Publix Opinion (Dec 20, 1929)

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Sa PE NS NOY STI TNL TRIES 5 Pir Se nate Et : ? 3 “ Esa Sa aes y Nar 2 ene OPINION, WEEK DECEMBER 20TH, 1929 PARAMOUNT SET FOR WIDE FILM ADVANTAGES: So rapidly We ea Paramount gone ahead on wide film projection that within sixty’ days, fifteen wide film projection machines will be placed in key cities, London, New York, Paris, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Reassurance for the _ theatre operator who will not be able to install the apparatus is found in the following statement from J esse Lasky. “Our scientists, realizing that “many theatres would not be. able to play wide films, have’ -deyeloped a reproducing photo FOR DISTRICT MANAGERS (Continued from page 1) “District managers are the most important cogs in the Publix machine,’’ declares Mr. Chatkin. ‘They are the powerful liaison-officers who are expected to keep things moving in the right direction. « They therefore must be equipped with all possible information, knowledge and help, from every source. “We will not ‘bring all District Managers into the Home Office at the same time,” said Mr. Chatkin. “We will only take those men who first have protected the: company graphic process so that when we|in their districts by providing eventually make original negatives for the wide screen, that same negative can be instantly reduced so we can send out prints of normal size. When you realize that our equipment for the booth has an adjustable projector head so that wide film and standard film can be inter changed instantly, you can see/ that there is no problem as far as that angle is concerned.”’ Within the past year the Research Department under Mr. Del Riccio and Dr. Laporte has been improving the apparatus until today the point has been. reached where work can be instituted. It is planned to make shorts and features in large size and reduce ‘the negatives at the same time for standard projection. capable ‘understudies’ for the four weeks. We expect to have about six district managers in the Home Office, every month. This plan will also bring forward a number of capable ‘understudies,’ who will get the same opportunity later on.”’ PRAIRIE SCHOONER “The Virginian’? was exploited to good advantage in Haverhill, Mass., when Manager E. Brodie, Paramount Theatre, used an old wagon dressed like a prairie schooner as a ballyhoo. The canvas top carried the message and the theatre playdate. The vehicle was drawn by two horses and driven by a man in Western costume. CONTACTCOURSE|TAX PROVIDED IN NEW PASS POLICY (Continued from Page One) continuance of the privilege will follow the second offense. The rest of the policy on ‘passes’? concerns only ‘“‘trip’’, passes good for a single performance. These must all. be dated for the day to be used, and marked matinee or night. The new trippasses will contain new wording and regulation-instructions, and will be of two kinds. One kind, printed on yellow paper, will be issued only on payment of a 10 cent assessment tax; the other will be tax-free. The ‘“assessment’’ passes will be the ones issued to | those people who participate in|. -News window-exploitation, ete. paper pases will be tax free. Here is Mr. Chatkin’s statement: “We have samples. of passes from one division where a 10 cent service charge is made on one pass and the other pass is without the service charge. They are of two different colors. The yellow pass is subject to the 10 cent service charge; while the white is exempt of same. Neither is good on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays. “The white pass, which does not have the service charge, is issued at the discretion of the manager. The yellow one, which is subject to a 10 cent charge, is issued primarily for exploitation aids— that embraces 1-3-6-24 sheet stands —-window displays and all things pertaining to exploitation. “We would like to put this into effect as of the first of the year in all theatres in all divisions. I realize it is quite a task, but am sure if everybody gets busy right now it can be done. Great results have been had from our experiments, and we haven’t offended anybody. Of course that brings us to one of the most important ‘'}phases of the whole thing. There is no question but that we can put this across —the charging of a 10 cent service charge to some and absolutely free to others — but where this fine line is to be drawn is the most important question. “It is a delicate matter and one that the manager will have to be] thoroughly instructed about by the district manager, not only by letter but by personal contact and meeting so as to thoroughly define exactly where the 10 cent charge passes are to be issued