Publix Opinion (Feb 14, 1930)

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STAR OFFERS ‘SALES TIPS Assuming that his experiences while starring in the thousands of performances of the stage version of “The Vagabond King” should have given him many ideas for “eopy slants’ in advertising Paramount’s mightiest masterpiece, Your Editor cornered Dennis King the other. day. “With all your study and experience as the star of both the stage and screen version, what would you do if you were suddenly confronted with the job of writing the newspaper ads for the picture, in Peoria, Ottumwa, Nacogdoches, Chicago and other towns where the Publix flag proudly flies,’ asked Your Editor, pen in hand, and _ breathlessly getting ready to hang upon every word and syllable the great star would utter. “That,” answered Mr. King, who in spite of being a handsome baritone is a good fellow, “is a very intelligent question, and Vl give you an intelligent answer as a reward. Studied Audiences “It’s true that I did study, no only my own part, but every other role in the ‘“‘Vagabond King”’, in both the stage and screen versions. I think my intimate knowledge of audience reaction to the stage play helped me to give a vastly more capable film performance than would otherwise have been pos sible. I have watched thousands | of audiences as they reacted to the various songs, or some of the exciting dialog or action. I know what appeals to them most, and if you aim your advertising copy at, the public along the lines indicat| ed by actual audience-test, your psychological ad-attack is entirely correct. : “‘The Vagabond King’, as a whole, has three outstandingly powerful public appeals. They are: Dynamics! Vitality! Romance! “You'll find these three factors in all of the music, in all of the lyrics, in all of the action, and in all of the dialogue! Of necessity, you therefore find all three in each of the characters. Use Catch-Lines “Cateh-lines taken from the lyries of any of the songs, will make good appeals to prospective ticket puyers. The words and music of the songs will create the desire to see the picture, and the characters in the picture. Use those words— and you won't go wrong.”’ When your Editor asked Mr. King whether he thought photos showing him in a beard and rags would chase away prospective customers, he admitted. that he thought that the beardless-stills would be best for illustrative purposes. He also agreed that artwork should not stress the costume or “‘period’ angle of the play, but should be confined to musical figuration that includes the best catch-phrases of the songs, as well as star-heads. COCKS FOR MILLETT Harvey G. Cocks, formerly manager of the Capitol, Allston, Mass., has assumed the management of the Allyn, Hartford, Conn., succeeding Clarence Millett. ¢ ; ; ' ‘ : 4 OH, GEORGE! Clipping from Chicago Tribune, February 3rd, 1930: George Bernard Shaw breaking a long silence of fifteen or twenty minutes, says that theatres should be built that would rival St. Paul’s and Westminster cathedrals. Oh, George, if you would renounce your prejudice against coming to America and tour around over here a bit you wouldn’t make ridiculous statements like that. We've get movie theatre cathedrals that make St. Paul’s and W estminster look like filling stations. — O-1O+ 0-162 ©-+ Oe OO O-1O+-O-02-O-+O S-O-18+ S185 S18 O-8° OG O18 O18 O16" 10-008 0-@-0 02-0 +-@-1O*-O+O-O10-O96 O:0+ 90 S20O18 Tell the love, I love least | Pell the love I love best | eystaytttaly a uit ih 4 0 @e-@-Oe-@-0Oe-@-0Be-B-0Oe-O-0Os-O-Os-D-B*-G-+S:-S-S1G0-B1G°-S089SO O08 s-@ 6 | PUBLIX OPINION, WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14th, 1930 ‘VAGABOND KING’ ONLY A ROSE Red rose out of the east Who knows? Red rose, out of the west Love is a rose , Refrain Only a rose, I give you Only a song dying away, Only a smile, to keep in memory Until we meet another day. Only a rose, to whisper Blushing as roses do “Pll bring along a smile or a song for anyone” Only a rose for you. ) Sse LOVE FOR SALE Here’s your dream of hap; piness For a handful of gold Here’s beauty in distress Easy to have and to hold For love’s a trade for any maid | Where love is bought and sold Refrain Love for sale, love for sale Ready for any who’ll buy Proud and pale, fond and frail Merry or sorry or shy A sad, mad, fleet, sweet, pitter thing Who should know better than I? Love for sale, love for sale, |. Free to any who'll buy. Selling his two local papers th W. H. Hall, of the Publix Saenger Thearte, Pine Bluff, Ark., The page on the left, in the Pine Bluff Commercial, cost him exact. at 42 cents an inch. PINE BLUFF, (ARE) Boop de Boop Girl, Doug and -Goers a Few of the Highlights of th H stl i gat "1 “Gores ‘he Ba |e aopcrnene Pm e0e. "62 ented ae ‘ ly HW See MONDAY Boopa-Dooping” ‘Boopn the Street! Al the Boys Say, “Ain't She Sweet!” COMMERCIAL SATURDAY. 