Publix Opinion (Feb 14, 1930)

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PUBLIX OPINION, WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14th, 1930 MARY BRIAN IN LANE CHEST TIE-UP A nation wide tie-up between the manufacturers of the well known Lane Cedar Chests and Paramount has been effected in a manner similar to the still active Philco tie-up. The chief provision of the tieup is that photographs of Mary Brian, star of the ‘‘Virginian,”’ “Marriage Playground” and “Burning Up,’’ will be used in all art work in magazine and newspaper campaigns run by the Lane Company after May ist. National publications will be used in advertising. The illustration shown below is a reproduction of a full page ad which will appear in the May issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine. Don’t forget book marks and stampings inserted by local newsdealers. Practically every leading department and furniture store sells Lane Cedar Chests. Upon request, the stores can get life size cutout of Mary Brian in color for window and store displays. Go over your picture bookings now, and prepare to take advantage of this tie-up with any Brian picture playing during and after May. Possible tie-ups—with all department and furniture stores, June bride newspaper and furniture store co-operative pages and contests, with cleaners and dyers (have your garments cleaned and store in a moth proof cedar chest as Mary Brian is doing), with stores selling trousseaus and linens (Mary Brian suggests that you buy linens at summer bargain prices and store them in a safe cedar chest until the fall) etc. See to it that the cost of all display material and printed matter is borne by the merchant in the tie-up. ivan ETERNAL / QUE STION !! The backbone of showmanship—DOES IT SELL TICKETS?—and an apostle of the creed, if we may call it such, Lem Stewart of the advertising department. The banner forming such an attractive background is the work of Emil Paulson, poster artist for Publix in Springfield, Mass. Stewart says of it, practical.” NATIONAL TIE-UP! Mr. “We have nothing in the department that is more UNNI THEATRE OPENINGS ‘Enchanted Isle’ Topic of Next* Radio Hour A new and unique method for bringing various types of musical entertainment to radio audiences will be the highlight of the Paramount-Publix hour which is to be broadcast Saturday night, February 22, at 10 o’clock (EHastern Standard Time) over the national network of the Columbia Broadcasting System. Surrounding himself with a versatile group of musicians and entertainers on what he calls ‘‘The Enchanted Isle,’’ Paul Ash has assembled a routine of musical selections and acts which run a gamut from rhythmic, tuneful jazz of the present time back to melodies of other periods. In the latter will be featured songs of the time of Louis XI, of France, when vagabonds became kings for seven days and furnished the inspiration for such a mareh as ‘‘Song of the Vagabonds’’. Among those who are scheduled to appear in the unique presenta-_| tion are such favorites as David Mendoza, Jesse Crawford, Paul Ash, Paul Small, Harriet Lee and the Paramount orchestra. Barrymore Caricatures Form Basis of Tie-up Manager Walter B. Rose of the Strand, Brockton, Mass., arranged a tie-up with both the local school authorities and a newspaper on “General Crack’’. Planting a caricature drawing of John Barrymore in the paper, he offered two sets of prizes for the best copy. One set of prizes was for pupils who had taken art lessons; the other for those who had not. Copies entered were displayed in a number of merchants windows as part of cooperative displays. S PUBLIX ADOPTS ROTATING M-C SYSTEM Beginning with the Publix stage show unit ‘“‘Chauve Souris,’ with Nikita Balieff, which opens at the Paramount in New Haven on February 13th, Masters of Ceremonies will rotate over the circuit in units built around them. Details of this important change in Publix presentation policy were announced today by A. J. Balaban in charge of Publix short subjects and productions. The new policy will entirely displant the present system, in which a master of ceremonies is permanently assigned to each deluxe operation playing Publix units. Stage shows will henceforth be built around personalities, and in many instances these will be names such as Balieff, who will institute the policy. Masters of ceremonies now assigned to unit houses will remain until the opening of ‘‘Chauve Souris,’ and the new policy will prevail thereafter in each individual operation. The production and music department will draw from the ranks of the present Publix stage band leaders for many of these units, Among those who have already been definitely signed to eontinue under the new policy are Ray Teal, now at the Paramount in New Haven, Charlie Davis of the Indiana, Indianapolis, and Eddie Lowry of the Ambassador, St. Louis. “Tintypes,”’ the unit following “Chauve Souris,’ will have Charley Hillas M. C. Other outstanding personalities in addition to Balieff and Hill who will be featured in forthcoming units are Bobby Jackson, Art Kahn, Frank Gaby, Pat Rooney, Larry Rich, Borah Minnevitch and Horace Heidt. Advantages expected under the travelling M. C. policy include, above all, the fact that performances will be smoother and better because stage shows will be designed particularly for the personality featured, and will not be disrupted in each successive town The opening dates for Publix theatres: now under construc Note the reproduction of the attractive Mary Brian—Lane Cedar tion are, tentatively as follows:— Chest ad below. This will appear in the May issue of the Good Houseby the introduction of a different ) | stage band leader. Under the HUTA Sill 0000000 | t i i new plan a smooth, well-knit, in1 to advantage will no longer occa keeping Magazine and is the first of a nation-wide campaign. See Cheyenne, Wy. (ParaHammond, Indiana....June 1 = story above for details—and get a note on this into your tickler file! mount) .......... .Feb. 21| Peekskill, N. Y........June 1 a i , ! ‘ a f Cheyenne, Wy. (Atlas) . Feb. 28 | El Paso, Texas........July15 3 as ee rehearsed presentan I Fort Fairfield, Me.....Mar.15/Lynn, Mass............July 15 = tion wi aS to re-rouMiddletown, N. Y...... Apr. 1|Fort Wayne, Ind.......Aug. 1 =| 2° loner Ue seh nue to adapt Abiline, Texas.........Apr. 1|Stapleton, S.I.........Aug.15 =| tine units in each. Rouse We P a A / Salem, Mass. .........Apr. 1]Denver, Colo. ........Aug.15 = a to ais Shs sendin 2 Gateway, Chicago......Apr. i oe .