Radio Digest (Apr 1925-Jan 1926)

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RADIO DIGES T— Illustrated June 13, 1925 SPECIAL FLAG DAY PROGRAM AT KDKA Saturday, June 13 Saturday, silent night for: AT9. CHIC, CHNC. CHYC. CNRT. CKY, KFAE, KFDM. KFKU. KFKX. KFMQ, KFMX, KLDS, KLX, WBAP, WBAV, WBZ. WCAU. WCBD, WCX. WDWF. WEAO. WEBJ, WEEI, WGR, WHA. WHAD. WHAZ. WHB, WHO, WJY, WKAQ, WLIT, WOAN, WOI, WOS, WRBC, WSUI, WTIC, WWJ. Atlantic or Eastern Daylight Saving Time Stations CKAC, Montreal. Can. (410), 7 p. m. . talks on hygiene. Dr. S. Boucher, Dr. Walter Kennedy; 7:30, Windsor hotel dinner concert ; 8 :30, talk on Quebec attraction. CNRO. Ottawa, Can. (435), S p. m.. Chateau Laurier concert orchestra: 9. Richard Pentland, tenor; Myrlah Kendall, pianist; trio, Edythe Young, violinist; Christine Williams, cellist; Myrlah Kendall, pianist; Walter A. Mceser, whistler; Miriam Caplan, reader; Chateau Laurier dance orchestra. WAHG, Richmond Hill. N. Y. (315.6), 12-2 a. m.. Gtenn C. Smith's Paramount orchestra. WBBR. New York, N. Y. (272.6), 8 p. m.. Mrs. Hans Haag, pianist: S:15, Bible questions and answers; 8:45, Mrs. Hans Haag, pianist. WCAE. Pittsburgh, Pa. (461.3), 6:30 p. m., William Penn hotel; S. address; 8:15, Prof. Otto Kalteis. pianist ; 8 :30, concert WCAU. Philadelphia, Pa. (247), 6 p. m.. Hotel Pennsylvania concert orchestxa. WEAF. New York, N. Y. (492). 6 p. m., dinner music. Hotel Waldorf -Astoria ; 7, Marie Opfinger, soprano; James Haupt, tenor; Adolph Opfinger. pianist; 7:30, "Trips and Adventures," Fred J. Turner; 7:50. Harmony Girls; S, Flag Day talk, Dwight Braman; 8:15. Hurler's Foremost Four; S:45, Harmony Girls; 8:55. Ramos Family orchestra; 9:15, Alexander Crawford, baritone; 9:30. Elizabeth Kunzer, pianist; 9:45, Ramos Family orchestra; 10:05, Alexander Crawford, baritone; 10:20, Elizabeth Kunzer, pianist; 10:30, humorous half hour; 11-12, Vincent Lopez Hotel Pennsylvania orchestra. WFI, Philadelphia, Pa. (394.5), 6 p. m.. Rey Elrae and his dance orchestra; 6:30, Bellevue Stratford concert orchestra; 7, bedtime orchestra; 9, Arian ladles' quartet; 9:30, playlet, St. Agatha players; 10, U. G. I. Music Masters dance orchestra. WGBS, New York, N. Y. (315.6), 6 p. m.. Uncle Geo Bee; 6:30, the Criterions; 8:15. grand Radio program; 10, Thomas Jefferson centennial program. WGR. Buffalo, N. Y. (319), 2:30-4:30 p. m., WGR's afternoon program. A. J. Erisman, director; 5-5:15, George C. Lehmann. secretary of the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, addressing special train carrying Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. WHN, New York, N. Y. (361.2), 7:30 p. m.. health talk. Dr. Landis; S:30, Strand Roof orchestra; 9:30, Metropolitan trio, violin, cello and piano. WIP. Philadelphia, Pa. (508.2), 3 p. m., Podesek and Knjpienski, violin and piano accordion; Iris Virginia Gruber, contralto; Flora Rikpa, pianist; 6:05, songs, Charles Higgins: 6:15, Hotel St. James concert orchestra; 7, Uncle Wip's bedtime stories: 8, Civil service examination talk: 8:15, concert, inmates of Eastern Penitentiary; 10:05. Howard Lanin's dance orchestra. WJAR. Providence. R. I. (305.9), 7:05 p. m., studio program. WJZ, New York, N. Y. (455). 