Publix Opinion (Dec 20, 1929)

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10 OFFICE TALENT SELLS COMING PICTURES Manager F. L. Clawson, of the Publix Orpheum Theatre, Ogden, Utah, has hit upon a novel way of using his manager’s announcing system to exploit coming attractions. “We are fortunate in having two members of the house staff who are very good musicians” says Manager Clawson. ‘Ethel Glasmann Clark, our secretary, has a beautiful voice, exceptionally fine over radio, and Howard Kearns the assistant manager, is an accomplished pianist. I had a small piano from the stage moved into my office and when we have a picture coming that has one or more hit songs in it Miss Clark sings the songs with Mr. Kearns at the piano. “We make a very short and snappy vocal trailer from material taken from the best readers in the press sheets or the Publix advertisement manual and at the same time one of the songs from the picture is being played. Of course we do all this during a break in the show and the whole thing makes a very pretty and pleasing addition to our program and calls attention to our coming attractions in a way that helps to sell tickets. : “There are no costumes, spotlights, special settings or stage hands necessary. We always tell and attraction. Now You Hear THE FAMOUS SMILE THAT MAKES MILLIONS LAUGH : Jd’s greatest comedian talks for The New Show Cent on con and hear all the breathtaking thrills of “Safety Last”; the split-second action of “ eedy” the glorious fooling of “Grandma’s Boy” and ‘The Freshman.” Lloyd at his supreme Jaugh-making beet seeeend 5 ; HAROLD LLOYD talks in ‘Welcome. Danger ‘Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday November 13-14-15 16 State eo “aN jaa ~ + GE PUBLIXS Attend the Matinees and WaEiey7 «Avoid tho-Night Crowds ‘Winona’s Beautiful. .AtmospHerle Theatre, SS ag THE WINONA REPUBLICAN-HERALD, WINONA, MINNESOTA Bz a and let us look dver your equipment. It's a good investment. and a good start for cold weather, ., 117-119 West Third St. There tp DANGER. in dry cleaning your own ‘clothes a home. e accidents due to the hougewives using naphtlfa or gasoling for cleaning purpases, “Bjiminate the possibility of this danger by sending your . clothes to the Winona Cleaning Works.’' * Witona leaning Works 119 East Third St. Eliminate the DANGER of ruining your health by buying nly the best bread. If you haven't tried Enright’s All O' ie Whest Bread you haven't tried the best. Mahlke Baking Co, “HAROLD LLOYD TALKS ‘OUT LOUD” IN. HIS f é PUBLIX OPINION, WEEK OF DECEMBER 20TH, 1929 our audience that the songs are being sung ‘right here in the office’ so that they know they are hearing real music. The idea pleases our patrons and always calls forth quite a hand. In fact if we miss a week or so we always have inquiries as to when we are going to put on another program from the office.” JACKSONVILLE ‘SWEETIE’ NIGHT A “Sweetie” night held in a Jacksonville dance hall, offering prizes to the best ‘prep steppers,’ greatly helped to advertise that picture for Al Weiss, Jr., manager of the Publix Florida. On the night of the dance contest, 1,000 envelopes containing “Sweetie” candy, were distributed to the dancers by a local confectioner. An automobile, hired by the dance hall owners, and decorated with signs and banners announcing the contest and picture, toured the town and also visited the football grounds. A tie-up with more than 200 candy stores was also effected. Changes in Operating Policy at Dover, N. H. The Publix Strand Theatre, Dover, N. H., will have four change days: Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday single, Thursday and Friday, Saturday single. ; The ‘Lyric is to continue under the present policy, until January 4, when it will be operated on one day a week, Saturday. J) I AT INSIST | A EYE-CATCHING PRESS-COPY Even a welcome mat wears out, and the welcome of a press-agent (merchandiser of theatrical product, please) iS as expendable as the life of a national guard second-lieutenant in war-time. Therefore, the wise press agent makes his welcome in a newspaper office last as long as possible. There are 10,504 ways of doing this, which should insure any press-agent’s job for at least three months, if he uses them all. . From the Merry Old Observation Post where PUBLIX OPINION’S editorial periscope is planted, most of these have been viewed. They’ll be passed on to you, for consideration, from time to time. One press agent found that no matter how clever his news-copy was written, or how newsy, editors received it after a few weeks, with that “aw, hell!” look on their face, and filed it under where the stream of tobacco-juice falls. So this chap, who goes by the name of Bimbacher Kinodles, discovered that when he wrote his copy on telegraph blanks obtained free and delivered by his office boy, it got immediate attention and invariably was published. In order to trap the eye of the editor, he used Western Union blanks on Mondays, and Postal Telegraph blanks on Fridays. On other days he used a different color of copy paper. It had a stimulating effect on the jaded eyes of the editor, and he reports to PUBLIX OPINION that to this day, (and already he’s four weeks overdue for discharge) the editor reaches eagerly and brightly for the strange piece when it arrives, and by the time he “Aw, hells!”, he’s copy-read it so far that he’s either compelled to use it as work he’s already accomplished, or throw it away and reach for some other verbal delicacy to consider. Mr. Kinordles frantically screams to Your Editor that at the first sign of weakening on the part of the editors of his town, he’s going to add perfume on Saturday copy, for the romance touch. LULL DUPLICATE THIS DOUBLE