-12 ge tart. mg improvements gue = y g pr. 15 | Nashville, Tenn........Sept. 1 2| permanent M. C. cannot be used re sion an expenditure for which ; there is no return, and in addii tion, the new policy is expected ‘ to effect a considerable money @ saving in cutting down the time required for reheasals in the individual houses. | New moth protection an chests of glorious 5 beauty UMBRELLAS ATTRACT Chauve Sourts Acts Putting three men on the street with umbrellas, in bright, sunny weather, Manager Irving Cohen of the State, Omaha, drew all eyes to copy on “The Sky Hawk,’’ for @ Feature Radio Program the large umbrellas were plainly lettered with the picture title, A well rendered paraphrase of| theatre name, and playdate. the ‘‘Parade of the Wooden Soldiers,’’ played by the Paramount orchestra and conducted by Boris Morros, Publix Music Director, was the feature of the Chauve Souris—Lincoln Day radio program last Saturday night. The acts of the internationally known revue proved as outstanding over the air as they are on the stage. A tuneful quartette and an orator carried the brunt of the Lincoln features, while the Paul Ash stage show, ‘‘Blue Skies,’’ was the customary light entertaining feature. Paul Small, Harriet Lee, and the orchestra under the direction of David Mendoza were responsible for other high spots during the hour. BURNS A CANDLE Roy Slentz, managing the Colorado, Pueblo, secured a notable addition to his mailing list and focussed considerable attention on his picture with a candle burning contest on ‘‘The Sacred Flame.’’ Entry blanks more attraction copy, and the idea netted him a window display in a prominently located drugstore. 9 new, outstanding features concealed beneath superbly finished hardwood exteriors insure aroma-tight The lease covering the Union Square Theatre, Somerville, Mass., has been cancelled. : netomat wine det construction—sure moth protection A NEW achievement! A new triumph! Again Lane has announced a cedar chest with revolutionary improvements: A chest that more than fulfills the U. S__ Government recommendations for a moth-killing cedar chest. A chest that is certified aroma-tight. A chest in hardwood finishes of matchless beauty This sensational new Lane Cedar Chest, with its 9 exclusive features, brings you protection from moths neverbefore possible Not only is it built with red cedar panels 34 inch thick in accordance with U S. Government recommendations for a mothkilling cedar chest, but equally important — It is certified aroma-tight. The aroma cannot leak out or lose strength in the usual manner when the lid is closed The patented aromatight top of this new Lane, its inseparably interlocked joints, aroma-tight sealed spring lock, damp-proof bottom, special poreclosing finishes and other features seal in thefragrant aroma created by the 34 inch red cedar panels. No moth nor moth worm can live in the new Lane Cedar Chest. The finest furs, blankets, woolens, napery and keepsakes can be kept safe in it indefi SESS SRT SS ‘REVUE’ TABOO SELLING ‘PARAMOUNT ON PARADE’. There’s plenty of evidence that the public doesn’t want revues, advises Russell Holman, Advertising Manager for Paramount. “Show of Shows” and “Hollywood Revue” are doing | badly. Many exhibitors advertise “The Love Parade” as “not a revue.” Therefore, let’s not put the curse on “Paramount on Parade” by advertising it as a revue. Let’s call it: A musical comedy. The Brilliant Musical Comedy Triumph. The Screen’s Biggest Musical Comedy Success. The Greatest Musical Comedy Cast Ever Assembled (and name ’em) The All-Star Musical Comedy Sensation. Hollywood's Biggest Stars in Glorious Musical Comedy Frolic Squads of sweeties Platoons of pippins Companies of cuties Regiments of roaring comedians ° Brigades of beauties Divisions of dancers Armies of ace-actors “PARAMOUNT ON PARADE”. The Last Word in Screen Musical Comedy! Like the Ten Biggest Broadway Musical Comedy Hits Poured Into One! ee nnn_+ourTEErEEEETEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEnDSIEEREEEE SDEEEEETERESESESEEDI NSN SRESIEE DA IIT ER SS ea v199+ Mary Brian, famous Paramount star, bith ber Lane Cedar Chest No 48586 A chest of unusual beauty with colorful matched walnut and mottled mabogany veneers nitely — free from dust, dampness and moths. And just one garment saved from moth ruin pays for the chest. The Lane Chest, with its romantic, glamorous appeal, makes an ideal gift for the June bride, the 4 girl graduate or for mother herself. Select one now = es during Lane National Sales Week, at reduced prices. . See these modern chests at your dealer's store. Note : 7 SF EX é » the many models—the inimitable beauty of the ; Cert tft ed Ce d,s ar C h est S feciwond exteriors — priced to fit every mes Sa THE LANE COMPANY, Incorporated ; Altavista, Virginia ""World’s Foremost Cedar Chest Makers” _FEP LANE NATIONAL SALES WEEKS MAY 1 TO MAY 15 During this time Lane dealers are offering Lane Chests at special temptingly low prices 48505 = 40959 ae 48577 This chest with its shillful use a: of American walnut, African “-. walnut. rosewood and redwood » i bark ene is ate artistic Superbly proportioned 15 this combination chest and drawer model in American walnus and mabogany veneers, Has unusual capacity. Old English craftsmen mpired this massive window seat model in American walnut, veneers with carved era eieae on This advertisement will May issue of Good Housekeeping