Publix Opinion (Jan 10, 1930)

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AUTUUELEEDUANEOEOOUEOUEGEEAUOUNOUOOTEOUEOTEOELE STUDY FEBRUARY REMINDERS TO-DAY! PL wl ~*eguavepassuoguansaancnpuuauaguaesesaineg a uuusunoeagcvaoesduevapuuasuaseauenvaayptoeauaanenceccoauuaapaeanseegenaaoanuaantanservauauaueaenstaneac ea eaeteabeenac nae ceG ENN AS HMHNgUGb NARUTO NN RRHUE SELL EMEDIA PER AOS HaE PLE PTET RET ELV OOSUNNAUEUBAAA DEVAN ORGANI ENVND 2 Sell ‘The Vagabond King’ NOW! Avauu0enautuennguecerecccnetscucessssuranbueneesguaeee4suneasgtcoanvaueeessussussQoceeeUeeseguusese4eauseueereeaesuuesseGeeMeaMseeeanteeauaHeedMeUuCeeuUGeeeeedbeeeOUGGUUALUCLCCUUUUEEUAUEREGOLUERGAUOCEREUAUECAAUCROAQUCUOGOAUEUGUUE AONE AUENEUUA HAA eRNURENEOUACUNAUEOELAUUTEURAUA ELAN UERUUAAENEAOREUUAECOSOUOGERCUTCEEEOECLESSUUCRECACEREELUALEELED PTTL SUUDUELORHOELOQEQUEOQEOURERRESREQUEOREOREROEDS call STUDY FEBRUARY REMINDERS TO-DAY! TU Ts SHUAEOOHQUENRGOOQREANEOOUUENEEUOUUENE Vol. III Publix Theatres Corporation, Paramount Building, New York, Week of January 10th, 1930: No. | 8 IGH PRESSURE DEMANDED IN DELUXE SHOWMANSHIP PUBLIX MACHINERY WHIRLS TO PUT SELLING PRESSURE MR. KATZ TO CONCENTRATE PERSONAL ATTENTION ON ALL LARGE THEATRES — TO STABILIZE PROPER WEEKLY GROSS Taking the close supervision of all of the Deluxe theatres in Publix as a particular task of his own, Mr. Katz today advised PUBLIX OPINION that he intends to assure himself that Acting upon a suggestion from Messrs. Katz and Demboy, | these theatres will keep the weekly grosses in an evenly ascending curve, rather than in the every department in Publix is already functioning to make each| haphazard, zig-zag line shown on oe ee eos ; : : engagement of “The Vagabond |: f ie theatre that can fluctuate from $18,000 to $35,000, or King” ied Ghdee Guistanding Ot 20 NAA from $45,000 to $75,000, is in serious need of attention that will LET’S PAY OUR DEBT! any product that has ever played lift up the average. — in a Publix theatre. “T am not criticising anyone, but I do intend to see to it that iti : the organized-thinking and co-operation that is necessary, is In addition to all of the great “T am tremendously pleased by all the activity I see in S 8 Pp y; Publix this far in advance of the opening playdates of ‘The Vagabond King’,’’ Mr. Katz declares. many things that are now being immediately applied to each of these theatres. “For the splendid product that Paramount has given Pub done by the Paramount organi“In Greater New “York, lix in the last three years, and particularly since the start of Reco rds Crash zation to sell “The Vagabond where the theatres get the King” in advance to the public, benefit of ideas, corrections, the talking screen era, I feel that) Publix and everyone in the Publix organization owe a debt of gratitude. We can pay this In Last Week BEHIND ‘VAGABOND KING As a mark of appreciation to the entire Paramount organization, Publix showmen, thru Mr. Katz, have undertaken the job of creating gross box-office records that will stand for all time, on “The Vagabond King.” showmen in Publix expect to and observation from a great exert selling pressure that has debt of gratitude to Paramount by taking its complete product many home office officials, in never before been known in and giving it the kind of showmanship and selling effort that telligent pressure 1s exerted : it deserves. show-business. each week that makes for the The Paramount organization is “In the case of ‘The Vagabond King’, Paramount has given best results. The same holds us an attraction that has never been equalled and probably using an exceptionally intensive true in Chicago and Detroit will never be surpassed. For this reason I want an unbeatable 8 * national camé paign of display gross record established in every city for ‘The Vagabond King’. where there 1S a large number of Publix theatres in each city. ILL UAAUT IANA Read Mr.| advertising in ay want the kind of box-office record that looms up in = Every kind of record that could cies Katz’ com-| ™agazines, radio, staggering figures and extended runs. =|be broken, went to smash during In the cities where we only mont on| UCveDapers: and “If I can present such a report from every Publix town =|the final week of the year just|have one de luxe theatre, the on billboards. In|= to the men in the Paramount organization from Publix, we = | passed, throughout Publix. figures tell me the story that The Vaga-| addition, the Ad-|= will have not only repaid our obligation, but will have en=| Apparently, everyone in Publix] oftey turning in a bi k, th pond King’| Sales