Publix Opinion (Dec 13, 1929)

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72 PPCM Regal to vesigy h T on ee ata ee . ae ~~ Lat AEE TO oS YR pepe re iad ent I": fas ‘| > ast eae ae rs § Rope i ie ae ER + er gS OI a ey ann OP TD SANE SCHEME a Sp atin Seca 2 | | | PUBLIX OPINION, WEEK OF DECEMBER 13rtu, 1929 ACTION ON THE CHRISTMAS DRIVE! — Publix Florida Theatre, Jacksonville, are two more smart showmen who ENCOURAGES ECONOMY (Continued from Page One) officio membership in the committee. “In organizing our cost-control in this manner,” declared Mr. Dembow ‘we eliminate any frenzied or ill-advised “economy drives” or “efficiency experts,” and at the same time have sanely ordered justifica| tion for every expenditure. “We hope thru the sensible scrutiny of expenditures, to make available funds for purposes that everyone would like to see them used for, namely, expansions and operation helps. “All plans and ideas, at their inception, will be presented to the committee. . The cost angle will be considered to determine its value on the basis of its ratio of costs to results. “The committee will not act as an organization to conduct an “economy drive,” continued Mr. Dem\ shown below. Sol tol bow, “nor will there be = hy Golhleg y A ta’s Com! such a thing, except as it | Town in a Blaze of operates regularly in every Glory Tomorrow! Icome Home city, under the supervision of local management. “However, it is possible to sanely effect economies in many places, and these will be made after due recommendation from their local point of origin. “One interesting economy suggested by Mr. Walsh, who has charge of mailing, is that mail go in batches, via air, and be re-distributed at central points. This saves time and money, and eliminates the necessity for many of the telegrams that now go forward from New York. “Doubtless hundreds of our Santa Wi Toyland, 3rd Floor To, Geos He Me Tham GRC BAS lee Li hildren and Their Parents < ie Cordially Invited showmen will suggest equally advisable economies. We also expect, and want to encourage any ideas for additional expenditures that may be justifiable by possible valuable results.” USE’EM IN ADS! Here is some good “atmosphere” for your December Drive ads. They not only enhance the appearance of the ads but get your message of big pictures for December across. Publicity Director Jonas Perlberg and Manager Al Weiss, Jr., of the took PUBLIX OPINION’: tip and went after merchant tie-ups for the December Drive. show referred to below, Not only did they do that but they PAID for the ads, also shown below. In addition to that, they made announcements during the Radio program daily, and placed signs in all their windows. The two Publix showmen staged a parade which, led by the Po Mayor greeted Santa Claus and gave him the key to the city. was held. The merchant furnished balloons, boxes of candy, prizes and souvenirs to make it a gala event. qt at a i ot. ae i: jusic movies! Gites! Prises! ¥ \ PLAN CORRALS BRAINS (Continued from page 1) person of wide travel and experience in this business. However, often an old idea with a new slant or twist becomes a new one, or it might be presented at a most timely moment when its value would be greater than it ever was when originally used. Letter a Week So if you’re an alert showman, you’ll encourage your organization to send in to you, at least one letter a week, offering creative new thoughts. These letters should go thru proper channels. Contributors to Mr. Katz’ ‘“New Thought Basket,’ as a matter of organizational necessity, are confined to the membership of his executive cabinet. However, any member of that cabinet will be glad to present and properly credit any worthy idea and its creator. This has always been the policy and purpose of PUBLIX OPINION, which is not changed in any manner by Mr. Katz’ ‘“‘New Thought Basket.’ If you have a good idea that you want to get to Mr. Katz, and it merits publication in PUBLIX OPINION, Mr. Katz will see it, and act upon it as circumstances require. IDEA TO ENHANCE CAMPAIGN VIGOR (Continued from Page One) be incorporated in home of to show what has been done that is worth repeating. Warnings of impending “premieres” will come from district bookers, and after that, the local management will do the rest. lice Band and Boy Scout Bugle Corps, proceeded to the City Hall where the From there, the procession marched to the F lorida Theatre where the regular program Another tip of PUBLIX OPINION which was put into effect is the herald idea. free. The ads of the merchants took care of the expense. “NEW THOUGHT” "oj The merchant BOUGHT the tickets for the special children’s Advance publicity stories and pictures are Thousands of these heralds (shown below) were. distributed ’ . ty ma with 0 bg Movies! Giits! Prisai! Music! ete., every year by exuberant students so last year he decided to circumvent that by holding an invitation performance for the team and the students. Manager M. A. Baker’s annual gratis performance to the students of Notre Dame University before the big game of the season at the Colfax Theatre has again worked out beautifully this year. This smart Publix showman got tired of having his theatre wrecked, ornaments stolen, seats broken, Appreciating the courtesy, the students behaved themselves ad mirably. Not only did Manager Baker’s theatre escape injury but he gained valuable goodwill from the student body and the community generally as well as much publicity from the newspapers on the stunt. fice manuals for each picture, ON THE NEWS STANDS A week to week news stand tie-up, effected some time ago by Hart A. Wolever of the Publix Piccadilly Theatre 4n Rochester, N. Y., is working out very satisfactorily. The magazine distributors place 500 of these 11 by 14 cards weekly in their dealers’ windows and on street news stands, with NO PASSES given by the theatre. Total cost amounts to about $15 weekly. This is a sure fire coverage at little cost that could be made in every city. cee | so | PHOTOPLAY 5% The National Guide To' Motion ; ALE HERE $ NEW TH Magasin Fo, 19 ‘or Th aur ie 24 Teun cony mas lodern Girl | hen See and Hear COLLEEN MOORE | “Footlights and Fools” ce Week Starts Cc ADILLY Week Stactt Wek 25 Nov. 9h Nov. 9th sat S# a COLLEGE HUMOR | on od The La READ elu On salt, THENSEE and HEAR VE GHOSTS” 7) esse PICCADILL Week Starts Sat. Oc 19 « THEATER