3 p. m.. Tale vs. Princeton, baseball; 5:30, baseball; 6, baseball; 7. dinner music; 8, baseball; 8:30 "L'Aiglon," dramatic association of Tale university; 10:30, Joseph Knecht's Waldorf-Astoria dance orchestra. WLIT. Philadelphia. Pa. (394.5). 2:30 p. m.. Sarah Miller Crosley. soprano; Abram Crosley, baritone; Marcella North, pianist; 4:30, dance music; 7:30, Arcadia cafe concert orchestra. WMCA. New York, N. Y. (340.7), 4:15 p. m.. Mary Gleason, reader; 8:15. House of Health; 9:15-9:45, Gene Cirina and his orchestra; 11:15-12, Ernie Golden and his Hotel McAlphin orchestra; 12-2 a. m.. Broadway Bright lights. WNYC, New York, N. Y. (526), 7 p. m.. Chateau four; 7:25. baseball results; 7:35, chateau four; 8, talk; 8:15. instrumental feature; 9:30, Police quartet; 10, Mischa Goodman, violinist, WOO, Philadelphia, Pa. (508.2), 4:45 p. m., organ recital. Mary E. Vogt; 7:30, A. Candelori's concert orchestra. WOR. Newark, N. J. (405.2), 7:30 p. m., the Commanders; 11, Ciro's orchestra. Eastern Standard or Central Daylight Saving Time Stations KDKA, Pittsburgh, Pa. (309.1), 2:30-5 p. m., baseball scores; 7, baseball; 8:45, annual dinner, American Flag Day association ; 9 :55, baseball. KYW, Chicago, III. (536), 6-6:30 p. m., Congress hotel; 7-8, Carol Rickert, soprano; William Hoke, tenor; Marian Laffey, violinist; Thomas B. Stephenson; 8:3510:30, Congress classic. PWX, Havana, Cuba (400), 8:30 p. m.. concert, Agrupaclnn Artlstica Gallega, program dedicated to the South American Republics. WBBM, Chicago, III. (226), 8-12 midnight. Cort Banks, ukulele; Harold Well, Jimmie Garland, Jerrv Cromack. Tell Taylor, Tubby Garon, Harold Winston, Tiny Dave Nudelman. Crlllon orchestra. WBCN. Chicago, III. (266), 8-12 p. m., request jamboree; Honolulu serenaders, string orchestra; "Big Boy" Tagle, pianist; Johnny Special, harmonica soloist; Elizabeth Malone, soprano; Peggy O'Xeil, soprano and pianist; Borden Brothers, harmony duo. WCEE, Elgin, III. (275), 10:30-12 midnight, Charlene He ad liners of the Week MAXT stations are observing Flag Day this year. KDKA will broadcast the American Flag Day association dinner given Saturday night. Other stations are observing Flag Day Sunday and Monday. Howard and Smith, florists, are featuring a rose program Sunday at KHJ. As June is a rose month, this music will be more than appropriate, mingling with the early summer perfume of the rose garden. It is surprising how many songs have been inspired by this flower. When the surf rides over the microphone of WIP Monday, old Father Neptune will once again be heard in parts of the world where the wild waves are unknown. This welcome sound will be alluring to inland fans wishing for salt sea dips. WBZ announces the reappearance Monday night of the Aleppo Drum Corps or Shriners' band. This internationally famous organization will be a regular Monday feature. Carl Zoeller's Melodists have appeared fifty times at WHAS, Louisville. Tuesday will be their fifty-first appearance. This orchestra is famous in Kentucky for its syncopation. A new series of golf lessons begins this same evening