May 31 June 7—13 9 Palace, Dallas, Tex., June 8 June 14—20 i 4 ity, tah, : : : p Lesaere Salt Lake City, U ? Royal, Kansas City, June 16 1 Century, Buffalo, Dec. 23 July 19—25 39 Orpheum, Ogden, Utah, Dec. 24 1 Poseouns Youngstown, O., July December 28—January 3 9 Alabama, Birmingham, Dec. 30 8 Tivoli, Richntond,. Ind., Dec. 30 8 Idaho, Twin Falls, Idaho, Jan. 1 January 11—17 4 Buffalo, Buffalo, Jan. 15 January 25—31 2? Paramount, Los Angeles, Jan. 25 February 1—7 ; : ? Granada, San Francisco, Feb. 1 February 8S—14 : 15 Paramount, Salt Lake City, Utah, Feb. 12 February 15—21 7 Tivoli, Michigan City, Ind., Feb. 21 Mareh 1—7 [ee : 1 Seattle, Seattle, Wash.,,Mar. 1 1 Portland, Portland, Ore., Mar. 7 March 8—14 3 Paramount, Provo, Utah, Mar. 14 Mareh 15—21 15 Paramount, Ogden, Utah, Mar. 17 July 26—August 1 Paramount, August 2— August 23—29 1 Paramount, Anderson, Aug. 20 August 30—September 5 1 Palace, Marion, O., Aug. 30 September 6—12 30 Sipe, Kokoma, Ind., Sept. 10 September 13—19 Ind., September 27—October 3 8 Capitol, Salt Lake City, Sept. 29 Oct. 1 October 4—10 2 Bailey, Buffalo, Oct. 8 8 Kentucky,* Lexington, Ky., Oct, 4 —_—_——————————————————————————————.hOOvo}MMS TI SURE SPACE-GETTER Herman Wobber’s boys on the Pacific Coast grabbed a lot of _ valuable publicity for the “Virginian” at the California Theatre by this invitation performance for Blind Institution of Berkley. Many of the students were also deaf, in which case the story was signalled to them by monitors in each row. All the papers went for it in @ big way. A good stunt to repeat if you have an institution of this kind in your vicinity. Blind Children Thrilled When They ‘See’ First Talkie Film Showin ‘The Virginian ; ; i i i x her, Mrs, Marie ChisJler, left; Charles Kertes, right, both blind, with their teacher, ¢ te ene “spectators” of picture ‘film. The students were among 100 who enjoyed 3 the movie. ax unfolded. Coast executive i is} stucen! 4 ter retation of “’ Vi : sian” st the California Theater. a Ned a gun—" “Be Pullen st he Jady with the Spanish voice is pretty. “Is he dressed uly ke a regular 5 oe whispers such as these ed & mur bounce in it. eWinen at last they from Blind ‘ni Greet AWW Com caused a delay in the completion MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1929 Movie Fans Rush to Aid in Selecting Pictures Marion theatregoers already are coming to the aid of Santa Claus in selecting their Christmas entertainment at the Paramount theatre. And what do you think most of them v On the basis of the first repli¢s, which must have been immediately following the announcement of the contest to 6 . Salt Lake City, Utah, 2 Newman, Kansas City, June ita 1 : Marion, O., July 30 24 Broadway, Gary, Ind. Aug. 1 8 i 2 Colfax, South Bend, Ind., Aug. 4 22 Pinney, Boise, Idaho, Sept. 17 Utah, 1 Harris Grand, Bloomington, \Ind., choose the six best pictures in the list of eleven considered by the Par the Duncan Sisters, and “Rio Rita,” with Bebe Daniels, are sure to be among the six selected. The contest, details of which are October 11—17 1 Marion, Marion, O., Oct. 18 November 1—7 ; ? California, San Francisco, Nov. aL Nov. 8—14 4 Strand, Pittsfield (as Publix), Nov. 9 4 Paramount, New York City, Nov. 8 (really Nov. 19) 8 Denver. Denver, Nov. 7 (really Nov. 20) November 15—21 1 Paramount, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Nov. 16 4 Keith, Georgia, Nov. 18 ? Olympia, New Haven, Nov. 21 > Paramount, Brooklyn, Nov. 19 November 22—28 4 Palace, Canton, O., Nov. 22 NOVEL RADIO SKIT HELPS SELL FILM A novel idea for radio broadcasts was developed by Walter C. Benson of the Strand Theatre of Pawtucket, R. I. He introduced, via the ether waves, ‘‘Si’’ Perkins, a vaudeville rube, who told the folks in appropriate dialect ‘how’ he and Harry had enjoyed the show and the service at the Strand Theatre the previous day, mentioned John Gilbert’s love making, (His “Glorious Night” was the feature) and the ‘perliteness of the attaches’ who had conducted them to their seats. Though used primarily to boost “His Glorious Night’? the radio skit aroused so much comment that it is planned to run it as a regular feature now. The radio time was taken from the regular weekly broadcast and meant no extra cost. Enthusiasm Greets Idaho Falls Opening The opening of the Paramount Theatre in Idaho Falls, was the greatest thing that ever hit the town according to a report from Harry David, district manager, to divisional manager