Publix Opinion (Nov 8, 1929 to June 13, 1930)

Record Details:

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= ’ PROPERTY NUMBER B58 — PROPERTY OF PUBLIX THEATRES CORPORATION ~ SAM KAIZ, PRESIDENT VOL. IE NOV. 8,1929 TO JUNE 13,1930 THIS FILEIS NOT TO BE CUTOR MUTILATED IN ANY MANNER oe i sec i A i ys Soe HERS ES eee POEs) Bee tie LS i: 4: a Ea ee bs t : = =~ ies 3 in : © " ae Hee ieee 3 Hea eer Bey ons — \ vt aes : ea peat SAR Pees ieee tb: * Sans x 4 a x BTS = Bo wa : ES Recs ; ete . EVES Bea a eee oe Sah Pt ieates Re wee NG eet PEERS | erin’ 5 Be eee SST pete ots Bo.) ES 4 ee : St ae eceeee Be st = Sees Shee eigesy seee RMP es a : Bees! gro : SS Sas Bac acetie _ See Bek i Teese ers es) Sone sa ; a % Se ‘ Batt ss on AES eed SESS Et eee re po: ; a ters = et at : i > . {SES Se : Rie “ere << OSes 4 : Big: = re mest, . eS: “Nehisseae ain ee BS ee: ES ae Bt eit et 7 . aE |