Publix Opinion (Jan 10, 1930)

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8 picture, too—with Buddy Rogers|Beach, has been appointed man : | NEW YEAR'S EVE || “Gist From Woolworthe” ‘can ugh at bad weather when probably will not be as bad again i: Bow is Leader PARTY ATRIALTO| Nechiapint soe oe) wie | Rada eae for many years. ae fe Since Publix showmen are soleny mag pa Tareaday Babi, i coming Srubae SS Ue LEATHER COATS. “We must keep up our battle: q ly rea aaa ee es tts made forthe ig par panees|| ANCE WHOFE | pete race fad ua Actes Meds aenulne Wem. fer against Bad Weather with consisia power of talking pictures, it is ieee reat Ti a a en Gp ee Were Kemasiens Be) 3, hate tne et oe tent smashes. Give no quarter ee that portion of the balloting which § ft ot ie ome iss i Pliage jane Bape Zee sare ant | ERTS and do not ‘let down’ for a minrecords the opinion of exhibitors A ES or oe Gad Helen Kane | feats “Soatea eay eto Vales ae Tor oon 4 OB ute. who are showing talking pictures, DON T ia bad weather re ONES ce, cup, amas 3 Ap ee ail tating pict Han Ha0 and seseoceeee 3S Analgas ASS ge pas oe pie is of primary interest to | keep you home..: THOUSAND TO |dee trie tite ci" made in Joliet, reproduced in the ° “Protect your feet with PUBLIX OPINION, WEEK OF JANUARY 10rx, 1930 ce | oe ANOTHER SHOWBUSINESS JINX TOTTERS . PARAMOUNT HAS HIT THAT BAD oe BUGABOO THIS: WAY! BAD WEATHER 4 MAJORITY OF Note the predominance of theatre copy, which is a) how it should be in a co-operative slate GETS J OLT IN : page. The-theatre furnishes the ideas for the page, as well as the chief motive for getting people out of | COIN STARS jj) cone Come on, you denizens ofthe wind-swept areas! Repeat it! J OL| FT Anyone can tells you that Clara JOLIET SUNDAY HERALD.NEWS, DECEMBER 29, 1929 19 ets | DON'T LET BAD WEATHER KEEP YOU HOME! than any other movie star. But SSSR Oa Se REN CI TO a OT OST Te eG ee THIS ENTIRE PAGE OF ADVERTISING IS SPONSORED BY THESE CO-OPERATIVE CONCERNS Bad Weather who is the second most popular motion picture player? Viewed Need Not Discomfort You| PUBLIX THEATERS TO PRESENT BIG PRODUCTIONS FREE RIDE HOME |‘Romance of the Rio Grande” at Rialto| BE PREP EPARED! Bellin plese closely upon the heels of the tradition shattering December Profit Drive which proved so successful, all over the circuit, Division Mana from the standpoint of dollars in the till, which is, after all, the only infallible criterion of the audience-popularity of a star, who Always Welcome! A New Coat are the screen-players who mean ON STREET CARS! Theater Mond. ! é ager Maurice M Ruben f < ; : lay, With Baxter, u —— : s 0 ; oe increased business at the woe MONDAY NIGHTS ~~ Duncan and Moreno THESE CONCERNS for Christmas the PublixGrkat Soe ee i : Bree ey OU bane epre ‘Ss ae er ees ne cE ee ee ee A National Goat , cuit, is well on his way in put 4 a Yearly, ‘“Exhibitor’s Herald marter | eos. Som ot une soutnwert by atrarse | TQ ATTEND THE Will Be Sure to Please ¥ ¥. a Railway Oo., in “Hearts in Exile,” | rutterton Gerould, ably brought World” conducts an exhibitor-poll creed atzatiog tae the. | Monday at Princess | ,ihe tine een tnder te] THEATER IN ting a crimp in another buga | ; O’COATS : : ters on Monday nights are given | Detoree bella gine sn oe Our salestadies will be glad in an effort to determine the relte emomiion he. vr | i ee ee tn araet COMBORT. to asst you in seeing boo of showbusiness — BAD * . . ° é lea aut e 1 totter! Bure 3 , St! ize, ative popularity of motion picture GDM az LoNSDALE MoveL | So sroe ean a| "de am | Soccernet | WEATHER. stars, based upon their box-office |. BY KUPPENHEIMER drawing power, as observed by in dividual exhibitors all over the Pick It Tomorrow “For the first time in the history of show business,’ said Mr. is always dressy and comfortable. In sizes for men of ey Liberal terms are.yours for . the asking. Make first pay lores ery dimension, in shapes for‘ deaths : panes cathe ment in January. Rubens oh: (e j United States and Canada. men of every build, we fot UMBRELLA SERVICE| 2 late a cee te CDE wea an aoceeas Meaty to rear 4 acai t th l onsistent battle For the second year in successent a de luxe selection at a | TO BE INAUGURATED | “i<., Fea PaaS palon ania em ag ae iecca ee a Pay from Your Pay! gains e elements has been put modest price— doeresemenre toe {eels cena | ager es | teem oom Bom | Dowt Lat Winter Weather Worry. Hee. up by Great States Division. We gene ee ee eee ee ea proved last week, beyond peradthe ou! b sion, Clara Bow -outranked all a The eel otis eierys moves am. brkt | doare becewwe of bad ‘reatboe, if venture, that Bad Weather can, p other motion picture players, men and women. And the respective 1929 rankings of other stars in the industry should furnish material for mental mastication on the part of Publix managers. Ocoee in a big measure, be defeated, in ee spite of the fact that the blizzard ie | and other weather conditions were BS the worst in many years and a THE EAGLE 406-08-10 CHICAGO STREET You can laugh at bed weather when | i ’ ia eld’s | ~ Show Alice White in | he American Girl” { i CRASH FILMS. (seats ate adjoining column, carefully. You’ : | will find that every ad in it has a ‘|tendency to keep the public ‘‘pic ture-minded”’ and there is ticket Based upon returns from GALOSHES sound houses, Clara Bow is a still an unqualified leader among the feminine players. iA enjoy yourselves. ‘We have a complete line of overshoes TAS ay thoroughl: te for dad, mother and the rest of the 5 : thoroughly sulted to play Vig Nedy ve ariet|B 00 By Dart to bis taste, HP plaemy ah cssasgeceesenes . _ family. oe ony, Bho | for bor which aie > JACK OAKIE and HELEN | :Edvards and Young Joe were a WOOL SWEATERS selling value in nearly every inch Second? A Par: amount star = ALL FIRST QUALITY June CINDE, Bed Lage BOT |, aeons the high spots ae KANE in “SWEETIE” Oe a rnatoea eee eertoy Foe men, ones, _ ba oa eet: all eo : ba | Nancy Carroll. And included in TREAGONABLY PBIORD |] 86 asuthd” Mou en “ocevee Than weet 8 erat | ri, wag gu | eased hi ant be mit ume lt _ “Here are the important facts i. 5 = lore and dancing girls and bo} Nie sats he Pol seer ced ho Were 7 iA. ° : al ‘the twelve highest rankings are arene, aeaut stata Soong of “Hey 9 Uta? soubriguet ia eee ay ie eres LUNE ah POM DEC Wi Us Me | ° only one chance {i Down,” inspiring alms | “The iad Beak» ee : ‘ uy Ruth Chatterton, Louise FaLEWIS BROS S BROS See ae | ality “ats Sak | wil San cen? cence in eget SPe does Moe fost the: Uieaes . zenda, Helen Kane, Evelyn ploasng voice on her a. bret sorely 8 ies eae brid ene has ot tne Ki of Shen he cugren te uit ne Paani ' @ penny. Brent, and Fay Wray. Seven Ca RS Py mes hala | Sete a cir Oat Sard ents prior ene iombene cabern THE WHITE STORE* Ore b. Each advertiser obligated Par ount players 's eel this one will run | Jessel chose her for his 1 4 leading Lt lady in “Love, Live and Laugh.” himself for a total of six full page issues similar to this. In other words, we sold them Among the matinee idols, sever’ Paramount stars are also found : in the twelve highest rankings. YOUR STREET CARS MAKE SHOPPING EASY Don’t Let Bad Weather the benefits t ri Charles ‘“‘Buddy’’ Rogers tops the IN BAD WEATHER Keep You at Home from the house oa mee field of Paramount players, whose Thay tke outa the vay doo of Je Ieing aid not: sell: eon bal ee “| voices are punctuated by musical eee if goods. 3 notes from the box-office, and he It is the Risie iow tor leavelvourtaitomolilerat S : home and take your street cars down town, You save wear and tear on your automobile, which is like putting aside so much money each day. CHICAGO SERVICE BUS Individual aiencen: as well as Publix Service, are forcibly called to the attention of theatre prospects. d. Pictorial and news value. e. The amount of regular paid advertising that can be saved. f. These pages are_ released simultaneously with a spurt of bad weather. | : “Every District Manager should Cc A is third among all male screen eB stars. George Bancroft is fourth. ; And “Halfway to Heaven’? and “The Mighty’ had been played in only a few key-centers when this voting was done! Paramount’s Triumph Also included in the twelve highest division -are Gary Cooper, Maurice Chevalier, the Four Marx Brothers, Harold Lloyd, and William Powell. Consider the fact ‘pale that the records of Chevalier, the 5 Marx Brothers and Harold Lloyd personally present this form: ©f ; ‘ exploitation to his managers. ee : ee ee ! William Powell’s first starring pic|; png SUT division will be able to put it over. ture, has not yet been completely =|I would not be surprised to even a _ASSIGNMENTS (2 PAGE 37, JAN.25—AND YOU! | e see some new and improved played up all over the country. angles worked out along the same The total of votes in the sound Ghess column of a third division of the Sruanenccacacuanqaeneveeucaccuansvveeenceecucaqacgeateececacacaacceceaneceeccearnevanuaneetacennaeiatannnaittas s & ; “The towns that have not yet Be oe caeicee Ant ae ee ae gee Here’s a great gag