Radio Digest (Apr 1925-Jan 1926)

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June 13, 1925 RADIO DIGES T— Illustrated AIR STOCK COMPANY IS BRITAIN'S LATEST FIRST IN WORLD TO TOUR AND PLAY AT STATIONS Players Begin Ten-Weeks Tour With 32 Plays— B. B. C. Dramatic Director Predicts Future LONDON. — The world's first touring Radio theatrical company has been organized here. No other "first-timers" ever had an audience of millions. Yet the event has come about without a single drumbeat. The new arrangement of Radio plays will in no way overlap stage plays that may be broadcast according to the agreement reached between the theatrical managers and the broadcasting authorities. The Radio play will be a form of art in itself. "The preliminary season which is to lead up to a permanent run of Radio plays has just begun," said R. E. Jeffreys, dramatic director of the British Broadcasting company, when interviewed. Players Start Tour "The London Radio Repertory Players have started on a ten-weeks' tour of the kingdom, playing 32 plays at the various Radio stations. By next fall their performances will have become permanent, and we are working throughout the summer to provide the finest possible set of dramatic companies for the Radio public. "Most of the players have been drawn from the legitimate stage, but they arc only becoming Radio players after having a thorough training in Radio technique. Everything depends on the voice. A good figure and Pickford curls mean nothing; the voice, all." LITTLE AND SMALL ARE IOWA PRODUCT Jack Little LITTLE and Small, the Midgets of the Air, entertaining, but you're al' ways in for a big time when you hear them broadcast their piano-song acts." That's about as good a way as any to begin a sketch concerning one of the most popular Radio teams. Ye' those are their true names. Jack Little, crack pianist, and Paul Small, popular songster, both hall from Iowa and both are composers o f many popular m u slf-Hl hits. 0 wide the portals of the hall of fam> of the tall corn state. Radio brought Jack from Wat and Paul from Dee Moines and Installed them in the 1 of many list In. The two met and have been teamed together for a year, and for the same length of time have kept dials stationary on ■ (very station where they have performed. The two have just closed a successful Radio tour of all the larger stations In the Middle W« ' .Now they have separated for the summer while Paul remains 1 n Chicago doing the local stations and thi and Jack stays In New York working on some new souks which will tured during the ■i i 1 1 g see r l marks start of their next tour, this time embi from coasl to i T h >• "Mldgi ■ ! ii r . numbers that t h e y h ;i v i written and had published by the Henry W Mil. Ic company. Among the I tins year were: "My Sugar," "B They ah Love Sou," and "Wtaeri Sweetie Bid) jneo records of their hits may be had. The hoys win their fall tour In Chicago. "We'll be kepi busy from morning to night, too," says Paul Small, i fall there will be at least twenty statloi Which sta temenl ul, not be 1..1111 win perform, but because there are "ump many broadcasters already in Chicago, let alono next fall. Panl Small SPELLING BEES BUZZ OVER MICROPHONE OF WLIT Here Is the way they conduct a spelling bee at WLIT, Lit Brothers, Philadelphia. 'WLIT has been broadcasting one spelling bee each week between pupils of rival schools. Considering the examples of spelling produced by our best business men, the idea has its merits. The program not only teaches the pupils to spell, but the listeners as well. Yale-Princeton Game to Be Put on Ether Alumni Reunion Celebration to Be Broadcast from WJZ NEW YORK. — On Saturday afternoon, June 13, the Yale-Princeton baseball series will be broadcast from Princeton, N. J., and in addition to the baseball game, the entire alumni reunion celebration will be described to the listening audience. It is the custom at Princeton for all the alumni of the university to gather on the campus prior to the baseball game, each class being rigged out in some sort of freak garb, and just as the game is about to start a parade is formed with the college band at its head and the staid old "grads" become boys again in a grand old "peerade" across the field. All this atmosphere and local color will be described to the listening audience by the announcer, together with the exciting moments of the baseball game which will follow. Form New Radio Clubs SEATTLE. — Two new Radio clubs have been formed here to aid local fans in overcoming troubles of the air. The first is the Broadcast Listeners club. The name of the other is not given. Avoid sharp turns with bus-bar wire and bend only with round-nose pli' I Balkite Battery Charger. Charges 6 volt" A" storage batteries. Price #19.50 West of Rockies J520 In Canada $27.50 Balkite "B" —replace* "B" batteries and dry cells. 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