at KOA, Denver. Joe Novak, well-known golf instructor, will conduct these Tuesday and Thursday meetings. WJZ announces a special program Wednesday. Robert Armbruster, pianist, and Maurice Leest and his trio will give the early classical program. Monte Carlo's Virginians will conduct the late frolic. Mrs. H. P. Armstrong, contralto, formerly a Metropolitan opera singer, is the feature of the Thursday program at WTIC. Her selections will be taken from popular operas. Laura Gaudet, staff pianist, will give an evening fit Chopin. The man of the house will want the ear phones Friday when he learns that the Mickey Walker-Harry Greb fight will be broadcast by both WGBS and WGT. dance program, Joe Rudolph and the Boss' Own orchestra; Frank Morris, Polly Willis, John Poat, Eddie Cavanaugh. WCX. Detroit. Mich. (516.9), 4:15 p. m„ musical program; 6, dinner concert, Book-Cadillac hotel. WEAR, Cleveland, Ohio (389.4), 7-8 p. m., novelty dinner concert. WEBH, Chicago, 111. (370.2), 7:30 p. m.. Oriole concert orchestra ; Sunday school lesson. Dr. Herbert W. Virgin; Leroy North, pianist; 9:30-10:30, Oriole dance orchestra; readings, Marie Kelly; songs, Kay Ronayne; Langdon Brothers, Hawaiian guitarists; 11:30-2 a. m., Oriole dance orchestra ; readings, Marie Kelly ; songs, Geise Brothers: Langdon Brothers, Hawaiian guitarists; songs, Paul Small; songs. Loos Brothers. WGES. Oak Park, III. (250), 5-6:30 p. m., Frank Grief, tenor; Loretta Clausman, soprano; Howard Neumiller, pianist; 6:30-7, Cornelia Dungan, reader; 10:30-1 a. in., A. Cavallo and his 11 Master musicians; Ralph Olson, Hal Cowles, Covne Electrical School serenaders. WGN, Chicago, III. (370.2). 6:30-7:30 p. m.. Drake concert ensemble, Blackstone string quintet; 8:30-9:30, studio program; 10:30-11:30, Drake Hotel Terrace Garden program. WGY Schenectady, N. Y. (379.5), 2 p. m.. Tale -Princeton baseball; 9, dance music. WHT, Chicago, III. (399.8), 7-8:30 p. m„ Frank A. Runatz, baritone; Eleanore Kaplin, violinist; Lottie Friedman, soprano; (238), 8:45-10:05, Elmer Kaiser's Riverview Park Ballroom orchestra; Al Carney, organist; (399.8), 10:30-12:30, Si Berg, ukulele; Gus Bing, baritone; Harold R. Morava, tenor; Ned Becker, humorist; Dorothy Wilkens, Thora Martens, harmony duo; 12:30-1, Al Carney, organist. WIBO, Chicago, III. (226). 2-4 p. m., Dan Russo. Ted Fiorito. Harry Geise; 6-8, Agatha Karlen, reader; Hannah Jacobs, pianist; Elsie Orr, soprano. WKRC. Cincinnati, Ohio (422.3), 10 p. m., special features; 11, special features. WLS. Chicago, III. (344.6), S-l p. m., Saturday night barn dance. Cornhuskers; Ralph Emerson, organist; Harmony Girls; Nubs Allan, contralto; Tony Corcoran, Irish baritone; Williamson Brothers; Walter Peterson, Kentucky Wonderbean; Grace Wilson, contralto. WLW, Cincinnati, Ohio (422.3), 7 p. m., WLW dinner hour concert, organ selections. Johanna Grosse. WMAQ, Chicago, III. (447.5), 2:45 p. m.. Cubs-Brooklyn baseball game; 6, Chicago Daily Newsboys band; 8, Russell Pratt, Fred Daw; 8:30, "The Transvaal," J. Wilbur Reid; 9, Chicago theater revue. WMBB, Chicago, III. (250), 7-8:30 p. m., semi-classical program, J. Bodewalt