PAGE CO-OP AD! This co-operative ad occupied a double page spread in the Republicantheir products and simultaneously exploi is one of the oldest in the showman’s bag o’tricks. to neglect your plumbing and heating with winter coming on. --, Phone 174 a. 2 Toye Supply Co. Phone 174 An Explosion! newspapers every day carry accounts of fatal Phone 175 AND YOU WILL NOT ‘‘Welcome Danger’’ Dry Cleaners, Dyers and Hatters “¥ Phone 175 Is Important Whole Wheat Bread especially fs one of life's most important d is the “staff of life.’ uch harm or muc! good can come with the selection of bread for your table. In Enright’s All O’ the Wheat Bread you will find the nutrie Junch, a t the showing of Harold Lloyd’s first talking comedy, This specimen is reproduced because it has an excellent balance and Do You Know— IT IS DANGEROUS to neglect saving money, while you are young Start Saving NOW! _ And prepare for old age.. The Merchants Bank OF WINONA i Winona’s Largest Aucrtment STEVENSON’S Wipone’s Largest and Finest Shop Where Cleanliness Prevails There Is No Danger A clean, airy atmosphere greeta you when you enter the Dafry Lunch for your meals. We pride ourgelvee in iy shselute eleantiness of our entire aatabliahe poet ; ‘We .tordially invita you atvall times to Inspect our itehep, Y¥ou will fad everything imueculate aad clean. wish te enjoy a repast daly or night Jugb top ‘gt the dairy Lunch. We would suggest that you stop after the show “Weleome ‘Danger’ for a delicious || THE DAIRY LUNCH 86 East Third St, It Is Dangerous to Buy a Radio —when you buy the atandard { UNTIL— coc te ae ae oes You ‘Have Seen and Heard syste ee ee the New : RADIO H. CHOATE & Co. Established 1862 THE WORLD'S FAMOUS FUN MAKER TALKS FOR THE NEW SHOW WORLD To Neglect Your Brakes is to —by baying Children’s Shoeo N : that do not fit. Are Not 6 ” " Welcome Danger ACROBAT SHOES angerous Fads. The winter with its slippery streets fs in the Appr future Th : The DANGER of winter driving is nearly at hand. : Ne fit better— wear longer—= ey Ar € We are ready to instal} the: best brake lining fl he for x they are more flexible than E you to buy:-FIRESTONE WOVEN ASBESTOS LINING-= w=. > any other shoe containing Here to Stay ‘And with the installition of the COWDRY brake testing heh tua sane? tisiznees ana machine you will be assured of good brakes, Drive in tomorrow and Jet us took over your brakes. Be ready when the emergency comes to atop when you need’ ‘to atop. Firestone Service Stores, Inc. . C. M, George, Pres for Women Corner Washington and Third Phoos 295 “Foot Savers” THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS COMEDIAN NOW HEARD. FOR THE FIRST TIME ON THE TALKING SCREEN | Selection of Food , Geese inferior furniture when 9qu can buy, “Better---for Less” money at Reese's, / witert it can be easily avoided. Let ns: the history of oor store. show you the new home furnishings. hi nut Veteran Press Man Joins Publix Hal Norfleet, who has served in many branches of the picture game since the old Biograph days, joins Publix Theatres, as director of publicity for the South-eastern district with headquarters at Atlanta, Ga. Managing and handling special publicity for picture houses in the south for several years, Norfleet decided in 1919 to try the production end of the _ business. Among the feature length pictures written and directed by him, are, “Hells Border’ starring Wm. Fairbanks, (western) ‘‘Zero’”’ and “Smiling Jim’ with Franklin Farnum. Norfleet also produced and directed six one reel pictures of movie stars at home, under the ~ title of “Hal Norfleet’s Movie Revue.” "4 In 1926-27 Norfieet was direc VAN HUTT I al Herald at Winona, Minn., with fifteen local merchants buying space to advertise “Welcome Danger,” at the Publix State Theatre there. The idea gives due prominence to the theatre HE WINONA REPUBLICAN-H7RALD, WINONA, MINNESOTA OME DANGER There Is Na Danger e) lines of Clothing, Furnishings #7 Why “Welcome Danger”? grade of sole leather. Keep your Children’s feet happy. | BAKER & STEINBAUER DAN GER! There Is No Danger : IN BUYING JEWELRY AT (here are many cheap lines of furniture i heing sold on the market today Why buy, Beinhorn’s Golden Opportunity Sale W 66 I A 7 Our golden opportunity aale is going over big. Many people 5 hy elcome oy oe communities have taken advantage of this won : : Diet a] pale. a : Danger : ft will pay you to come in and see the many bargeins. The lowest prices on watches, dismonds, silver, clocks, etc, ia Buy Chyistmss Gifts New and Save Money. 7 Reese Furniture Co. ALFRED BEINHORN FIRST ALL TALKING COMEDY tor of Publicity for Wm. Fox for the seventeen southern states, and later moved to Hollywood, taking a place in the Scenario department as assistant to Ned Holmes. Leaving that position he joined Universal and as assistant director to Nat Ross, assisted in the making — of the second series of legians.”’ Prior to coming with Publix he was director of Exploitation for the Interstate Amusement Company string of Vaudeville and picture houses. “Col Tuesday Evening, November 19, 1029, The Danger Point... of Refrigeration 1g 50 Degrees Is your refrigerator below this point? General Electric Refrigeration safeguards your i 4 foed every hour--every day, Misdasces Valley Public Service Co. 99 East Third St. Telephone 2000 FREE While They Last | HAROLD ( ae to each custome making a ; 50c purchase { ranooitovo See and Hear Harold Lloyd in “Welcome Danger” at the State Theater. Starts next Wednesday. WHIT’S ME-KO MARKET Sipe id de ’ fhe Chicago Police Force “WELCOME DANGER” with a complete new fleet of FORD cars, Come in and look over our entire line of new Ford cars reten{ly reduced in price. OWL MOTOR CO. Corner Fourth and Main + Phone 1331