Publix Opinion (Feb 14, 1930)

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10 HOW TO SOFTEN HARD-BOILED EDITORS Consistent plugging will succeed in softening even hard boiled newspaper guys, and result in convincing them that your intentions are as often unselfish as selfish, according to Manager Walter C. Benson of the Strand, Pawtucket. By means of a pre-Christmas vegetable matinee and a recent morning show for local newsboys, Benson finally established himself on a friendly basis with the doughty boss of the leading local paper. The first event was put over with the more or less reluctant cooperation of the paper, the second with its enthusiastic support, and now Manager Benson feels that when he has occasion to go to the paper for something in the future, he will at least get a chance to fully explain his mission. On the newsboys matinee, the paper gave the theatre party two advance two-column ads with accompanying stories, and followed it up with a three column cut and story the following afternoon. Brunswick Tie-up Tops Store Window Displays Several merchant tie-ups, effected by Manager F. F. Smith of the Publix Melba, Dallas, Texas, helped to exploit ‘‘Chasing Rainbows’’, when it played that house. The Brunswick Record Company paid for the imprinting of all record bags, devoting one side to the following copy: ‘‘Charles King, exclusive Brunswick artist and star of ‘Chasing Rainbows’, with Bessie Love playing at the Melba, Jan. 17-23.’? Haberdashery stores and jewelry establishments displayed appropriate photos, with copy, of the stars. THIRD-QUARTER, BUSINESS ANALSSIS FORECAST paigns thru advertising, exploitation, an publicity. TAKING A CHANCE In connection with “Take-a-Chance Week” at the Fisher in Detroit, Lou Smith got the TIMES to take a chance on a contest. the title of the picture nor the stars’ names were given out, the contest was one to identify the stars and title of the picture. As neither The newspaper ran daily pictures of the stars and a brief synopsis of the plot appeared daily in a box with contest story. CAN YOU prizes totaling are izes Mi $10 q ‘or the unnamed picture in which B for fil ” iim “ . Chance” week : fake 2 ng the first 50 Koo ur offered for the F these stars 9 —— F'¢ CHANCE! { g ce” \wpake # (Chan : Fisher Theater begi --to the The Netroit Time chance. week at the nning tomor¢ the stars and ure will not 8P BT ach : the Fisher. as you. ¢ the pictur’ e—as many guess EM? NAME, THEM? _ a | ‘Take tien eaaanca ay } faugh and thrill in i Mess who tley are ‘ ing held Week, and who named Now, your motion ee in it will not be Picture: editor He must aiso a Chance’ Weel 4 Fisher Th ps I pees: film at the Fis famed 0; The ac to take a chance! Week” eae ows what’ en, : begins Friday at the Fisher|f Here’s Synopsis A wealth engineer bu are in the picu to help him to guess Who and to provide a titte | r the picture, of Fisher Film, ake a Chance’ PUBLIX OPINION, WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14th, 1930 BEG PARDON! Credit for the checkerchess champions live lobby stunt in the Michigan Theatre, Detroit, was. given in the January 31st issue of Publix Opinion to Walter Immermann and David Lipton. Mr. Immermann writes that Ezra Levin, manager of the theatre, originated and executed the stunt and is entitled to full credit. % ©O2-@-9O2-@-Oe-O-*O*O° O°-S °O:-OO°SOs OO: HO: O'S 4 ©Be-B-2Be-O-Oe-O-2Be-O-Oe-S-2Os-S-2O2-O-Oe-O-2O2-SO-O OS 00-02-10 +-+0'-©0-1 0--O-+0:-O-+0--O-0+-O+0+-O18+-918:-S Shadow Box in Cafe Sells Show at Theatre i Artistic and pleasing shadow boxes utilized at the Minnesota Theatre in Minneapolis made such an excellent impression on persons passing through the lobby that Don Alexander, Publicity Director, found that it took very little effort to sell the idea of one to a St. Paul night club. Placed in the cafe lobby, and visible to most of the diners as they are seated at the tables, the shadow box is changed weekly. The top half advertises the Minnesota program; the lower half is given over to the cafe. The | Minnesota program is plugged on the menus, as well. Since night club patrons are also theatre patrons, the idea has proved quite successful. Harry Gourfain Joins Unit Producers in N. Y. Harry Gourfain, veteran Balaban & Katz producer, will join the staff of Publix stage unit and short subject producers at the Paramount Long Island _ studio, in March. He replaces C. A. Niggemeyer, recently resigned. Roster of Publix producers under direction of A. J. Balaban now includes Frank Cambria, Jack Partington, Louis W. McDermott, Boris Petroff, and Gourfain. “PUBLIX OPINION” DAILY FORECAST CALENDAR #@2-@ + Oo-O-+Oe-@-2OeOO OOo OO SOc OOS 8 OG O-S: 4 WATCH RUMORS ON DAYLIGHT SAVING Managers who encounter any © rumors having to do with daylight saving time, or in whose communities there is definite agitation in favor of resumption of daylight saving