Publix Opinion (Jan 31, 1930)

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a pam i tok full-week or 6 features, shorts, trail campaign plans.) -PUBLIX OPINION, WEEK OF JANUARY 31st, 1930 “PUBLIX OPINION” DAILY FORECAST. REMINDER’ | CALENDAI lit week policy, keep your program: or each week, Jot down titles, stars, plore lers, footage, running time, running order, distributor, stage Bieta lobby-talent and tal —1930— TO ANTICIPATE YOUR NEEDS ‘This Dirccsiowal ttickler” index, to forecast “future events,” has been prepared to supplement the bound volume of PUBLIX OPINION which has already been sent to you. It. is designed to serve the following three main purposes: 1. To indicate sufficiently in advance those holidays, seasons and special occasions that require particular exploitation effort so that adequate preparation can be made for them. (2. ‘To suggest specific “ticket-selling” stimulation for every occasion by reference to the regular index included in the bound volume. 3. To serve as a constant reminder of the fantamental principles of daily theatre operation and showmanship. DON’T FORGET to include Publix and Paramount trademarks in all your ads, trailers and posters Are you building — SUNDAY matinee business? (See PUBLIX OPINION, Vol. III, Nos. 10,12) Lincoln’s Birthday is February 12th. Stunts? Tie-ups? Copy slant? Parades? Decorations? Trailers? Ads? Contests? Program unit? Music? Are you building SUNDAY matinee business? (See PUBLIX OPINION, Vol. III, Nos. 10, 12) Read Vol. II No. 26 PUBLIX OPINION for proper etiquette on use and display of flags. PUBLIX THEATRES CORPORATION SAM. KATZ, President “PUBLIX OPINION” DAILY FORECAST CALENDAR 1930 JANUARY 1930 he one thing, above all others, which the coming year will demand of everyone in Publix is showmanship. Our success, individually and collectively, will be directly proportionate to me amount and quality of showmanship we display.” — sam Kaz, President, PUBLIX THEATRES CORPORATION. HOUSE LIGHTING CHECK 1. Houselights la late. | 2. Picture houselights too bright, 3. eights bumped on or 4. Seer light from booth, 5. Glare spots in audito rium. 6. Color combinations. National Thrift Week Qanuary 17th-23rd). Stress bargain matinees and “early-bird shows.” Bank tie-up on thrift accounts. Each attraction presents its own INDIVIDUAL selling problem. Do you REALIZE in your art department? Save lobby posters for window | displays, or send them to nearby Publix theatre that can use Send your weekly reports in on TIME. TONIGHT! Special NEW YEAR’S EVE MIDNIGHT SHOW! Extra prices for extra entertainment. (See Manual and PUBLIX OPINION Nov. 7, 1929, for tips.) YOU give your projectionist a copy of “Sound Tips’? (See current issues and bound volume of PUBLIX OPINION for entire series). Check up on your. sound effects every performance! Are your “leaders’ and “ends” screen wearing out? Have Home Office replace them. Serid Home Office all bills for this month before first of next month. Have you made proper adjustment of weekly electricity charge for month?Referto Manual. NEW YEAR’S DAY — Today Holiday Prices and Schedules. Anniversaries (Manual No. 1043, May 18, 1929) What novelties can music department get for you? Keep roofs and canopies clear of snow in Winter. Complete inspection tour today. Anticipate all local and national holidays, anniversaries, and other significant events. A month in advance gives you enough time. Decorate with flags and pennants! Place an institutional story ad—trailer— poster. (Copyright 1930—Publix Theatres Corporation) Check up on all © _ other theatres to see what they do ' that you ought to do, or ought” NOT to do. Place a theatré or circuit institutional . story in your local” What are you plan| ning for re-opening of new mid-year school | term? Appropriate “ad-copy, ete.? Washington's Birthday is ‘February 22nd. Holiday prices? Holiday schedule? Special tie-ups? Special ad-copy? Music and screen novelties? February 14th. Any ticket-selling exploitation, ad-copy, tie-ups? Booking appropriate? Program unit? Despite most painstaking effort on the part of the staff of PUBLIX OPINION to make this “Reminder” Calendar as serviceable and comprehensive as possible, undoubtedly much opportunity remains for improvement, correction, and additions. After you have carefully examined this work, you are urgently requested to forward any suggestiohs you may have, that will amplify the serviceability of this calendar, for next year. HELP to stop the waste in. good, repeatable ideas. Tell °em TODAY to PUBLIX OPINION (the official “voice” and “idea exchange” for Publix Theatres. everywhere). 2) hae so are you doing to tie -ticket-selling into _ school graduations? Refer to back-file i Oks PUBLIX OPINION for hunches. your monthly : supplies. © Pay your monthly bills promptly to get cash discounts. Make sure your staff reads ALL of PUBLIX OPINION. —BENJ. H. SERKOWICH, Editor Got down here WHAT is week and sord WHO was Don’t let your MONDAY BUSINESS turn into “blue” . or “red.” Systematize activities! Announce next month’s bookings in story, trailer, poster, ads. Do this every month, f Monthly fire deilts ‘Get fire chief to. pose for newspaper photographers. Re-check. your pass list to keep it properly up-to-date. _Are your show schedules set up to give you “breaks” during peak-load patronage period ? Check Box Office _ Hourly Sales. ray keoaeen for the : tow through.)