Lampe, director; Beatrice Teller and Trianon ensemble; Ambrose Wyrick, Rita McFawn, Hazel O'Neil, Armin F. Hand and the Woodlawn theater orchestra: 8:30-10:30, Gala syncopation program, Dell Lampe and Trianon orchestra ; Seattle Harmony Kings, Fisher and Smith, Harold Stokes, Charles Agne and Trianon syncopators, Florence Tenny, Johnnie Keane, Bob Duffy. WMBF, Miami Beach, Fla. (384.4), 6:30-7 p. m., Fleetwood Radio orchestra; 7-7:30, dance music, Fleetwood Radio orchestra; 10-12, Fleetwood Radio orchestra and specialties. WQJ, Chiccago, III. (447.5), 7-8 p. m.. Ralph Williams and his Rainbo Gardens orchestra ; Frederick Mueller, German tenor; Mrs. Catherine Diepenbrock, pianist; Esther Troustrud, mezzo-soprano; Alice Hessner, pianist; Mrs. B. H. Sachs, reader; 10-3 a. m., Ralph Williams and his Rainbo Garden Skylarks; Jerry Sullivan; Rose Vanderbosch, composer; the Melodians; Hickey and Johnson, Hawaiian steel guitarists; Bert Davis, the Clown of the Air; Henri Therien, Joe Verges, New Orleans boys. WREO, Lansing, Mich. (285.5), 10 p. m., WREO orchestra. WSAI. Cincinnati, Ohio (326), 7:40 p. m., children's stories, Mrs. Ethel Knapp Behrman; 8, chimes; 8:15, Bicycle Playing Card sextet; 9, U. S. Playing Card weekly news review, Allison F. Stanley; 9:15, Bicycle Playing Card sextet; 12, popular songs. Abe Farb; 12:30 a. m. , Freda Sanker's Toadstool orchestra WTAM, Cleveland, Ohio (389.4), 6-7 p. m.. Hotel Statler, dinner music; 8-9. Willard studio program; 912, novelty program, Art Herske, Ev Jones, Coo Coo club. WTAS. Elgin. III. (302.8), 8-10:30 p. m.. Villa Olivia Radio concert; Joe Rudolph and Boss' Own orchestra; Frank Morris, Polly Willis, John Poat, Cavanaughs. WTIC, Hartford, Conn. (348.6), 6:50 p. m., baseball. WWJ, Detroit, Mich. (352.7), 3 p. m., Detroit News orchestra; 3:55, baseball. Central Standard Time Stations KFNF, Shenandoah, Iowa (266), 7:30 p. m., Morton Mills, Sciola communities. B. R. Mayhew KFVE, University City, Mo. (240), 10 p. m., Orchestra Romaine; U-Citians; Marty Livingston, original Radio clown. KSD, St. Louis, Mo. (545.1), 7 p. m.. Grand Central theater; 8:30, dance music. City Club. KTHS, Hot Springs National Park, Ark. (374.8), 8:308:40 p. m., baseball; 8:40-9. specialties; 9-10, Ray Mullins Whittington Park orchestra. WBAP, Fort Worth, Texas (475.9), 7-7:30 p. m„ Sunday school lesson, Mrs. W. F. Barnum. WCCO, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. (416.4), 6 p. m., baseball; 6:05, Dick Long's Nankin cafe orchestra; 8, musicale; 9, baseball; 10, Arnold Frank's St. Paul hotel orchestra. WDAF, Kansas City. Mo. (365.6), 6-7 p. m.. piano tuning-in number; personal message, Roger W. Babson; Tell-Me-a-Story lady; Plantation players; 11:45-1 a. m., Merry Old Chief and the Plantation players; Johnnie Campbell's Kansas City club orchestra; Charles Dornberger's Kansas City Athletic club orchestra. WFAA, Dallas. Texas (475.9), 6:30-7:30 p. m., Henry Adler's orchestra; 8:30-9:30, Belcanto male quartet; 11-12, Adolphus hotel orchestra. WHAD, Milwaukee, Wis. (275), 6-7 p. m., Wisconsin theater twin organs. WHAS. Louisville, Ky. (399.8), 3:15 p. m., baseball; 7:30-9, concert, auspices