time, should immediately — communicate this fact to their — respective Divisional Director. Upon receipt of such information Divisional Directors will get — in touch with Mr. Botsford at once, and a complete, organized, tried and tested campaign against daylight saving will be forwarded. Details of this campaign will appear shortly in Publix Opinion, for the general information of all Publix showmen. Publix Growth Continues; Acquires New Theatres Publix, continuing its vigorous policy of expansion, has acquired the four Grubel Theatres located in St. Joseph, Mo., Springfield, Mo., Joplin, Mo., and Kansas City, Kansas. Each is named the Electric Theatre. In addition Publix has taken over within the past three weeks the operation of the Riviera in Anderson, Indiana, the Huntington — Theatre, Huntington, Indiana, and the Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, ~ Texas. 3 A half interest has been ar— ranged with the Great States circuit on a theatre corporation in © Alton, Illinois, and a theatre is — now being erected which will be — operated by Publix. a The Ruby Theatre, Madison, ~ S. D., has been re-opened, and — will henceforth operate on two © days a week, Saturdays and Sun© days. In Hibbing, Minn., the © Homer Theatre is now operating on Sundays only. 7p HE ability to anticipate probabilities is one of the most valuable characteristics of your super-showman. — That ability comes from study of the history of show business, as well as from keen interest Gay (Whether full-week or split week policy, keep your program-plots for each week, here. Jot down titles, stars, features, shorts, trailers, footage, ranning time, running order, distributor, stage show, Iobipralent ead iat campaign plans.) 1. Jerking curtains. 2. Fouling of drapes. 3. Failure to mask battens. 4. Noisy sheaves. 5. Improper “live” or “dead trim.” 6. Unsteady stage braces. Income tax payments are due June 15. Prepare to offset this tem H potary shortage: of funds for amusement purposes. Today is Mother’s Day. Were you ready for it? Check up on your cooling plant to see if it’s in order. Prepare your boilers for summer. Are you building SUNDAY matinee business? (See PUBLIX OPINION, Vol. Ill, Nos. 10,12) STAGE MECHANICS CHECK 7. Improper off-stage masking. 8. Noisy lowering of drops. 9. Noisy traveller. 10. Off-stage noises. 11, Ripped scenery. Are you doing anything to tie ticket-selling and publicity to high school and college baseball games? The longest day of the year is June 21st. Any stunts? Copy hunch on “Best entertainment, too, today.” Have you obtained any want ad tie-ups recently? Help to stop the waste in good, repeatable ideas. Tell °em TODAY to PUBLIX OPINION (the official “voice” and “idea exchange’) 12. Set off center line. 13. Platforms not rigid. . Improper storage’ of scenery. 15. Visible wires. « Borders not trim med. “Iced” signature cuts for ads? Don’t forget to include the twin trademarks. Get ’em ready! Do you regularly check up on your sound? Are you doing anything for school graduations? Get your U. S. weather forecaster to officially “turn on” your cooling plant. . Failure of draw curtains to meet. . Failure to mask towers. 19. Too rapid or too slow lowering and raising of curtains and drops. 20. Dirty stage apron. Just a few more days to Mother’s Day. Publicity? Sell tickets? Florist tie-up? _ Prepare Hollywood star “‘gifts” promoted locally’ for June weddings. Stage weddings? Bridal fashion parades, etc.? Promote special: newspaper editions and supplements? How many free merchant windows are you getting? Without passes? How many _ “chain” stunts? (Copyright 1930—Publix Theatres Corporation) Place a Memorial Qot down here WHAT is unfinished for the week and WHO was assigned to follow through. ) Sunday feature institutional story! | Plenty of hunches in files of PUBLIX OPINION. Place feature stories on “Cooling Systems”. Check up consumption of fuel, water and electricity. GOOD BUSINESS results from a good show in a good theatre. To make BETTER BUSINESS use EXPLOITATION and intelligent, convincing advertising and publicity. But for BEST BUSINESS you must intensify your salesmanship on everything about your theatre that has a legitimate claim for interest, In addition, you must have the co-operation of everyone in your theatre as well as friends and contacts,— PUBLIX OPINION. Day falls on the 30th of this month. “Music Week’? What are you doing about Daylight Saving Time for next year? FLAG DAY is coming (June 14th). (See PUBLIX OPINION, Vol. Il, No. 26.) Father’s Day (June 15th). (See PUBLIX OPINION, . Vol. Il, No. 57.) Haberdashery tie-up via coming screen stars. Do you have any entertainment to enliven your lobby? Don’t let your MONDAY BUSINESS turn into “blue” or “red”. Launder your seat covers for summer use. Uniforms. Don’t let your MONDAY BUSINESS turn into “blue” or “red”. Don’t let your MONDAY BUSINESS turn