3 Mary, William Are WALTZ HUGUETTE Hearts may flower for an ‘hour Though they die in a day Lips may kiss Blind with bliss Ere they learn to betray . Light, love, smiling, untrue Bright love, what would you do If I give my love to you Ere I wander away? Refrain Never try to bind me Never hope to know Take me as you find me Love and let me go. Tho’ the loves we leave behind us Change and fade away Never mind, you may be mine today. eae — SOME DAY \ Some day you will seek me and find me P Some day, of the days that . shall be. Surely, you will come and remind, me Of a dream that is calling for you and for me. Some day when the winter is over Some day in the flush of the spring My soul shall discover The soul born for her lover The man with the heart of a king. Great Ticket -Selling Catch -lines From Words of ‘Vagabond King’ Music Pick out the lines you like!! Use ’em for Posters! For Trailers!! For Newspaper Ads!! THEY CAN’T MISS!! 4 LOVE ME TONIGHT Katherine— My heart is crying love for you Love that in a day may be dying The sorrow will never renew é The hours that we know Measure our dream of delight Sweetheart, before they Ho, I love you tonight. Villon— : Love me tonight Now, while I long for you. Yoday is dying Tomorrow may never be true. Love me tonight ; Only love and a dream of delight Sweetheart, before they go Love me, love me tonight! s+ SONG OF THE VAGABONDS Come all, you beggars of Paristown You lousy rabble of low degree We'll spare King Louis to keep his crown i And save our city from Burgundy. — You and I are good for nothing But to die We can die . For Liberty | Sons of toil and danger Will you serve a stranger And bow down to Burgundy Sons of shame and, sorrow Will you cheer tomorrow For the crown of Burgundy? Onward! Onward! Swords against the foe. Forward! Forward! The lily banners go! Sons of France around us Brake the chains that bound us And to Hell with Burgundy! A e idea that movie news will add readers’ JANUARY, 11, 1930 e Week \ “Tuesday in Fast Tueseny Comedy the The Comedy Laue’ Hits, Dances, Fun! Song Football, Flappers! | no tat-er-st 4 Hotter Than Red Hot ¥ The Bish Time SUESDAY\ cet THE SHREW’ CHING COMEDY SMASH ¢ got these two pages, ly $16.02. andMaryCo-Star for \ First Time in New Picture Ps the Shew’ Coming ‘Taming of the Shem ving AGE BiG, , <1 Bete ae ag rr Titics in Shakespeare’s Country vit 2spea unr, Faud Mary and Dong’s Classic oa < Fag Wray Co-Star: With William Powell tn “Pointed Heels | OFFER CHANCE — interest to the paper and hence increase its circulation, Manager || — each one crammed with selling copy and pictures, for about $32. p The page on the right, in the Daily Graphic, cost him 40 inches 9 FURNITURE SETS FOR TIE-UPS Furniture store tie-ups. “Motion pictures exercise a tremendous influence in the direction of more beautiful homes,’’ de— clared Carl E. Milliken, formerly Governor of Maine and at present secretary of the Motion Picture Producers and Distribu— tors of America, — in an address to ~ members of the — New York State Federation of Women’s Clubs. “Through their — continual presen— tation of attractive home settings and tasteful furnishings,’ said Mr. Milliken, — “motion pictures are developing a © strong sense of beauty in the i American people.” g So pronounced is this influence, according to Mr. Milliken, that the | M. P. P. D. A. often receives requests from furniture retailers for information as to where furniture, hangings, pictures and ornaments, seen in pictures, might be/obtained. It is a well known fact that the present demand for modernistic furniture has spread — so rapidly because of influence of — modernistic picture settings. 4 Your leading local furniture , man probably does not need to be © convinced of this. The next time ~ one of your pictures contains shots — of an unusually attractive room, one which may easily be duplicated from his stock, help him to reproduce the room in one of his displays. Spaciousness of his windows will make it possible for you to fully capitalize upon the display with cut-outs, cards and stills, driving home the message that this charming room may be ‘seen in “Slightly Scarlet,” a Paramount Picture with Evelyn Brent and Clive Brook, at the Publix-Para‘|1mount Theatre beginning Febru4 lary 22nd. . “Kurniture Shots” galore in every set of stills to use for merchant display ads as. well as window display. pr He Lo ——— os a pi With a Laugh! like it! F BEST ~ Mortday ang + pirat ‘fine In Pine Blatt The Comed. 77 econ ly Laugh Riot! Footbal apps : Hotter Than Red Hot P. We