department|= couraged them to future efforts that) will carry Paramount and =j|theatres not only wound up their ar tel TEDINS tt bie Ce ae exploitation| has prepared an/ Publix leadership to still greater heights.” __|December Drive with the idea of Lacey Sean oe bet unusually attrac| = ={turning in the Grea r fie ntil ano 1 racee Be adtive and alluring El UIA Month of Publix pe nye pei ae cee coe ee joining col-| supply of ticketbut they decided to-add the extra’ iar i : 1 f umn. sales accessories. flourish of piling on a week of uring these spells of re Aided by every person in Paramount and Publix who can contribute anything in the way of advance material, ecaramount is issuing a special press book that is bursting with ideas, copy and suggestions that are designed to enthuse every community. Radio Hour Plugs -Newsreel subjects and one of the most compelling advance-trailers that many experienced showman-minds could produce, are added helps. The Paramount-Publix radio hour will plug the picture a half-dozen times, using both Dennis King and Jeannette MacDonald, the stars. Despite the exceptional ticket (Continued on Page Two) 80-91-06 OBS 61-O 6+ OOS Or-S Gr SOO O:-SO+ Where?? ae Where are those ScrapBooks from your town on the DECEMBER DRIVE? Get them in, sure, — and soon!!! °@2-@96: oe 4 Os-O+B+-B O° DOs S +O+ SO S-e*S-+e @ -S280-S-O:-B-O*28: S18? D O06 6-10 -G-+ O0-S-0 8 +-O8 +--+ O1-O1+-B-+G+-O 8-1 G+-Oe DIVERSITY IN ENTERTAINMENT KEYNOTE OF NEW PRODUCTION PROGRAM, STATES MR. LASKY “There will be no story trend in 1930 talking pictures. “The combination of color and sound on one strip of film was the greatest technical advancement during 1929.” Those statements were made by Jesse L. Lasky, first vicepresident in charge of production for Paramount Famous Lasky, in a discussion of accomplishments, plans and developments in the picture industry. Amplifying his statement anent trends, Mr. Lasky said: “Variety is the keynote of showmanship success. The public wants diversity in entertainment, and that is what the public will continue to get. The coming of sound has (Continued on page Six) Oe @+Oe-O-OeOOo S02 SO SO O-Oe SO S+O° SOS OC Bound Volumes! These bound volumes of all back issues of PUBLIX OPINION are available ONLY to Advertising and House Managers of Publix Theatres, and Publix Home Office and Field Executives. They will be sent without cost, postpaid, to district managers for distribution. All requests for same must be made BEFORE FEBRUARY 1. District Managers should send in their list of requests at once. S$ O2-S $Oe-O-99*-D-+O1-S-Os-@+O0-S-2Oe-G-2 Oo DO OO S-1O0O81 OG O —O2Oe-B-+Oe-B-0O0-O-$OsOO +-D-2G-O-2O0-@-Os-O + O*-S'O*-SO*OO: -O+8--@ OO e-O-9Bs-S--Oe-S2O2-S-O*-S-O-S-O+-G+O*-S-O*-S6°-O-@ astonishing business. With other cities reporting in proportion to population, an idea may be had from New York figures of how the year ended for Publix. Here are a few of the crashing records that were turned in: N. Y. PARAMOUNT. With “Pointed Heels’ and Ash, this theatre took in $20, 165 in one day, starting at 10:30 a. m. and running over New Year’s Eve, until 4 a. m. This broke the daily record for this theatre. The gross for the week was $94,000, which broke the previous weekly record, which was (Continued on Page Two) New Publix Theatre To Open in Buffalo Publix acquires another theatre with the opening, January 11, of the new Seneca Theatre in South Buffalo, New York. It will operate under a straight sound policy with the Shea Operating Corporation in immediate control. The theatre, which has a seating capacity of about 2,000 is in a residential district. laxation, average pictures suf (Continued on Page Two) D+ Oe-S-2Oe-S-+O-S-$Oe-S-+OsO° O+ G-O'D2 O1-S Os H+ O0-OOo Ge ©Oe-O-2O*OO *-O-+O0-D-+O-O 9 O+-GOs-G-°O++ Ge-@ + B:1G -G-0G>. : : : : : t i : : t : t : t : ; : Important! Paramount’s contract with Rudolph Friml, musical composer of “The Vagabond King”’ contains an agreement that it will not print or publish the song “If I Were King”’ in connection with the picture and no mention of the production in connection with the said song is to be made. Publix showmen should be extremely careful to follow this agreement to the very letter and see to it that no reference whatsoever is made to the song in question in advertising, publicity stories, posters, heralds, radio, or any other medium. Failure to do so might result in grave consequences.. A. M. Botsford, General Director of Advertising and Publicity. ¢ SOOO +-O-28+-B282-O-282-B +O 2-D--O--O-1Os-G-0Os-O-+ 8-0 e-SO+-S 10-9 Oe-B49 10H 0+ O OOo G-19-O-0-O a ee eee icant