Ralph E. Crabill. A splendid spirit of enthusiasm was manifested by the local business men. It_resulted in full hearted co-operation between the theatre executives and the Champer of Commerce, the city officials, newspapers, and the merchants of the town. The opening was preceded by a civic demonstration. Credit for the opening goes to Messrs: Murphy, Fraser, and Nylan. / Show Layman’s View Of the Film Business Picture business, not as is, but as the majority of fans think it is, will be shown in First National’s “Show Girl In Hollywood,’ now in production. Women appeal will be stressed and a 17-yearold girl from Trenton, N. J., with only three: days picture experience, has been chosen as ‘‘technical advisor,’ to sit with Mervyn LeRoy, director, and give him the outsider’s view of picture making and Hollywood. amount, “It’s a Great Life,” starring | given in an advertisement on the theatre page of The Chronicle today is for the purpose of allowing Mar Have you selected your. ~ Ag ; Xmas Entertainment? Win Free Tickets to the Paramount Theatre, by helping Santa select your Xmas entertainment. Below is a list of eleven hig, all-talking New Show World pictures, from which Santa must pick the six biggest, for showing at the Paramount, from December 8th to 21st. Santa asks you:to help him and will award two free tickets to each movie-fan picking the six biggest hits from the following list of outstanding all-talking pictures. Make your selections now so that Santa can book the pictures you want for your Xmas entertainment, noting your six selections by placing an X opposite each picture. tT] “DARKENED ROOMS,” an amazing mysterythriller, .))f featuring Evelyn Brent, Neil {7 Hamilton and Doris Hill. O “RIO RITA,” All-Talking, Singing screen version of the famed Ziegfeld Musical Comedy, featuring Bebe Daniels and John Boles. O “NAVY BLUE,” William Haines and Anita Page costarred in an all-talking com| edy, “with . wise-cracking Haines in the U. S. Navy. O “RED HOT RHYTHM,” a snappy, flashy, romantic, comedy drama of Tin Pan Alley, starring Alan Hale and Josephine Dunn. ' 02 “THE BATTLE OF PARIS” all-talking musical comedy, featuring Charles Ruggles and Gertrude Lawrence. CO “POINTED HEELS,” alltalking musical comedy of back-stage life with William Powell, Fay Wray, Skeets : Gallagher and Helen Kane. O “THE MIGHTY,’ George Bancroft in an all-talking underworld drama, with Es ther Ralston, Warner Oland and Raymond Hatton. O “IT’S A GREAT LIFE,” costarring the famed Duncan Sisters, all talking musical comedy of back-stage life and vaudeville troupers. O “TANNED LEGS,” Ann Pennington, famed Ziegfeld Follies star in her first all 66 DF “GLORIFYING THE AMERtalking musical comedy film. ICAN GIRL,” an all color audible screen presentation of “Ziegfeld Follies’ with O “WOMAN TRAP,” all talkMary Eatin, Dan Healy, Hding, romantic melodrama, die ‘Cantor, Helen Morgan featuring Hal Skelly, Evelyn and Rudy Valee. — Brent and Chester Morris. Fill in your name and mail to Santa Claus PA Paramount MCADDRESS 18. ee MY NAMES, .....-+..ssseeececeercers exploit Greta Garbo’s ‘‘The Kiss The mash note was on the fit sheet of the folded letter, and! the reader turned the sheet complete a sentence, a print sheet, with copy. about the pictut playdate, etc. was seen. Mit favorable comment resulted. Manager Sends Amorous Letters To Town Males A letter, written in a woman’s handwriting, on pink stationery, was mailed to numerous Jacksonville residents by Al Weiss, Jr., manager of the Publix Florida, to ANOTHER SUNDAY COIN-GETTER) Two sample ads run in Chicago papers to stimulate Sunday | matinee business, are pictured below. These ads, composed by Publix Balaban & Katz advertising men, literally talked thousand’ into at ¥ tending the “new Sunday theatre-going hour.” Adapt this for your | copy. ; RPE PPP PPP PIG. OPP PPL PLL LPL LLL LL LLLP 5 Shere a Nlew Sunday Theater-Going Hour} iw these BALABAN & KATZ THEATERS \ (12) (1) : Last Sunday thousands of our patrons adjust> : ed their theater-going hours and came, with their family parties, between 11 a. m., the opening hour, and 4 p. m. They found seats available immediately and without waiting. COME, TODAY, BEFORE 4 p. m. for De Luxe Shows and PROMPT SEATS —BALCONY OR MAIN FLOOR. oe “Have You Readjusted Your SURDAY THEATER-GOING HOURS? Thousands of our patrons are |PROMPT SEATS TOMORS taking advantage of the new schedvles. arranged since the end of daylight saving time.