Publix Opinion (Nov 8, 1929 to June 13, 1930)

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Your Future with This Company qe The swift moving pace of modern life has no better example of intelligent, progressive effort than is visibly present in the amusement industry today. Nor does the industry afford a better example of this than your own company, Paramount Publix, undisputed leader of the amusement industry. Knowledge of your company’s history, therefore, is most essential to you if you would have your personal career keep step with the progress of your company. Such knowledge is the basis for many of the conclusions upon which rest the mileposts of what doubtless will be an even more swiftly moving industrial future. To provide a lively and interesting, as well as informative record of that step-by-step progress of Publix, the theatreoperating division of Paramount Publix, is the function of PUBLIX OPINION. To this end we now present you with thee second bound volume of the weekly issues of PUBLIX OPINION, the official mirror and voice of Publix, as well as its official suide, liaison, and “idea exchange”. The first bound volume, known as Book One, contained polygraphic reproductions of all the printed issues from its inception April 24, 1927, to November 1, 1929. This volume contains all weekly issues printed Eeivscn the dates of November 8, 1929 and June 13, 1930. _ In this volume, as in Book One of PUBLIX OPINION, you _ will find countless expressions from the leaders of the company and the industry which will beinvaluable in helping you to decide important matters of policy as well as operation. You will also find thousands of ideas for merchandising, exploitation, advertising and showmanship, all contributed by the many expert _ showmen who comprise the personnel which in afewshort years has made Publix the world’s most trusted name in theatre operation. Catering otic, as PUBLIX OPINION does, to the daily routine needs of practical, intelligent showmen, and striving simultaneously to developand maintain keenest possible reader interest and high confidence, Your Editor has endeavored to avoid the many evils and limitations which constantly beset the path of industrial journalism, notably “back-slapping”’ and tickling petty vanities. Instead, we have tried to faithfully and accurately report such activities as might furnish future useful knowledge, as a basis for either comparison or actual repetition. a a a Ti Ne Shek tie OE aE im caine ca CR ee ee eee ee eee