Radio Digest (July 1924-Apr 1925)

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R \ D 1 O DICES T— Illustrated July 12, 1924 No. 8 OFFICIAL BALLOT Announcers' Contest RADIO DIGEST FIRST ANNUAL GOLD CUP AWARD Gold Cup Award Editor, Radio Digest. 510 North Dearborn St.. Chicago. IH. Please credit this ballot as one vote for: of Station. (Announcer's name) (Call letter?) Signed Lity .State. . . i ■ ■ below in five or less words for t\J ; . . 1 1 ) you have cast this ballot: what you most like about the GOLD CUP ENTHUSES ARMY OF LISTENERS STANDING OF ANNOUNCERS APPEARS IN TWO WEEKS Lis: of Nominees Reaches Total of 118 — Eighth Ballot Marks Halfway Point in Voting Radio Digest's First Annual Gold Cup -Award enthuses the whole invisible audience: From Key "West to Seattle. Cape Cod to San Diego, come letters, nominations, ballots from anxious Radiophans who desire to see tli>-ir favorite announcer rowned King of the Ether "World. With this issue is given the eighth ballot, completing halt" the series. There will be it more. Listeners sending in a complete series of eight ballots for their e will be given a twenty-five vote bi rius. or a total of thirty-three votes. BUT if the complete series of sixteen ts is saved and voted at one time ne announcer, the lucky recipient will -lited with a bonus of seventy-five. r . total of ninety-one votes. First Standing in Two Weeks Hundreds of announcers and hundred sands at listeners in will be gratified to know that the relative standings of the IIS nominees will appear issue after next. Beginning with the first announcement in the July 26 number, the tabulated standing will be brought up to date every week till the close of the balloting. The rules and regulations governing the procedure, given last week, will be given again next issue. Remember to address all communications concerning the award e Gold Cup Award Editor, Radio Digest, Chicago. Controversies over balloting, etc., which may arise will be settled Che Gold Cup Award Editor, whose decision will be final. List of 118 Nominees Twelve more announcers were nomin r.ted during the past week, bringing the to 118. The complete list of these, with distinctive initials or nom de plume when used, follows: Adair, Sam, "WOQ, Kansas City. ArUn, H. W., KliKA. Eas. Pittsburgh. Afnoux, <j. C, WBAP, Fort "Worth. Bach, A. E. W., WBZ, Springfield. Bachman, Miss Alberta, WBAH, Minneapolis Bailey, S. T. (STB), KLX, Oakland. Barnes, E. T., WGY, Schenectady. Barnett, S. W. <BWS), WOC, Davenport. Becker, Otto, WGR, Buffalo. Bohannan. J. K, WTAR. Norfolk. Buell. Earle, WLAG, Minneapolis. Buhlert, F. A. (Spark Plug), KFJC, ale. ■ ier, Jaques X., CKAC, Montreal, Can. • David C. (DC), WHAM. Rochester, .sing, Leroy, WEBH, Chicago . D. R. P., CKY. Winn Coggesil, A. O., WGY, Schenectady. Cole, X. D. (Old King Cole), WHO, Des MO! i. i.erman, Tess, WLAG, Minneapolis. Cadigan, John J., WTAT, Boston, iin, Phillip, WEAF, New York. an, Thomas H., WJZ and WJT, New York. Milton J. (AJN), WJZ and WJY, N< w York. ,iiing, L. C, WBZ. Springfield. Daggett, Uncle John. KIIJ, Los Angeles Darling, Walter, i ontreal. DePew, J. H., WCBD, Zion City. I k S., WNAl ' Boston. Donherty, C. L.. WSB Atlanta. man, M. L., KYW, Chicago. 