and in what cases the other passes are to be issued. ‘‘One mistake in this connection can get us into more ‘hot water’ than your income from the passes for a whole year would amount to. . “Hvery manager must be made to realize the tremendous responsibility placed on him in the issuing of trip passes commencing January 1st. Up to this time it .was just a question of issuing them. Starting January ist the issuing of a pass will have to receive consideration. The,pass that is issued by the manager without the 10 cent service charge must be only to a person or persons where a direct benefit or obligation exists, such as, and I am only enumerating a few—city officials, newspapers, and so forth. Passes issued for purposes other than those just mentioned should be subject to the 10 cent service charge.’”’ Where admission is 25 cents or less no tax will Be charged. “The question as to what reason the manager would offer to those people receiving the 10: cent service charge pass was decided by ordering that no explanation need be given, , .it is simply a new Publix Policy. “The form of procedure for the accounting of the 10 cent servicecharge passes at the box-office will be sent out by the Home Office accounting department. “In ‘addition ito the above, complete instructions will have to go out to every district manager from the division director explaining in full this plan. The part to be emphasized particularly in these instructions is that diplomacy and tact be exercised in the proper selection of who is to pay and who is not to pay this 10 cent service charge. “Hvery, Divisional Director is to take immediate steps to put this plan into action. “Free passes will be honored by doormen as they are doing now— that is—not exchanging same for a ticket at the box-office. “Tf you have any other thoughts on the pass situation let them come forward immediately so they can be incorporated in the general instructions going out. TEXAS CHANGES Floyd Smith, formerly manager of the Publix Tivoli, Chattanooga, Tenn., has replaced V. Lowery as manager of the Publix Melba, in Dallas. Lowery will continue his managerial duties at the Publix Queen in Austin, succeeding F. J. Patterson. ARE YOU DOING THE SAME THING? This two page spread, paid for by local merchants, just shouts ‘Shop and Bond Early. manager of the Publix Haines in Waterville, Me., is responsible for this TICKET SELLING effort. Pye N ote the ene of theatre program. George E. Sargent, Are any other showmen using these repeatable stunts? PAGE SIX WATERVILLE (MAINE) MORNING SENTINEL, SATURDAY; DECEMBER 7, 1929, GVCCISTIIIIISVIIISS IVIIVCISIVIIIIIIIVSIIIIVSVVIIIIIFIPSCIIVTITISVITITIIID -WATERVILLE PUBLIX--MERCHANTS WEEK- DECEMBER 9th to 14th HAINES THEATRE-<WATERVILLE MERCHANTS The Gift Sélectians pon Now Ready in These Great Stores As an extra inducement to bring you downtown early and often, we have provailed upon the Publix Theatres of this city to present exceptionally powerful-entertainment in December! You'll get choice seate at the Matinees with admission ‘prices cheaper than they are in the evening. You'll have plenty of time to shop and send, if you'll plan‘to attend these ig shows. You only spend two hours in tle theatre, and have _ P C. C. M. SKATES ‘whe Finest Canada Produces ; Our Sixth Year With this Famous Skate $4.85 to $14.00 BEFORE DECEMBER Sleds, Skiis, Snow Shoes, Hockey Goods You Are Welcome to Use Our Free Parkins Space We Are Cooperating With The Publix Haines Theatre in the Promotion of Publix-Merchants Week The, H.R. seer oo QUALITY SLOTUING si Waterville and oe “" It’s a source a3 satisfaction to sell fine clothing for Men and Boys and for months this s store has been preparing to bring to you the greatest assortment of both Domestic and Foreign wear to be . found anywhere in the state—Quality all the way through— CHRISTMAS SUGGESTIONS For Father {| SUS AND OVEROOATS APRCIAL SALE SUITS AND OVERCOATS $19.50 = ample leisure to sho; E, Reo yourself before and after shopping! Attend ihe We Are Cooperating With The Publix Hanies Theatre in the Promotion of Publix-Merchants Weele ee W. B. ARNOLD CO. SHOP SEND ‘Thursday, Fridey, “BUDDY” ROGERS in rar On Wednesday Dec. 11, 9 4. m. A “special lot of 35 ladies’ Wool and Jersey Wool Plaid Skirts, forfn $2.00 to $3.00. . morrow’s Sent CHRISTMAS eo SUITS AND “OVERCDATS == Eee Special PUBLIX-HAINES Offerings For December Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday—December, 9, 10, 11 GLO! Thursday, Friday, Saturday—December 12," 13, 16 GEORGE O'BRIEN in “SALUTE! Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs.