Publix Opinion (Nov 8, 1929 to June 13, 1930)

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We have also endeavored to provide a sympathetic guide for newcomers into the show business or Publix, and lighten the burden of everyone by providing a quick and easy means : whereby you may “Know Your Organization.” In pursuit of this policy, it has frequently been necessary to add personal interpretation or opinion. In the main, however, we have tried to obtain such comments and explanations from as many of your company’s leaders and department heads as were available at the moment. | Your Editor believes you will discover, as he did, a most interesting fact in these two bound volumes of the weekly issues of PUBLIX OPINION. That fact is the definite and constant readiness and ability of the industry to meet swiftly changing conditions. Thus, you will note, a policy which was correct enough last year or last month may be entirely wrong today. From this fact alone may be learned the soundness of the true showman’s process of reasoning, which always seizes upon the factors of timeliness and desirability in the public eye as principal motivating fundamentals for any given activity. In placing these two books in your departmental custody, your company has made a considerable investment, in order to make valuable information and successful experience accessible to you in the easiest possible form. It has doneso, despite the fact that careless or improper use of this volume might easily be destructive toyour company by furnishing valuable information and ammunition to your local opposition, should it fall into their hands. For this reason, you are being personally charged with the custody of this volume. Should you leave your present post of duty, department, or theatre, this volume is to be accounted for, and turned over to _ your successor. In order to make these two wolignes as quickly serviceable as possible, the editorial staff of PUBLIX OPINION has arranged in THIS book a most comprehensive merchandising, policy and operating index of BOTH volumes. In presenting this second bound volume, voir Editor: pays particular tribute to his editorial associates, Messrs. J. Albert Hirseh, Ned E. Williams, Kenneth K. Hansen, Robert Faber and Leo Pillot, as well as the executives and personnel of Paramount Publix. Their unceasing efforts and readiness to give timely information for the benefit of all is solely responsible for whatever value PUBLIX OPINION may have to the company, and to the individuals who establish and maintain Paramount Publix leadership. BENJ. H. SERKOWICH Editor