9, A. F., WBZ. Springfield. Ehrhart, Harry E. (HEE), WDAR, Philadelphia. Emery. C. R.. lord Hillside. rekin, C. A., WCAH, Columbus. Erbstein, Charles (Ha Ha Man), WTAS", Elgin. Fanning, Major J. J., WNAC, Boston. Fay. Win, A., WGY, Schenectady. Field, Henry, KFNF, Shenandoah. Fitzpatrick, Leo (Merry Old Chief), WDAF, Kansas City. Gaal, C. A., KUO, San Francisco. Graham, C. W., WIP, Philadelphia. Granlund, N. T. (NTG), New York. Grant, W. W., CFCN, Calgary. Greene, P. A., WSAI, Cincinnati. Hager, Kolin (KH), WGY, Schenectady. Haller, Richard V., KGW, Portland. Hammond, Carl E., KFOA, Seattle. Harnach, F. F., KDKA, E. Pitttsburgn. Harrington, Ted, WCX, Detroit. Harris, Credo, WHAS, Louisville. Harrison, P. W., WBZ. Springfield. Hatfield, Helen G., WCK, St. Louis. Hay, Bill, KFKX, Hastings. Hay, George (The Solemn Judge), WLS. Chicago. Hayner, Rutherford, WHAZ, Troy. Hired Hand, WBAP, Ft. Worth. Herske, Arthur R., WTAM, Cleveland. Jester, Carl, WGY, Schenectady. Johnson, Elmer (Swan) G., WJAX, CleveI land. Johnson, F. W. (FWJ), CHYC, Montreal, Johnson, Paul, WLAG, Minneapolis. Jones, Miss V. A .L., KSD, St, Louis., Kaney, Sen A. W., WGN, Chicago. Kay, Lambdin, WSB, Atlanta. Kerly, E. J., KFOV, Sioux City. Kirby, Corley F. (CFK), WWJ, Detroit. Ludgate, William, KSD, St. Louis. Mack, Johnnie, WJAS, Pittsburgh. MacPhee, Don, WAAW, Omaha. Martin, Victor, WHAM, Rochester. McNamee, Graham, WEAF, New York. Mentzer, Carl, WHAA, Iowa City. Milholland, Howard, KGO, Oakland. Mullen, J. E., KDKA, E. Pittsburgh. Munn, Robert, WGR, Buffalo Nelson, Jack, WDAP, Chicago. Palmer, Lester (LP), WOAW, Omaha. Paschal, , WOR, Newark. Patt, John, WDAF, Kansas City. Pearson, W. G., WCAP, Washington. Perham, D. M., WJAM, Cedar Rapids. Pierce, Jennings, KGO, Oakland. Pierce, F. W. (ANR), WOC, Davenport. Pierson, Wm. T., WCAP, Washington. Poehler, Eleanor, WLAG, Minneapolis. Randall, C. R., WCAG, New Orleans. Reese, Paul, KFI, Los Angeles. Reid, J. Lewis, WJZ, New York Reilly, John, WJAR, Providence. Reynolds, R. F., WEAN, Providence. Rice, , CJCA, Edmonton, Canada. Robinson, Irving B., WNAC, Boston Rose, William, CKCD, Vancouver. Rothafel, S. L. (Roxie), WEAF, New York. Rouse, Gene (GR), WOAW, Omaha. Sartory, Joseph, WCAE, Pittsburgh. Salyer, Harold A., WHAS, Louisville. Schilling, John T., WHB, Kansas City. Smith, Fred, WLW, Cincinnati. Smith, Edward H. (Uncle Josh), WGY, Schenectady. Smith, George, WEBH, Chicago. Stafford, H. E„ WSAE, Providence. Stefan, Karl, WJAG, Norfolk. Sullivan, Jerry, WQJ, Chicago. Sweet, Ray R., WLAG, Minneapolis. Tatom, WCAR, San Antonio. Tison, W. W., WSB, Atlanta. Tomy, C. D.„ WCX, Detroit. Trumbull, Steve, KYW, Chicago. Tyson, Edwin L., WWJ, Detroit. Uncle Kaybee, WCAE, Pittsburgh. White, Major Andrew, WJZ, New York. Weidaw, Robert, WGY, Schenectady. Whitney, Robert S., WMAQ, Chicago. Willets, G. V. (GWW), WOC, Davenport. Wilson, R. H., KDKA, E. Pittsburgh. Wilson, Walter, KYW, Chicago. Witten, J. M. (JMW), WOS, Jefferson City. CONTENTS Radio Digest. Illustrated, Volume X, Number 1, published Chicago, Illinois. July 12, 1924. Published weekly by Radio Digest Publishing Company, 510 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois. Subscription rates, yearly. Five Dollars; Foreign Postage One Dollar additional; single copies Ten Cents. Kntered as second-class matter at the postofflce at Chicago, Illinois, under the Act of March 3, 1879. "All the Live News of Radio" 1 to 8 Before They Thought of "Mikes," an announcer puzzle 5 Summertime Operating and Trouble Shooting, Hints Covering All Makes of Sets, by Harry J. Marx .T 7 Advance Programs for the Week at the larger Stations 9 to 12 Thirty-Minute A-B-C lessons for Beginners, Chapter XVII — Reproducers, the Finishing Touch of Radio, by P. B. Bdelman 13 Underground Antennas for Broadcast Reception, Fart III — Installation for Limited Space . 