Publix Opinion (Dec 13, 1929)

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ROR PUBLIX OPINION WEEK OF’ DECEMBER 13TH, 1929 PUBLIX CAR HEADS PARADE ‘ 10 DETROIT NABS FREE WEEKLY RADIO PLUG The Publix Theatres in Detroit are effecting tie-ups with local commercial radio broadcasts in addition to the regular theatre broadcasting activities. Fred Roche of the Paramount Theatre, co-operating with the leading local radio station, sold the Benton Store the idea of taking an hour each week and providing a program which would be of particular interest to ‘movie fans. The hour is called the “Benton Movie Club.” The merchant furnishes the time, the orchestra, all talent for the hour, and carries newspaper advertising on the program. The musical features each week are built around the songs of some current picture attraction. They are presented as a radio | tabloid musical comedy version of the show with description of the stars and the action of the story. In addition to the tabloid musical comedy there is also a medley of the other leading hit songs from current pictures. The announcements carry mention of theatres where the attractions are being GOOD ARGUMENT HELPS TO SELL AD TIE-UPS Theatre advertising and publicity men seeking ad tie-ups with merchants are given a potent selling argument in the statement of Kenneth Collins, publicity director of R. H. Macy & Co., who told members of the Advertising Club in New York that $215,000,000 a year are wasted’ by advertisers because their ads bore the public. Publix showmen will do well to bring this to the attention of the merchants in their community. An authority such as Mr. Collins can not be doubted. Inasmuch as your merchandise is entertainment —a distinct anti-boredom commodity—it should not be difficult to impress merchants with the value of using stills of your screen or stage stars in their ads or tieing up generally with such a sure-fire, entertaining eye-catcher as the theatre. MANAGER BOOSTS HIS ‘RIVAL’ SHOW The parade which preceded the University of Tennessee homecoming celebration in Knoxville was headed by the Publix entertainment special. Note the attention which the handsome sound car is commanding from the crowds along the line of the parade. shown. A ‘question and answer’’ de partment and contests worked about current or coming pictures are other features of the broadAnnouncement of contest cast. winners is made in the merchants store first, nounced on the air so that the contestants are induced to come to the merchant’s store. are also distributed at the store. The theatre furnishes still photographs of stars for prizes, and the merchant furnishes the major prizes, for example, Spanish shawls in a Rio Rita Contest. No theatre talent is furnished for the broadcast. N. Y. Paramount Ushers Value Service Awards In order to stimulate interest among his usher staff, Manager T. E. Leaper*of the New York Paramount has been presenting credit awards to those deserving in merit in the form of checks for $1. Soon, however, he noticed that few of these checks were being cashed, the ushers apparently choosing to keep the checks as credit diplomas of their work. Whereupon Manager Leaper prepared a_ special engraved document with a detachable coupon redeemable for various prizes on permanent display on the loge floor of the theatre. UNIQUE BALLY Manager Roy H. Brown used ' this rube ballyhoo to exploit Will Rogers in “They Had To See Paris” playing at the Publix-State Theatre, Cedar Rapids, Ta. a week before an Prizes So ee eee: PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Dallas, Texas To all managers: As per my discussion with you in our Weekly Meetings, this will serve as a reminder that you should send’ in to the editor of PUBLIX OPINION any material or ideas that will assist in putting over the December drive to offset the pre-Christmas Slump. I want to urge you to get into your respective theatres and check into the December campaign and let’s kill the old worn-out idea that our business has to drop off during the pre-holiday period. As I told you at a recent meeting, there is no doubt in my mind but that this territory is doing as many novel exploitation stunts, putting over as many good campaigns, has as many merchandising ideas as any section of the country, and yet we have been rather selfish inasmuch as it is a rare occasion when we send any of these ideas to Mr. Serkowich for publication. As I have repeatedly told you, it is very fine for us to get up a good campaign that will either increase our boxoffice receipts or offset a slump, but we should not stop there and we are not fair to our company when we do. It is going to bring a lot of praise to each of you if yeu not only insist upon these ideas and campaigns being submitted to