Henry L. Dixon. WMC, Memphis, Tenn. (499.7), 8:30 p. m., William Newton. WOAN. Lawrenceburg. Tenn (282.8), 12:15-12:45 p. m., Vaughan Radio orchestra. WOAW, Omaha, Nebr. (526), 6 p. m.. George Haupt, organist; 6:20, baseball; 6:25, Rialto Symphony orchestra; 7, Brandels tea room orchestra; 7:30, weekly address, Omaha Chamber of Commerce; 9, program, Omaha Printing company; 11:15, Arthur Hays, organist. WOC, Davenport, Iowa (483.6), 9-10 p. m., musical program; 11-12, Lonis Connor and his LeClaire hotel orchestra ; Peter MacArthur, baritone. WSB. Atlanta, Ga. (428.3), 8-9 p. .m., WSB third anniversary; 10:45, birthday party for WSB. WSMB. New Orleans, La. (319). 6:30-7:30 p. m., dinner music; baseball; 8:30-10:30, concert. Mountain Standard Time Stations KOA, Denver, Colo. (322.4), 9-12 midnight, Joe Mann and his Rainbow-Lane orchestra. Pacific Standard Time Stations KFI, Los Angeles, Calif. (467), 5:30-6 p. m., Examiner's matinee program; 6-6:15, McDaniels' nightly doings; 6:45-7, raditorial talk; 7-7:45, vocal recital, pupils of John Smallman; 7:45, the Bookshelf, Miss Nancy; 8-9, Examiner: program by Zoellner Conservatory of Music; 9-10, play by KFI players, George Frenger. director; 10-11, Packard Radio club. Way Watts and his ukulele. Carlson sisters. Jack Kurtz, pianist; Dorothy Cleveland, blues singer; 11-3 a. m KFI midnight frolic arranged by Don Meany of screenland. KFOA, Seattle, Wash. (454.3), 6:45-8:15 p. m., program; 8:30-10, Eddie Harkness and orchestra; 10:0511:30, dance music. KFWB, Hollywood, Calif. (252), 7:45-9 p. m., program, Monte Mar Vista Subdlviders, Ron Wilson's Monte ^Mar dance orchestra, Erickson sisters, Charles I.eauchamp, tenor; Monte Mar Vista string quartet; Miller's International Hawaiian trio; 9-10, Warner Bros, syncopators, Irene Authier, Ernest Karpati, Monty Collins and others singing songs of the day; 10-11, ,^V?rn!Lr.Bros ,rollc direction Charlie Wellraan. KGO. Oakland, Calif. (361.2). 8 p. m.. Girard Piano company; All-American composers' program: double mixed quartet; Carolyn Crew Hill, soprano; Gwynfl Jones, tenor; Mrs. John S. Mills, contralto: Robert Kourke, violinist; Elbert Cowan, organist: "The Holy Lity. oratorio, Carolyn Crew Hill, Beatrice L. Sherwood, Ruth Waterman. Mrs. John S. Mills, contralto: Uwynti Jones, Harold Houston, Richard Lundgren, Waldemar Engberg; 10-1 a. m., Henry Halstead's orchestra. K™' T'!rtla'!.d'„ °If <49'-5>. 12:30-1:30 p. m.. Rose City trio; 6-8, Portland hotel, Jackie Souder's orchestra; 10-12, Portland hotel, Jackie Souder's orchestra. KHJ, Los Angeles, Calif. (405.2), 5:30-6 p. m., Leigh™ sonArcade cafeteria orchestra. Jack Cronshaw, leader; 6-6:30, Art Hickman's Biltmore hotel concert orchestra, Edward Fitzpatrick, director; 6:30-7:30, little stories American history, Pror. Walter Sylvester Hertzog; pupils of Robt W. Major; Vyola Von. screen juvenile; Annie Hooker and Dolly Wright, readings; 8-10. program. Pacific Electric Railway company, arranged by J. Howard Johnson; 10-11:30, Art Hickman s Biltmore hotel dance orchestra. Earl Burtnett, leader; 11:30-2 a. m.. Lost Angels of KHJ, Majestic six orchestra. KNX, Hollywood, Calif. (336.9). 