Radio Digest (Apr 1925-Jan 1926)

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June 13, 1925 RADIO DIGES T— Illustrated ROSE MUSIC SUNDAY FEATURE AT KHJ Sunday, June 14 (Continued from page 8) Irio; 1 o 1 o : f j . Gem Razor entertainers; 10:45-11:15, Janssen's Hofbrau orchestra. WIP. Philadelphia, Pa. (508.2), 10:13 a. m., services. Trinity chunh. WJAR, Providence, R. I. (305.9), 7:20-9:15 p. m.. Rosy and £iiny; 9:15-10:15, piano recital. WJZ. New York. N. Y. (455), 11 a. m., baccalaureate address. Dr. N. Ant-ell: :2:3d p. m., Sunday Radio forum. Dr. John L. Davis; 8, Klbert Haskins, tenor; 8:15, Royal trio; 10, Godfrey Ludlow, violinist. WKAQ, San Juan, P. R. (340.7), 8-10 p. m., municipal WLIT. Philadelphia, Pa. (394.5). 2:30 p. m., Arcadia cafe concert orchestra. WIHCA, New York. N. Y. (340.7), 7-7:30 p. m., Ernie Golden and Ms orchestra; ":::.">, health talk. WNYC, New York, N. Y. (526), 4-5:30 p. m., band rt; 9-11; program, Brooklyn Mark Strand theater program; Edward L. Hyman, director. WOO. Philadelphia, Pa. (508.2). 2:30 p. m., Sunday school exercises, Bethany temple; 6, organ recital, music, Clarence K. Bauden; 7:30, services, Betbany temple. Eastern Standard or Central Daylight Saving Time Stations KDKA, Pittsburgh, Pa. (309.1). 9:45 a. m.. East End Elan church; 3 p. m.. Dr. Charles Heinroth, or t-anist; 3:45; Shady-He Presbyterian church; 6:45, Fir*t United Presbyterian church. KYW, Chicago, III. (536), 10 a. m.. Central church service. Rev. Dr. Frederick P. Shannon; 3-4 p. m., studio program. dens orchestra; Dr. C. B. Roe, baritone; Dr. Robert N. Roe, tenor; Dr. Howard M. Payne, violinist; Anna Alban, accompanist; Rose Quinn. contralto. WREO, Lansing. Mieh. (285.5). 10 a. m., chimes. Belfry Plymouth Congregational church; 10:30, First Presbyterian church. Rev. Guy YV. Simons; 7:30, First Baptist church. Rev. Ralph W. Hobbs. WSAI. Cincinnati, Ohio (326), 3 p. m., sermonette and sacred chimes. WTAS. Elgin, III. (302.8), 2-5 p. m.. Sunday afternoon popular concert, Joe Rudolph and the Boss' Own orchestra; 8-12, Villa Olivia Radio concert, Joe Rudolph and the Boss' Own orchestra : Frank Morris, l'oily Willis, Fanny and Eddie Cavanaugh. WWJ. Detroit, Mich. (352.7), 11 a. m., St. Pauls Episcopal cathedral; 2 p. m., Detroit News orchestra; 6:20, Rosy and his gang. Central Standard Time Stations CKY, Winnipeg. Can. (384.4), 7 p. m., Westminster Presbyterian church. KFDM. Beaumont, Texas (315.6), 11-12 m., sacred program; 8-9, music. KFNF, Shenandoah, Iowa (266), 10:45 a. m.. First M. E. church; 2:30 p. m.. Rev. and Mrs. Hanley Radio KFWB. Hollywood, Calif. (252). 9-11 p. m.. Warner Bros. West Coast motion picture studios presenting their Sunday movie night frolic. KGO. Oakland. Calif. (361.2), 11 a. m.. Calvary Presbyterian church: 3:30 p. m., KGO Little Symphony orchestra ; 7 :30, Calvary Presbyterian church. KGW. Portland, Ore. (491.5). 10:30-12 m.. First Presbyterian church service: 7:30-9, First Presbyterian church. KHJ. Los Angeles, Calif. (405.2), 6-6:30 p. m., Leighton's Arcade cafeteria orchestra. