The Radio Annual and Television Year Book (1963)

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CALIFORNIA Address 1530 Van Ness Ave. TeL: AM 8-6666 NBC Representative Eats President Eleanor McClatchy Station Mgr John Edwards Comm., Prom. Mgr Wilson Letter Chief Engineer J. B. Hancock KCOP-Hollywood-1948 Channel: 13 VHF. .AP: 83.2 Kw.. .VP: 170 Kw. Owned By Chris-Craft Corp. Address 915 N. La Brea Ave. Tel.: OLdfield 6-6050 Independent Station Representative Petry Pres., General Mgr John Hopkins V.P. & Gen. Sales Manager Amos T. Baron Promotion, Publicity Director Hal K. Biard Chief Engineer , Al Browdy KABC-TV-Los Angeles-1949 Channel: 7 VHF..AP: 82 Kw. VP: 165 Kw. Owned-Oper. By ABC Business Address TV Center Tel.: NO 3-3311 ABC Station Representative ABC-TV Spot Sales V.P., General, Sta. Mgr Elton H. Rule Gen., Sales Mgr .Richard A. O'Leary Prom., Pub. Dir. Jack Brembeck Film Manager Howard Lipstone Chief Engineer Theodore Grenier "THEY'RE EATING IT UP IN LOS ANGELES" THE NEW IMAGE OF SPANISH T.V. IN LOS ANGELES KHJ-TV-LosAngeles-1948 Channel: 9 VHF..AP: 81.3 Kw...VP: 162 Kw. Owned-Oper. By RKO General Inc. Address 5515 Melrose, Hollywood Tel.: HO 2-2133 Independent Station Representative RKO Nat'l Sales Div. President Thomas F. O'Neil Divisional Mgr Harry Trenner General, Sta. Manager Malcolm Klein Div. Dir. of Operations Hal Phillips General Sales Mgr Don Balsamo Promotion, Adv. Director. .. .Richard L. Sinclair Program Dir., Film Mgr Wally Sherwin Publicity Director Tony Arnone Chief Engineer. Bob Bullock Owners of: WOR, AM-TV-FM, New York; WNACAM-TV, Boston; KFRC, San Francisco; WHBQ. AM-TV, Memphis; CKLW-AM-FM-TV, DetroitWindsor; WGMS, Washington, D. C; WHCT, Hartford; KHJ, AM-TV-FM, Los Angeles; WRKD-FM, Boston, Mass. KMEX-TV-Los Angeles-1962 Channel: 34 UHF . .AP: 60.5 Kw.; VP: 121 Kw. Owned By Spanish International Bcstg. Co. Address 721 N. Bronson Tel.: HO 6-8131 .Independent Station Rep .Gates/ Hall President Frank L. Fouce V. P., General Mgr Burt S. Avedon V. P., Program Dir Rene Anselmo Vice President Julian M. Kaufman Operations Manager Gustavo Aguilera Business Manager Hermina LuKacsy KM BC-Los Angeles-1949 Channel: 4 VHF. .AP: 23.5 Kw...VP: 47 Kw. Owned NBC Address 3000 W. Alameda Ave., Burbank Tel.: 845-7000 NBC Representative NBC TV Spot Sales V.P., General Manag»er Thomas McCray Station Manager James Parks Operations Mgr Bob Henry Adv., Prom. Mgr Robert Kennedy Prog. Dir Jack Kenaston Business Manager John Wehrheim Public Affairs Mgr Howard Sturm Film Manager George Burke Chief Engineer John Knight KMXT-Los Angeles— 1951 Channel: 2 VHF..AP: 23.4 Kw..VP: 46.8 Kw. Owned-Oper. By CBS Inc. Business-Studio Address. .. .6121 Sunset Blvd. Tel.: HO 9-1212 CBS Station Rep CBS TV Stations Nat'l Sales V.P., General Manager Robt. D. Wood Gen. Sales Mgr Ray L. Beindorf Program Director Leon Drew Prom., Publicity Director Robert L. Nelson Film Manager Allen Ludlum Engineer in Chg Edwin Miller Owners of: WCBS-AM-FM-TV, New York; WBBM AM-FM-TV, Chicago; WEEI, Boston, Mass.; WCATJ-AM-FM-TV, Philadelphia; KCBS-AM-FM, San Francisco; KMOX-AM-FM-TV, St. Louis, Mo.; KNX-AM-FM, Los Angeles. 690