Publix Opinion (Feb 14, 1930)

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SELLING ‘MEN WITHOUT WOMEN’ by GLENDON ALLVINE Advertising Manager, Fox Films (Not for Publication) Paramount or Fox, there are few pictures that I would _voluntarily look at more than twice. I saw ‘Beau Geste” more than a dozen times and enjoyed it at each showing. I have seen “Men Without Women” seven times and am going to look at it again, both in the Be ee room and with large audiences. While the year is still young I have already spotted it as one of the six best pictures of 1930. You’ll remember this long after other lighter and frothier pictures have been forgotten. You’ll remember the salty humor, the boisterous laughter, the ribald songs of the first three reels. You’ll remember the grim tragedy, the character revealed as one Englishman and twenty Americans face death together on the floor of the China Sea. But it’s a picture that needs perfect haneine. You can’t go off half-cocked on it and expect mobs. However, if you give it just the right sort of push, you’ll put it over. ‘‘Chang’’ ' was such a picture. A problem at first, but a cinch once it swung along under the stimulus of a well-planned and executed campaign. “Men Without Women” was directed by John Ford, who also directed‘‘ Four Sons,’’ voted the best picture of the year by the readers of Photoplay Magazine. Smiles and tears, belly laughs and lumps in the throat, succeed each other as the canny John Ford plays on your emotions in giving you the very essence of the drama—now a laugh, now a tear. Now—how to handle it. “Men Without It has no women in the Piva: of all, Women’’ is not at all conventional. cast—that is, among the principals, though it has plenty of PUBLIX OPINION, WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14th, 1930 22 PARAMOUNT FIEMS AMONG 99 LEADERS — Pataniouii: acale again leads ‘hd industry in the presentation of quality entertainment for quantity production. The fact has been attested to by the selection of newspaper, fan magazine and trade paper reviewers in a national poll, conducted by the Film Daily, for the year 1929. Out of 55 pictures chosen for the Honor Roll, Paramount has placed 22 among the leaders. Among the pictures which figured prominently at the head of the list are: The Lady Lies The Letter The Virginian The Cocoanuts Gentlemen of the Press Wings. Welcome Danger, Dance of Life, The Doctor’s Secret, Thunderbolt, Four Feathers, Interference, Shopworn Angel, Innocents of Paris, Charming Sinners, Wolf of Wall Street, Sweetie and Fast Company, are a few of the others that received high ranking. boxes on each route of the R. F. D. “The Kibitzer”’ at the Publix-Stan SELLING “HONEY” a By RUSSELL HOLMAN, Advertising Manager, Paramount Pictures (Not For Publication) Another ‘‘Sweetie’’. And even Sweeter than ‘‘Sweetie’’. As Arch Reeve says: ‘‘Honey’’—funny—sunny—MONEY! They started out to give us a bigger and better ‘‘Sweetie’”’ and, lads, they did it! Speedy, youthful, fresh, clever, tuneful, laughing musical comedy at its best. Offer ’em: Nancy Carroll — sweet and pretty Nancy as a Southern heiress masquerading as a kitchen cook. Carrolling a couple of pip hit songs as only she can. And making several kinds of love to Stanley Smith—the handsome new college boy sheik who sang ‘‘Sweeter than Sweet’’ into the palpitating bosoms of America’s maids and matrons in “‘Sweetie’’. Skeets Gallagher—breezing over the belly laughs so fast they pile up on each other. There’s been no funnier guy in any picture ever—and you can check and double-check on that! As Nancy’s brother and fake butler (Smithfield, he calls himself) he pulls some high and lofty kiddin’, warblin’ and lovin’ with Lillian Roth—the brunette belle of the blues, Earl Carroll’s harmonizin’ gift to the tired cinema millions. Lillian was never in such voice and figure as you see her in ‘‘Honey.”’ Harry Green—he sings, he rolls ’em over with laughs, he gets just a little stewed. ZaSu Pitts—she sings!!! irl with the perpetual weeps. alking nozzle’’. Mitzi—the only six-year old actress with a long term contract in filmdom. See her and you'll see why. The freshest, funniest, brainiest' kid in show business. Jobyna Howland—long and lanky, pert and swanky. Play She’s a riot as a dumb servant Gallagher calls her ‘“‘the q ‘em in the opening sequence at the Shanghai bar. After that, * a ; : : a nothing but men. Something of a novelty, but it’s best to Rd LAIN ot cats (asta ing a Mrs. Vanastorbilt who will simply slay you. E forget that in your advertising. importance can be easily planted The hit songs: “Sing, You Sinners”—a clicker from the ; Paradoxically enough the big thing to sell in this picture with your town newspapers. Stress start, rousing fox trot sizzler with a big production sequence 4 is—women! Under the terrific strain, the real natures of the the fact