Mr. Serkowich, but you are charged with the responsibility of seeing that they are sent in. Let’s see some of your campaigns published in PUBLIX OPINION. lLet’s flood Mr. Serkowich’s office with novel ideas and selling angles and suggestions to offset any slump that may come along. But, on the other hand, don’t send in to his office any worn out or old ideas that are not unusual exploitation stunts because Mr. Serkowich understands and appreciates that these are being done regularly. Yours very truly, Barry Burke, Division Man. BASSIN IN NEEDHAM Peter J. Levine has succeeded Charles Bassin as manager of the Publix Capitol Theatre in New Bedford, Mass. Bassin replaces J. V. Shea, resigned, as manager of the Paramount, Needham, Mass. ENDORSES From Madeline Woods comes the following list of pictures endorsed by the Parent-Teachers Association. There should be no difficulty getting entry to school bulletin boards or arranging contests or tie-ups with any of these. Make a copy of this list and use it when you play any of these pictures. Big News Disraeli Fast Company Flight Girl in the Show The Great Divide The Hottentot Illusion Marianne Mr. Antonio Mother’s Boy Rio Rita Sailor’s Holiday Stairs of Sand Side Street They Had to See Paris The Thirteenth Chair Why Bring That Up Words and Music Welcome Danger The Flying Marine His. Lucky Day Eternal Love Speedway The Four Feathers Mysterious Island She Goes To War Owl Club Organized In Cedar Rapids, Ia. A new twist to the conventional Midnite Show, or Midnite Matinee as it is sometimes called, is the formation of an Owl Club in Cedar Rapids, Ia. Harry Herman, manager of the Paramount Theatre, started this movement to promote attendance for his midnite shows scheduled for every Friday nite. The popularity of the shows is spreading rapidly for each week finds many new members of the Owl Club at the theatre to attend the regular meeting held on Friday nites. Before the showing of the feature attraction scheduled for opening the next day, the members are permitted to dance in the spacious lobby of the Para mount Theatre. THESE 27 PICTURES ee SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS Completed and Available for Stage Bands In the New York Paramount Theatre Library. eg Soges Cea ee ee The Man I Love Jazz Patrol Beloved Chiquita Constantinople Coquette Diane Fortune Teller Get Your Man In My Bouquet of Memories In The Evening Log Cabin of Dreams Memories of France Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky Mother Goose Parade My Heart Stood Still Salty Saint Louis Blues Song of the Vagabonds It Goes Like This Memories of Victor Herbert Angela Mia Slavische Rhapsody Dream Tango Crazy Rhythm Get Out and Get Under the Moon Cavalleria Rusticana On the Road to Mandalay Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here Back in Your Own Back Yard Oh, You Have No Idea Moonlight and Roses Too Busy Uncle Tom’s Cabin Chloe Tiger Rag Old Man Sunshine Dempsey-lunney Fight Roses of Yesterday Rhapsody in Blue Deep Blue Second Hungarian Rhapsody Three-In-One Overture Another Kiss Sonny Boy Milenberg Joys I Must Have That Man Rainbow ’Round My Shoulder I Can't Give You Anything But Love Jeannine Blue Shadows All by Yourself in the Moonlight Sweethearts on Parade A novel stunt was instituted by Manager M. L. Semon of the Publix-Keith’s Georgia, Atlanta, who ran an enthusiastic selling trailer on “The Virginian’ at the “rival” Paramount Theatre in the same town on December 9. The trailer read that, although a manager seldom boosts a show at a rival theatre, yet this particular picture is so outstanding that he cannot help but urge his patrons to see that picture. The trailer then went on to give a detailed account of the excellence of “The Virginian.”’ Where the Shy Little Violets Grow Doing the Raccoon When Summer Is Gone Precious Little Thing Called Love Let’s Do It Me and the rH Get By How About Me Mi Amado Blossoms Tll Never Ask For More Caressing You The One That I Love, Loves Me Sweetheart of All My Dreams Alsace Lorraine My Angeline The Song I Love Barbara Are We Downhearted Pretty Girls and Melodies Deep Night If I Had You Louise Dream Train Just a Kiss to Remember Mean to Me Shut the Door, They're Coming Through the Window Tia Juana Building a Nest For Mary Honey Down Amongst the Sugar Cane Forgotten Kisses : American Tune p Baby, Where Can You Be Ain't Misbehavin’ On the Alamo Desert Song Madame Butterfly Tll Always Be in Love Feeling I’m Falling Glorifying the American You Were Meant For Me They All Fall In Love Schertzinger (Medley) Louise (Medley) Pagan Love Song (Medley) Here We Are Revolutionary Rhythm You Were Meant For Me In the Hush of the Night Man in the Moon Girl } ‘ We ‘es Dy Collegiate Sam I You're a Million Dollar Baby i Flippity Flop 7