Publix Opinion (Dec 13, 1929)

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I eh Re IDEAS, ADVISES BORROW USEFUL BOTSFORD | “Borrow; ideas wherever you, may get them,” declared A. M. Botsford, director of advertising and publicity in a talk to the men at the manager’s school. “Life is too short for the prima-donna attitude on originality. If new ideas lessen your work so much the better, if they lessen your brain work so much the better.” . The talk was delivered during a week devoted to additional study of advertising and exploitation in its various forms. The question of wall boards for display purposes was covered early in the week when a representative of the Upson Board Company lectured on the composition of different wall boards and uses to which they may be put. He announced that the Upson Board \ Company, which is located at Lockport, New York will furnish information on all wall board problems. Not only that but it will suggest a variety of uses for display, stage decorations, theatre fronts, ete. PUBLIX OPINION strongly recommends that managers obtain the booklets put out by this company for their value as idea builders. Newspaper tie-ups and co-operative advertising took up a good portion of the week. Mr. Levine, who covered the subject, declared that in all tie-ups both parties must benefit but never one at the expense of the other. The theatre manager contributes the prestige of Publix, sometimes the lobby or other parts of an expensive house, and a weekly audience that often rivals in numbers the circulation of a newspaper. ‘There is little that a merchant or a newspaper can offer that is as valuable as all this. It is only just,. therefore that in most cases ALL expenses be born by the party to the tie-up. Word of Caution Mr. Levine, however, issued a word of caution. The contact with the merchant, he declared, does not cease after the particular bit of exploitation is over. All property that is borrowed must be pro‘tected and returned when promised. The manager should be careful of the attraction he uses as his share of the tie-up and of the results that he guarantees. A bad flop may make future contacts difficult. On Thursday, the work of the advertising department was explained by Mr. Botsford and by fuem Stewart. Mr. Botsford discussed the divisions of the organigation, while Mr. Stewart covered the making of manuals and the other activities of his department. He pointed out that a special gource of information ‘was needed in the show business because indiwidual exhibitors could know so little about the product they were selling. For that reason manuals, ‘letters from the home office, press ‘sheets, etc., were so necessary. Problems Vary Mr. Roberts, who is in charge of copy in the advertising depart ment, spoke after Mr. Stewart. Roberts had. been a theatre manager himself. He declared that at all times the individual exhibitor was kept in min4. ual is only meant to suggest ideas. Ideas that seem impracticable out nevertheless, been tested and almost always can in the field have, be worked. The remainder of the week was devoted to criticising the ads It is well over two weeks now that the drawn up by the students. i men have been preparing ads and _cient from day to day. must tell a story, and must sell. Determining sales angle is therefore the first consideration in planning a poster. After that comes the question of how best to put the message across. and composition in this medium are essentially the same as in newspaper advertising. The body of the poster may be balanced unit for unit to form a symmetrical design, or it may be unbalanced in a trick design. lettering. ters made up entirely of copy. such the legibility and neatness of the lettering is of utmost importance. torial elements as well as copy. In those cases the lettering becomes part of the design. however, is always of such value that no matter what the design may call for in the way of artistry or unusual arrangements, the lettering must always be legible, not only at close hand but from a distance too. gotten, to the detriment of the selling power of the poster. Where color heaviness is desired, a dark blue or purple will be found more effective. very strong contrasts. orange and pure blue will give this as well as red and green. In the case of these colors, the Because all problems are so different, because local conditions vary so, the man according to Mr. Botsford they are becoming more and more profi SPYVIV VV Vv VV VY VV VV VY VY YY ravava'a’A"A"AA"A"A'A’A’A’A’A"A'A"A'A’AYA’A’A™A’A’A’AYA’A'A'A’AYA’A’A"A'A"A'A A "aa" AAA A A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A' AAA" TO ORGANIZE A POSTER (EAA ERBARIO HOW A poster must attract attention, the message and The principles of layout Next in importance comes the There are some posIn Some posters contain pic The message, This is often for Color must next be considered. Black backgrounds are not recommended since they are too sombre to be good selling backgrounds. Certain color combinations give Pure results will be so startling, that it is wisest to unbalance them by making one or the other darker. The scintillating effect of pure orange and blue, or red and green, make use of these combinations unwise for lettering. Legibility is lessened. Any colors containing a common pigment are harmonious. Green, blue-green, and green-yellow would fall under this classification. Sq would violet-blue, violet, and violet-red. Yellow, orange, good foreground colors because they stand out. Blue, green, and purple give the illusion of distance. The effectiveness of a poster often depends on the originality of the idea on which it is based, the proper color combinations, the newness of its design and a host of other elements. Fresh ideas are not culled from the air. The good poster artist keeps a comprehensive file in which he stores whatever may be of use to him. We are reproducing the file headings used by the Publix Theatres ‘in New York City. Or the manager may maintain this file as part of the theatre property. Star stills. Poster star heads—male and fe and red are DON’T SLAP YOUR LOBBY TOGETHER Do you slap your lobby together every time you have