that will make every reader of the been successful in putting over : oe Beye 8 8 : Saturday Evening Post, a well sold ticket-buyer for ‘The their free street-car transportatalking picture teams, Moran and |Tampa. Waeatond King.” Mack are easily the most popular| Walter Morris, formerly manBe VOR STE: —this on the strength of only one|ager of the Stanley, West Palm On January 25, The Saturday Evening Post will carry a multi-color full-page ad on “‘The Vagabond King”, in which complete and expert selling-lure is dominant. If you can get tion tie-up, might be interested in the letter from the Chicago & everybody in your town to hunt and eagerly scan .that ad, you’ve launched powerful advance-word-of-mouth-advertising. Joliet Electric Railway Company, It can be done easily, in either of two ways. also reproduced in the adjoining The best way is to frankly tell your newspaper editor columns, in. which they go on record as to the apparent benefriends about the ad, and maybe they’ll consent to run a'story like the following: fits of our cooperation. This letter should offset any argument your local transportation company can bring up against the street car tie-up. “Telegraphic advice to interested persons in this city “Last week, all street cars in. today’ reveals the fact that the “Saturday Evening Post” Joliet carried the following poster on page 37 of the issue which is on the news-stands this on both ends of the car: coming Thursday, promises lively reading of interest to 66 r nearly three-fourths of this city’s population.” ue ghee ton Geet piceel If you can’t get your friendly city editors or movie critics Attend to run it—a daily one-inch teaser ad spotted on the society page, in special position, will get astounding results. Don’t overlook this one—and tip off newsdealers that you’re doing it, so they’ll lay in a plentiful supply. The idea has been worked frequently with astonishingly good results. PUBLIX THEATRES Now Showing It’s a good chance to get playdate heraldinserts, too, if you can promote it. Bad Weather and Wash Day give you .the * blues! Banish Blues by taking time for recreation.” We'll give you that time by doing alt of your family washing, The Publix Theaters will furnish real Tecreae tion. ELECTRIO Cars Every Hour 4:00 A, M. to 9:00 P. M. res LOOP Also at 10:30 PM. | CHICAG oe 6:00, 8:30, 10:30 | 50.90, 2:30, te co = 'M. also 9:30 P, M. Saturda; ok Sunda: Round Pe agi | ieee Bf Leng Bade name of $1. 00 One Way } CHICAGO | Round Trip $1.60 Tickets Sold to All Greyhound Bus Ststions $27. 50 sare DU he BS Chicago & Joliet 1. Hs ee : Electric Railway Company Barrett Hardwar eCo,| TEST. adalat Tic # TELEPHONE 6000 EVERY aes a WASH DAY Ben ae atin os Seco fae eae ake shes “OvER ON OTTAWA" ow" Cees unekemam, Eight TTS CETTE and Nancy Carroll tying with sev-|ager of the Paramount, Palm eral others for second place. Beach. Capitalize upon the tremendous| Ted Crowther, formerly temporaudience-popularity of Paramount| ary manager of the Seminole Thestars! atre, Tampa, has been assigned as « manager of the Stanley, West 010+0-10+-0-+0-0--0-0--0-e-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 | Palm Beach, succeeding Walter ¢ | Morris. Pp ublix Ave. ; | RB. C. Speece has been assigned i } as manager of the Arcade Theatre, : ! | West Palm Beach. ¢ }| J. O’Hern, formerly a_student ; #|manager at the Strand, Dorches: ? ter, has assumed the management ; 4 |of the Strand, Somerville. He rej change the name of Main St. 3 |placed J, J. Sullivan, who was 3 where the Publix theatre { |transferred to the Olympia, Chel: stands, to Publix Ave. ) sea, relieving Chas. Goldryer, who t ; : ; : ; In honor of Publix Theatres, property Owners in Portland, Oregon, have peti tioned the City Council to Great Special Attractions.” Let us all keep on Battling Bliz is no longer connected with Publix. zards and Bad Weather! Cc. A. Cunningham has succeeded G. E. Sargent as manager of the Ee The move for a change came. about when a com TTT iwi i |i plaint was registered that NEW MANAGER h lle, Me. |= = fier a ens t wees Haines neat Versa | sll H Huu uHHuu Nuun uuu one | Piece: Zn own whee 4 | manage the Strand Theatre, Port-|closed December 21st. S.C. 1 WW. Brandon has been ap-— land, Me. E. Parrish, manager, has been| Wm. McCreary is the manager |pointed manager of the Beaux — 09 2-O-0Bo-D-0B»-S-2B+-B-°OeO° O°-O-O:-SO°O° O+-O°O:-S9G:-O The Rex Theatre, Columbia, S. C. transferred to the Rex, Sumter, !of the Lyric Theatre, Duluth, Minn. |Arts Theatre, Palm Beach, Florida. —