—December 16, 17, 18, 19 DANIELS Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday—December 23, 24, 25 “GLORIFYING THE HE AMERICAN GIRL” Gand Deane 26, 27, 28 in “HALFWAY TO HEAVEN” We Ars Cooprting With To Publis Hates Theat nn Promotion of Pails Marana Work A Most Merry Christmas to Everybody’ To Make It More Merry We Have Made » Special Effort to Buy Merchandise for Your Every | Requirement ‘Typewriters, Skates, Smoking Sets Wise’, #14; Colgate’s, $iet beret dh M fespcnk te ‘Totaceda’ THE PROFESSIONAL VARIETY SHOP We Aro Cooperating With The Publix Haines Theatre in the Promotion of Publix-Merchants Week’ A Dollar Sale of Dresses, Skirts, Hats Dresses—made to erly sold $3.98 to $5.00,—and 100 New Fall Ale 20D 98 $8.75 rely od pS fr announcement in fo: For Choice, Ve Yet t Inexpensive Gifts GIFT SHOP. IT WAS NEVER MORE INVITING 3 Will you choose a gift a bit out of the ordinary? A gift of distinction from some far away land? a A of cage pagetenr gee pelieed Sect von ol bol is oer tind fore ‘ou can tempt the most jad of any of the Fort. Western frui €m mayonnaise. "WATERVILLE z LADALLAADALODALALSSARDACARLORAALOAAALAPHOADAOAABALDOORARHLALOLLOHALLS BRAGA HIG OS PPSESOPSP PRPS IT POP HRI SHS FIGS TI FPP PHT PIFTHTTITTTT ST TTS TI TN FOU SUPT TITANS It from $5.00" to odes 50 Hats. fi vold frou With Christinas there ts Insepara BB formble, cheerful and We Are Cooperating With The Publix Haines Theatre in the Promotion of Publix-Merchants Week Fort Western Brand THE COMPLETE LINE OF QUALITY FOOD PRODUCTS To Insure the Finest in Quality and the Most Delicious in Taste Specify Fort Western Brand When Ordering From Your Grocer. 2 Fort ware ry rhe ‘Family ia now complete in a most delicious 8 assortment and you can rest “assured that only th e best and purest of fruits are included in the assortment, ‘The list includes Loganberries, Raspberries, Straw . C. Peaches, Sliced Peaches, Bartlett Pears, Sliced and Crushed Pineapple, Blueberries, Fruits for Salads, Grapefruit, Plums and Apricots, palate by serving a dish , plain or with whipped cream, ‘mayonnaise or fruit salad dressing. Fort Western Fruits for Salad, is especially appetizing with Fort West HOLM ES-SWIrT Co. eolorful decorations. “leo —_ ae = "iepine nat he “Spit oe Cartas than gifta that make (Be home more comow ..REDINGTON & CO. Shop Early We Are Cooperating With The Publix Haines Theatre in the Promotion of Publix-Merchants Week A Gift of Jewelry Diamonds, Watches or Silverware are Gifts that Are Never Forgotten Why tot come in and select oe of them now—We have = wonderful selection of All watches are of standard makes such as Waltham. Elgin, Ilinois Winton, Bulova, Warvick, Westfield, etc.—Everyone is fully guaran gifte on hand for your convenience. E L. WATERVILLE (MAINE) MORNING SENTINEL, MONDAY, -DECEMBER 9, 1929. ie cere GIFT HOSE | SILK UNDERWEAR a ee V-Heel Twin-Hee. novelty handles. DISTRIBUTORS AUGUSTA Sy e fort—a roaring log Gre, glowing tape sed Send. hee Waterville, Me teed—Do not delay—Do it now—Hundreds of other RUSSAKOFF (81 MAIN STREET arly | id Shop Early and Mail Early-Enjoy a Good Show al the Haines : IVOIIVI GIP ISSISIGIIISISIIVS IS IIIIITIIITT We Are Cooperating With The Publix Haines Theatre in the Promotion of Publix-Merchants Week Ceiciae Git Suggestions <> 3 GIFT GLOVES Fashion dictates that milady's hands be warm =| as well as gracefully clad this winter. Bacmo gloves of the best quality imported capeskin, ° have a cashmere lining and a fur cuff of lovely Beaverette, which can be worn 43.0 turn down cuff ore ‘® standing bend. GIFT UMBRELLAS Umbrellas are appearing in many ‘new and delightful colors and styles in striped silk and We Are oy Cobeeebae With The Publix Haines Theatre in the Promotion "Merchants Week PUBLIX PICTURES ARE WONDERFUL BUT EVEN BETTER than Motion Pic. tures are those of your family, your friend and the scenes and places visited— A Kodak MAKES A WONDERFUL GIFT “Fou can find fart Chi one you want tere tn any siz and for any SOPER’S Plain Heel fie Sols eee Pane! Heel Dance Sete Chemises .. ‘Materials of Satin, Crepe de Chine and q Georgette BRILLIANT SCARFS Colors to Ratter the wearer, to ihn conte or sport outfite—Brilliant modern’ GIFT BAGS hand bags especially for ‘Christiasesbaek. straps, top handle pouches, en ise We. Are Gaopeaing With ‘The Pub eae the Promotion of Publixlercl The Best Christmas Gifts A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT ARADIO ~ A VICTROLA Choate Music Co., Savings Bank Building of Publix. We Are Cooperating With The Publix feces) tieatte i Be) Dratsotee ob EE Xmas Suggestions 6% ‘Purchase Certificate Zero Test Heater ees ones (1929 Model) ” "Installed Thermostat (installed) Chains (passenger cat) oxsssncoee Chains (truck 3025) ciseesevees $8.75 Or a Good Used Car Dinsmore & Stewart City. Phone 705 16 Temple St., ee ie SS