Publix Opinion (Dec 13, 1929)

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DOZEN BIG ONES WORKING, SAYS ARCH REEVE “In production now or due to start within the next month are a group of extremely interesting new pictures,’ writes Arch Reeve. “Bvery one of them sounds like big stuff. I know you'll be glad to hear about the line-up.”’ “Street of Chance’? — William Powell’s first starring picture. He plays a big city gambler. A powerful story. Director: John Cromwell. Featured: Jean Arthur, Kay Francis, Regis Toomey. Best scenario in months. g “Burning Up’—Richard Arlen’s| | first starring picture. First automobile racing melodrama with talk and sound. A picture of thrilling action. Director: Edward Sutherland. Featured: Mary Brian, Charles Sellon. ‘“‘Young Eagles’’—Buddy Rogers in an aviation story. Director: William (“Wings’’) Wellman. “Wings” made Buddy a star. This is his first air picture since. No leading woman as yet. Paul slated for big role. “Come Out of the Kitchen’’— Nancy Carroll in a musical-comedy of the sunny South of today. Adapted from the comedy-drama stage hit in which Ruth Chatterton scored such a tremendous success. An unusually promising setup. Regis Toomey gets the lead. Lillian Roth sings. “The Benson Murder Case’’— Third of §. S. Van Dine’s detective ‘mysteries. William Powell again plays Philo Vance, Hugene Pallette, Sergeant Heath and E. H. Calvert, District Attorney Markham. “Ladies Love Brutes’’—Intriguing title. George Bancroft’s next. yc retail tn ano aria an aire Rin A SE eR eee SAU UTUSUUNOOUUVAQOOHUGOQUOUNOOOTOGGQOOOQOOUOOOOOOOOQQOEOOGOUEOOOOUEOOQUCOGOUEOOOUEOGELIY COMING! BOUND VOLUMES bee “PUBLIX. present from the Editor. by applying to, the City executives who require tre where allocated. for a OPINION. Spaces for ‘ing proper entries in it. SUAVEUONUIVENVONDONOUONNOVONNOUSONONUGUNOUOONONOOUDANDOSOUQONSEUOUQOUOUOQNHGESEOOENOEOONOOUOUQONOOOEQOUOOONGOUQOQOUUOUOOUOUOONNODEE TUNE RECEREGHORUGRGEQHOROROREREOUT Lukas | From date of first publication, down to November 1, 1929, are being distributed this week, as your Xmas The limited number available will enable us to put only one copy in each small city, in the hands of the Publix chief there, where it will be available to all who wishi to refer to it. In the larger cities, several copies will be available to House Managers and Advertising Managers only, Every Home Office Department head, and nished a copy. They’re FREE, but remain the PROPERTY OF THE COMPANY, and are not to be cut or mutilated, or removed from the thea This book will be used as a reference-foundation Quick Daily “Futures” Reminder Calendar, which PUBLIX OPINION has just completed, and will issue in the next few days. These calendars will be published as a special supplement to PUBLIX give you a marvelous record-document at the end of next year, which you'll be able to use as a forecaster, for the following year, if you are diligent about mak —Benyj. H. SERKOWICH. Here are. two more Advertising, Publix-Kunsky every week until Christmas, full double truck radio tie-up in t outside car spaces for “Shop Early me \ \ Its most interesting feature: Ruth Chatterton opposite Bancroft. In support: Fredric March, Fred Koh SOON!! OPINION” Manager. 1: " \FERREPEERERERPGQGERPBRRRGRRURERRRRREQGHHEEEEQRRERGHGGEGROURRRPGQEQUEORENNNQUGOQUEUNNOQQQQUQUQUUER DE same, will also be fur SAR « SEE WHY 0 Million P CHASED “MORE SHOP EARLY ADS—AND RADIO TIE-UP! the “Shop Early” ads which are part of the De heatres, Detroit. The first of the series was printe with the shows and. attractions being brought out stronge he background, also promoted by the same showman. has taken a series of ten kid shows. Shoppers Matinees” and the “Times” THE DAY OF VOICE eople MAJESTIC RADIOS IN ONLY 18 MONTHS! : TUNE IN INSTROMEN DEEP, We Have He Salammea! You Seve the Cammiaton! *1462 VISIT OUR EAST SIDE RADIO "ERS—D&ET! ite—ani Rudy Vallee them the idols is tA ‘ ler. Director: Rowland V. Lee, who made “The Wolf of Wall Street.”’ “The Two Black Crows in the A.E.F.’’—Need I say more? ‘‘Why Bring That Up?’ a money picture. Here, beyond doubt, another. Brand new material. Director: Richard Wallace. In the cast: Joan Peers and Henry Wadsworth, young-love pair in “Applause.”’ “Marco Himself’? — Should be one of funniest comedies ever made by Paramount. Heading cast: Jack Oakie, Al Jolson’s only rival, playing punch-drunk prizefighter. Besides: ‘Skeets’ Gallaeher as Oakie’s pal and Harry Green as their manager. Sutherland at the megaphone. In addition, four other splendid pictures, as yet untitled, are being prepared. They include: “Evelyn Brent as the star in an exciting melodrama about an American girl and a mysterious Englishman in Paris and Nice. Featured: Clive Brook and Paul Lukas. “Gary Cooper in a story of romantic adventure behind the Confederate lines in Civil War times. After ‘The Virginian,’’ Cooper looms as a big-money star. Mary Brian again plays opposite him. “Clarai Bow in a story laid in Paris in World War days. Clara plays an Apache. No leading man yet. Story now being written. “Ruth Chatterton is featured with Fredric March in an all-talking picturization of Timothy Shea’s great novel, ‘Sarah and Son.’ A dramatic, moving story of mother-love. Director: Dorothy Arzner. Adaptor: Playwright Zoe Akins. WILEMAN AT ABILENE O. H. Wileman, formerly mana you to write in, will SUPENOEUNEEUTEETUORUNGHUMEGEEOGENOQUEORTEOGHOGQUEEEREEQRIEGREERREEGHUEG! ac las a ger of the Connelle and Lyric Theatres, Eastland, Texas, has assumed the management ofthe Palace and Rex Theatres, Abilene, Texas. wd PLANS “RADIO FROLICS” In order to build his Monday business, Charles Pincus of Omaha is planning a series of “Radio Frolics’? using local talent and broadcasting from the stage. IPS oO ge upc WS ach) Oe Be eae rb RY COS GALA RAS NN ele eda een edo HAS DAWNED! YESS Se aoe! iz voine on the air, that makes of countless thousands! 'N YOUR own home THE MAJESTIC, mighty mon of the air, brinzs you splendid, roachable perfection of the perfect ins | gtrument. You never really know the the. 2 Kastd them on the Bf Radics Biggest Moneys Wo/ Make Your Own Comparj/ ; i 00 es ae, 1462 wast] aw MARTIN BROS 6345 Michigan Ave. near Livernois The West Side’s Leading Radio Store TOB WANT / BUY Feo opeer pee) vai JESTICT Lafayette 6069 YO-YO TOPS AND FOOD SHOWS WIN WEST A report from Louis J. Finske of the Colorado District office reveals that exploitation stunts from food shows to Yo-Yo tie-ups are helping materially in building grosses throughout the district. At the Publix Denver Theatre in Denver, the largest sporting goods store in town was prevailed on to name the Yo-Yo top tthe “Ted Mack Top” after the master of ceremonies at the theatre. In addition 3,000 tops Were given away by the theatre and the following week a Yo-Yo contest was held on the stage. All this was arranged by Publicity Director Shelley at no cost to the house. The. Denver also ran a Pure Food Show some time later with a good deal of advertising material distributed by the manufact | urers participating. At the Publix Newman Theatre in Kansas City, lucky number contests have been held for some time. A tie-up has recently been effected with a box-lunch company that has daily sales of over 10,000. All printed matter is taken care of by the company and all their trucks carry streamers advertising the current show. The same type of arrangement is soon to be worked out with a street car company that sells over 30,000 one dollar ticket booklets. ‘The theatre will get car cards featuring the current attractions every week in addition to other printing advertising the contest. Like many other Publix theatres the Newman arranged to distribute candy before the showing of ‘“‘Sweetie.”” So well pleased was the confectionery company that 300 one half-pound boxes of candy were given to the theatre to be distributed to the first ladies who attended the show on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, between 6 p. m. and 7 p. m., the weakest show times. A. flashy opening helped the ‘ od CD, ~Ssdio’s Biggest Money's Worth cember Drive Campaign of Art Schmidt, Director of Publicity and d in the last issue of PUBLIX OPINION. Two of these are run free r every week. The actual size of the ads may be gauged by the The street car company came through with the front D § SS.3£ t ° rennstic AY Publix Rialto at Denver sell the © “Hollywood Revue.” Town celeb— rities attended in evening dress, © the theatre entrance was brilliant~ ly floodlighted and cameramen = ‘were on hand to “shoot” every--) one of importance. CHANGE ADS! A. M. Botsford, Director of Advertising & Publicity, calls attention to the fact that Monday ads, if they are used, should be entirely different in makeup and character from your regular advertising. This specimen Brooklyn Paramount layout illustrates his point. HAVEYOU THE MONDAY. HABIT 222 All Brooklyn is changing “Blue” Monday to Happiness Monday: at the Brooklyn Paramount! Forget your cares—fly high on the wings of romance with RUDY WALLEE IN PERSON! with his original CONNECTICUT YANKEES in “NOVELTIES”, Boris Petroff’s Publix Production with Gene Sheldon and Boyce Combe! ° Now at Popular Prices! “APPLAUSE” Paramount’s Most Talked-About All-Talking Picture wih HELEN MORGAN! Sing-a-Song with BOB WEST ? GENE DENNIS ? The Mystery Girl in person in the grand lounge! EXTRA! TONITE ONLY! In addition to the regular feature and show! cLrara BOW in Elinor Glyn’s great success “yy” Her most famous Paramount Picture! Brooklyn’s Only First Kun Theatre! Go To ONLY 65c after