5:30-6 p. m.. Wurlitzer pipe organ studio. Sid Ziff's sports talk; 6:15. travel talk, W. F. Alder; 6:30-7:30. dinner hour music; 7:30-8. Wurlitzer pipe organ studio; 8-9, program. West Coast theaters; 9-10. KNX feature hour; 10-11, Abe Lyman's Cocoanut Grove dance orchestra from Ambassador hotel; 11-2 a. m., Hollywood night presenting movie stars and entertainers. KPO. San Francisco, Calif. (428.3), 6:15-6:30 p. m., baseball; 6:35-7:30, Johnny Buick'i Cablrlans; 8-12, Johnny Buick's Cablrlans. Sunday, June 14 Sunday, silent night for: CKAC, CHIC, CHNC. CNRT. KFAB. KFAE, KFKU, KFKX, KFMtt. KFRU, KFOA, KSD, PWX, WAHG, WBAV\ WCAE. WCEE, WCX, WDAF, WDWF, WEAO, WEBJ. WEBW, WGBS, WHA. WHAD, WHAS, WHAZ, WIP WLIT. WMC, WOI. WOR, WRC, WSAI. WSMB, WTAM. Atlantic or Eastern Daylight Saving Time Stations WBBR, New York, N. Y. (272.6), 10 a. m., Watchtower orchestra; 10:10, L. Marion Brown, soprano; 10:20. Watchtower orchestra; 10:30, "The Wisdom from Above," H. H. Riemer; 11, L. Marion Brown, soprano; 11 :15, Watchtower orchestra ; 9 p. m., I. B. S. A choral singers; 9:10, Prof. Arthur Martens, mandolinist; 9:20. I. B. S. A. choral singers; 9:30. "Abraham Back in Jerusalem Soon," H. H. Riemer: 10, L. Marion Brown, soprano: 10:10, Prof. Arthur Martens, mandolinist; 10:20, I. B. S. A. choral singers. WCAE, Pittsburgh, Pa. (461.3). 3 p. m.. People's Radio church service; 4, John Wesley quartet; 6:30, dinner concert, William Penn hotel. WCAU, Philadelphia, Pa. (247), 5:15 p. m., undenominational church services. Rev. John W. Stockwell, pastor, Maude Hanson Pettite, musical director; 6. Hotel Pennsylvania concert orchestra; 7, Hotel Pennsylvania concert orchestra. WDWF. Providence, R. I. (440.9). 10 a. m.. chimes; 5 p. m., Venetian serenaders; pipe organ recital. WEAF. New York, N. Y. (492), 3 p. m., Sunday hywl sing. Greater New York Federation of churches. Dr. William B. Millar; 4-5, Greater New York Federation of churches. Dr. William B. Millar, presiding; address. Rev. Arthur B. Rhinow; 7:20-9:15. Roxy and his gang; 9:15-10:15, organ recital, skinner organ. WEEI, Boston, Mass. (475.9), 7:20 p. m., Roxy and his gang; 9:20, Skinner organ recitaL WFI, Philadelphia, Pa. (394.5). 7:30 p. m., services. Arch Street Presbyterian church. WGBS, New York, N. Y. (315.6), 9:30 p. m., Douglas Fairbanks; 10:15, symphony orchestra. WGR, Buffalo, N. Y. (319), 3-4 p. m., vesper service. Rev. H. A. Reed; 4-5. John W. Newton, organist; 7:45, Central Presbyterian church service, William Wall Whiddit, organist, and Dr. Robert J. MacAlpine, WHN. New York, N. Y. (361.2), 3-4 p. m.. Queen's County Christian Endeavor program; 5-5:30, Roseland dance orchestra; 5:30-6, Olcott Vail and hi3 string (Continued on page 9) /* — — ....—.... The WEAF Grand Opera company has been heard and enjoyed by many fans this spring through WEAF and the link stations — WEEI, WFI, WCAE, WEAR, WOR and ■WWJ. They will give "Tales of Hoffman" this Tuesday. From left to right: Elsa Ward, soprano; Olive Cornell, contralto; Devora Nadworny, contralto; Elvira Bonl, lyric soprano; Oeorge Walker, bass; Giuseppe Si Benedetto, tenor, and William Tucker, baritone.