15 Neutralizing Radio Frequency Circuit, Eliminating Capacity Coupling Effect in Set 17 Questions and Answers 18 Directory of Radiophone Broadcast Stations, Fart II 19 Looking Ahead "What One Tube Can Do" is the intriguing topic Paul Edelman discusses next issue. He discusses the many possible variations of the single tube circuit, bringing about a realization of its true capabilities. Each function of the tube is studied in detail, and the method of linking the various functions into a unified, working receiver, is demonstrated. You'll like this "Thirty-Minute A-B-C lesson. Eliminating the B Battery by the use of four electrode tubes is the subject of an interesting article next week by H. J. Marx. This is a continuation of the treatise on the new English "Unidyne" receiver, the first part of which is given this issue. While four electrode tubes are not available at this time in America, it is believed that the popularity of the Unidyne may force their production and sale. Improving the Single Circuit Tuner promises to tear up a lot of old single circuit sets. G. S. Corpe's experiments and suggestions, to appear next week, will undoubtedly be hailed with delight by many adherents to this simple type of foolproof receiver. The necessary changes are described in detail by Mr. Corpe. Take Radio Digest with You on Your Vacation WHEN YOU WANT Radio Digest YOU WANT IT! [BE SURE OF YOUR WEEKLY COPY EY SUBSCRIBING NOW SEND IN THE BLANK TODAY Publisher Radio Digest, 510 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, lllnois. Please find enclosed check M. 0. for Five Dollars (Six. Foreign) for One Year's Subscription to Radio Digest, Illustrated. Name Address _ City _..,.. State "Best Crystal\ EverDesignedJj Freshman <*/ Double Adjustable Crystal Detector At last the experimenter "who has searched for the ideal crystal can now depend upon a perfect detector. The new Freshman Double Adjustable Crystal Detector has met every requirement of the ideal unit. It affords uninterrupted, noiseless, distortionless reception, yielding extraordinary vol-' ume with entire absence of squeals and howls often introduced by vacuum tube detectors. The World's Best for Crystal or Reflex Sets $1-50 50c Freshman Double Adjustable Crystal Detector for panel or base use, complete Freshman Super-Crystal with NonMetallic Housing. Fits any standard detector unit At your dealer's or send purchase price and you will toe supplied postpaid. FR F F I Write f°r building plans and hook-ups IV Li Li . for Super-Heterodyne. Reflex and other popular circuits. Ask for list L-107. {lkis.Fi 106 Seventh Ave. shmem Condenser Neva York City HANSEN BIRD CAGE LINE 4-TUBE PORTABLE RECEIVER .50 COMPLETE "'Don't forget that this is not an oar phone — hut a loud speaker portable." Here is the "NIGHTINGALE PORTABLE" in a fine case ready to walk away with. Take it with you on your Vacation, Auto Trip or to your Summer Camp or Home. When you come back with It, take it out of the case and use it as a home Radio Receiving Set. It is complete in all details including aerial, batteries and collapsible loudspeaker. It is only 16^4x9 i/z\%V2 inches in size and weighs 25 pounds. It is ready to operate when ynu get it and costs $92.50 NIGHTINGALE — (-Tube Radio Receiver with out Accessories .. 32 50 M 0 C K I NG -B I RD— 6'-Tube'"Vndoor-Loop ["'Radio Receiver without accessories 90.00 Write for Literature Dealers — A wonderfully attractive proposition JOBBERS — We want one responsible and active distributor in each state. National Distributor DISTRICT DISTRIBUTORS United Auto Supply Co Columbus, Ohio Reins & Meiss Co Cincinnati, Ohio Penn. Nightingale Co Bellevue, Pa. Badger Radio Co Milwaukee, Wis. Phil Gross Hdw. Co Milwaukee. Wis. Goulding Mfg. Co Milwaukee. Wis. , , __