that Paramount Famousin the picture to put it over right; “My Little Hope Chest of i, doomed men come out and the principal topic of conversation Lasky is the one company that Dreams”—which the music people pick as the big hit number— Bi): among them is women—women they’ve known in the four gives quality in quantity! Insung by Carroll and Smith; ‘‘I Don’t Need Atmosphere to Love Js corners of the globe. corportate into your story that You’’—another humdinger; ‘‘Let’s Be Domestic’’—put over big a Put it this way: The drama of the thousand-and-one love SP blic Phentres “ave the” Home by Roth and Gallagher. a nights that lie at the bottom of every man’s heart.” Or: of Paramount Pictures.” “Honey” is from the stage play, ‘‘Come Out of the Kitchen’”’, Ba “What do men really think of women?’’—‘‘What are their Al 1 tee th a Broadway success of several years back. Wesley Ruggles, Bi innermost thoughts? Their loves and idealized affections?” ae Se ae eas ad a 5 of directed ‘‘Honey.”’’ ‘ iM Or: ‘‘You’ll learn about women from ‘Men Without Women’!’’ We Syeabe I’d hook tight to ‘“‘Sweetie’’ in selling this show. Promise 3 Play up John Ford and the Photoplay Magazine Medal ‘production will be earnestly ad’em something better than ‘‘Sweetie’’; you ence tas it, too. RY. award, possibly. enlarging the copy of the medal found in the hered to during the ensuing year Ad copy: I’m in love with you, “Honey ~The sweet, a press book, for lobby display. Tell them ‘Men Without and that still finer product will swift, sparkling musical comedy beehive of bliss. . Lovable, a Women” is John Ford’s first picture since winning the award result because of the untiring efkissable Nancy Carroll and her playboys and playgirls in the Bh and the first all talking picture of the U. S. submarine service. forts of Paramount sound experts, snappiest show of the season... .. dees » bee-havel..... & Play up the stills of the gobs and their gals at the Shanghai color specialists and stage techni-. sce aaes! piston oo come ae oe ee enue a: . bar—they’re colorful and filled with comedy and—women. cians, who have developed a newer Seu le Bie es eae Ror Hee oo ipa Sd tae UN : Use the facsimile newspaper front page shown in the press and better type of film, as exemppole aaG eee SUE ere ae ; : « books, available in mat form—mats of which can be secured lified in ‘‘The ‘The Vagabond King. e Exploitation gags: Use the stills showing Carroll in the oe at Fox. And make sure you get the special ticket-selling seckitchen as a cook; good for Nancy Carroll Receipes for news 4 tion containing additional advertising and practical exploitapapers (see press sheet stunt), grocery store tie-ups, etc. By tion. R Ul ral M a 1 Mail List Send) a letter or post cards to the men in town making a if “Men Without Women” is bound to be one of the, most date at your theatre (disguising it by giving address only) and 4 talked of pictures of the year. You’d never guess it from the signing it “Honey”. Fix the gag so you don’t cause any 4 short synopsis of the story above, but it has plenty of boxCom piled domestic wars. 3 office. Get ’em talking and you get ’em coming. ; Get the soda fountains to feature a Honey Sundae. a Your problem is to get ’em coming for your opening. The | PI theres A awarnt (ot money a a ae (eens, | eke ss 4 picture and the follow-up campaign should do the rest. Fa SI ly poets te FOr Veur Seats eee ——— A quick and efficient method of : ager, and were clipped from paReena eeeeeetenenereeeareeenebee | compiling a rural direct mail list | Stock Market Ticker deren’ Rockford, Inmaia, = ise has been devised by Manager in Lobby Sells Film Once again Publix Opinion a SHORT REVIEWS OF SHORT FE ATURES Joseph Borenstein of the Imperial urges you not to let an opportu4 Dhexine, Pariser node sean The Western Union Telegraph |nity slip by for inviting your edi4 By LOUIS NOTARIUS From the local postmaster he|(@o, furnished a stock ticker for/torial writers to view the better ae Publix Theatres Booking Department : secured the number of routes and| the lobby during the showing of|kind of pictures. No one can af y THE SHOOTING GALLERY (15 min.) yy! m See einiieieiinieieieiieieteiieisietetoloiiuleietotoiieletoteiies METRO The latest colortone which is lavish in production and very pleasing to the eye. The scene is a shooting gallery containing puppets as targets representing several nations of the world——Russian, Dutch, American, and a clown and dancer who symbolize the love theme. As the marksman hits each target, the puppets come to life and dance to a theme song rendered off-screen. A love motive unifies the entire ensemble who do excellent dancing. The Albertine Rasch Girls are featured. A splendid subject. ‘Class’ all the way. Worthy as a flash closing number on any program. THE HEAD GUY (20% min.) Another Harry Langdon that will please this comedian’s followers. Harry, as usual, goes thru his antics of a rube-simpleton in a comedy that contains backstage elements and low hokum. Consider it good comedy in a number _ two position with a dramatic feature of the ‘class’ type.’ PATHE A FELINE FIGHTER—Sportlight. (9% min.) A Sportlight which system in the neighborhood. He then had a rubber stamp made carrying lines ROUTE NO. BOX NO. with a space for the town and state. In addressing, it was only necessary to consecutively number the envelopes without putting any names on them. Borenstein used post office envelopes with penny and a halfstamps. He reports that after each mailing of heralds and printed matter he found many new fares among the audience. eee eee ee ee This popular French ex-pugilis His name may be used to attract patronage. Man. ley Theatre, West Palm Beach, from the spersed with forceful sales copy about the picture. Newspapers Present The barrage of newspaper editorials on the excellence of ‘‘Disraeli’”’ continues. The last two received were sent Thomas P. Ronan, district man t has become a song and dance He is sur ford to ignore the movies today! the tape containing figures eocK iuurket. inter The Homer Theatre, Hibbing, Minn., will operate one day a week, Sunday. D0 0-OSe SoG e-SGO ¢SO e-D0 Oe GS Oe P-0Oe D0 Oe-D-0Os-SOe DH Ge Honey’! By Arch Reeve Question: What rhymes with honey? Answer: Sunny, funny, money! Those three words sum up my opinion of ‘‘Honey,’’ which is Nancy Carroll’s new starring musical comedy. ‘‘Hon “Disraeli”? Editorials bevy of Hollywood beauties in a bit of French A fairly entertaining subject Several blackouts help to round out a good number. The song used by him is entitled—‘‘I Love to Walk, She Loves rounded by spice in which he sings and dances. is the result. ig y deserves special comment. David Newell, the famous hunter and novelist, describes a wild cat hunt and then shows how it was done. Horses, hounds on the scent, exciting chase thru forests and over streams and final attack showing the dogs actually killing the cat after a thrilling fight. Similar in many respects to the Cobra short released last year. Will be a very interesting subject on any progra ey’’ was previewed this week at Alexandria, Glendale, and the audience found it sweeter than ‘“‘Sweetie.’’ I will lay odds there are three song hits, and you know what that means at box office. Miss Carroll never looked -more beautiful. There is a simply great all comedy cast, which got everything from ‘smiles to wow laughs. Stanley Smith is good opposite Miss Carroll and the fun makers include Lillian Roth, Mitzi. Green, Skeets Ccllagher, Harry Green, a Sua Pitts and Jobyna Howland. ‘‘Honey’”’ should be the sweetheart picture of the New Show World. to Walk” and is fairly well rendered. A good opening number. 8778 NIAGARA FALLS (11 min.) A human interest plot acted by two veterans of the stage and screen—Bryant Washburn and . Helen Jerome Eddy. It sums up life’s little ironies and disappointments for a married couple whose ambition in life is to take a trip to Niagara Falls—which was never attained. Contains a lot of human interest and heart appeal and should prove a good subject with a light comedy feature and with sufficient variety in the surrounding program of the front show. 8780 VANITY (10 min.) Cast: Ruth Lyons, Rudolph Cameron and Vivien Oakland. It is a dramatic play portraying a vain wife who gambles with her husband’s love to satisfy her vanity. Tt is a modern version of Maupassent’s famous story—‘Pearls,’”’ in which a wife borrows a Necklace, supposed to be real, and, having lost same, spends the rest of her life paying for it, only to find out in the end that what she borrowed was nothing put imitation. However, in this subject, although the wife loses her husband, she is advised of the truth much sooner. A good dramatic Zana that may be used with a light comedy feature. ie BONDY _ MOVIE GOOFS (7 min.) <A novelty in which puppets perform in several blackouts. _ Mildly amusing only. : ' WITAPHONE 3722-23 TRIFLES (16 min.) A tense dramatic playlet of rural life revealing human emotions in the raw. A portrayal of hate ruling the passions of a long-married couple, finally ends in the killing of her husband by the revengeful wife. The cast includes Jason Robards, Sarah Padden, Blanche Friderici and Frank Campeau. The background is drab thruout and the drama is decidedly heavy. The subject contains all the elements that are usually found in a feature and should only be booked on a front show with a lot of variety including song and dance, and with a feature containing out-and-out hokum comedy: The subject itself is not entertainment. 2761 GEORGES CARPENTIER in Say but Nice’ é B02 OO DB D9Oe D2 B2-D 10+ Os D9 Oe-D°O:-O-O+-O-90* @ Os D 0+ OO OO" D 'O°S-O+ BS -O +O: SO: °O°S °O* OOOO ( 7 min. ) 1° -<B-+Oe-O-+G-S-OeOO e-DOe-S-G°-O +O Os-O-1Os-SOs-Se ee