to change displays? Or perhaps you have your porter place posters, and display material wherever he pleases? Every lobby presents an_ individual problem in layout. First points to consider—the architecture of the-building and the lobby. Second—the location of the theatre. Third—the shape of the lob by. Fourth—the side of best apFifth— proach to your theatre. city regulations and ordinances. And lastly, the type of patrons frequenting your theatre. It is wise to have a lobby plan in your possession. On this should be indicated the size and position of every panel in your lobby and all the available surface space. You should also have the plans and size specifications for panels and displays that you may have in railroad terminals, department stores, etc. publicity that is not Paramount stars or pictures to plant with your amusement editor, get in touch with Arch Reeve at the West Coast studios. the paper containing copies of your ads. not been added for which you will tion or you can refuse to pay all \TION TICKETS FOR XMAS GIFTS! This letter, order blank and return envelope were mailed to all business houses in Danville, Ill., suggesting purchase of theatre tickets as Christmas gifts for employes. They were drafted by Thomas P. Ronan, district manager, with the assistance of Lew Worley. vara aa’s male, Effective color combinations from various Soren le aera Pictures of stage stars—important since sound pictures. Poster treatment of heads from sources other than the show business. Cartoons and movie caricatures. Symbolic figures for music and stage shows. Figures of dancers in various poses. Bathing beauties. i Professional and costume employees such as policemen, firemen, etc. Sports.. Industrials—skylines, factories, etc. . Transportation — ships, planes, trains. 3 24-sheet posters that have unusual value for cut-out possibilities. Unit show material. Art publications for figures in the nude, backgrounds, etc. Celebrities—old and new. Emblems of leadership—Statue of Liberty, state emblems, ete. Producers year book. Holiday material. Western material. air|, _ Publix Theatres es ‘Fischer Palace Terrace Danville, Illinois Fashions. Travel booklets for _ back‘Dear Ur. Olmsted: grounds. an ge Fini i Employers are taking advantage of the Children. opportunity to spread genuine. pleasure among PUBLIX their. employees and. friends givin Aa China and the orient. THEATRE TICKETS as a REAL, OHRISTYAS Good examples of layouts, lettering, and design. Example of good poster work of Famous Poster Artists. SOME TIPS ON NEWSPAPER CONTACT Most papers pyramid their ads —either large ones on top and small ones on bottom or the other way around. Take advantage of the situation and prepare your ads accordingly. Also watch the advertising practice of your opposition and try to be sufficiently different. Some of the best space on the amusement page is next to the margin (called the gutter). It is sometimes possible to obtain that position by contact with your compositor. Get a proof of every ad that you run. Make sure; that your copy has been placed with the paper sufficiently ahead of time to allow for this. Avoid planting ‘‘dog”’ stories— on the level— with your papers. If you make the papers look foolish you lose their good-will. If you need Theatre tickets are universal in their appeal, for no one is too young or too old to. appreciate a good show, These tickets are inclosed in an-appropriate GIFT EXVELOPE, and can be purchased in any. quentity desired: 33,00 = $5,00 -.$7.50 and $10,00. “For your convenience we are’. inclosing our return order blank -- ’~1# you wish tickets delivered on Christmas morning, inclose your check for the tickets and specify the quantity to be sent to the persons on your list, If you.wish the tickets sent to your office, advise us the mumber of gift envelopes you need for your requirements. You ere sure to please people with Theatre Tickets for the memories of & good show are lasting. Awaiting an opportunity of serving you.. Appreciatively yours, PUBLIX THEATRES shows free, with the printer using the back page as an ad. He is also using 1,000 usher cards to advertise Deeember Month of Big Pictures. Having just finished its Fashion Show, Joliet is now in the midst of a big Majestic Radio Show. DECEMBER PROFITS RISE (Continued from Page Three) with grocery stores using his imprint on paper sacks and offers passes for a certain number of information on Publix Theatres Des Moines, Ia. When checking your newspaper bills, go over, the past issues of When checking proofs make sure that extra space has A stunt in connection with the December slump has just been carried out in Des Moines with the Register and Tribune—a ‘local newspaper, by arranging the actual sale of three hundred twentyfive tickets for the Newsboys The be charged. If mistakes are made in ads you may either get a reduc: sacks turned in at the box office. He has made college and highschool tie-up whereby he will use movies of the basketball squad, together. Keep a careful lookout for mistakes. cheers, songs and stunts every} atre : ‘9 party to be held at the ParaEffect of Voltage ‘|night the week before Christmas. | mount Theatre, Monday, December a Turkeys, ducks and chickens will|93. The tickets were sold at the on Life of Lamps | be given away free on Christmas| yatinee price of 35c and this tin Eve at the smaller houses. was extended one hour} la \ than the usual matinee houn. . 2 In addition to the abov M. L. Elewitz is also v, on a tie-up to have ay ¥ performance each nig} week before Christmas ~ an organization will sel, of tickets. Twenty-five ya ¥ (Continued on Page F Burning a lamp at too high a voltage, will give more light but will shorten the life of the lamp. This would apply to a 100 volt lamp on a 120 volt circuit. Burning a lamp at too low a voltage will mean less light at greater cost, e.g. 120 volt on a 110 volt circuit. i District Manager Guy Martin reports that a program will be put on by a dancing school at Blue Island. It will be a crepe paper revue with all the wardrobe made of paper with 50: children participating. Manager Webster at Blue Island promoted 3,000 December calendars of mn Ss’ ory ere a —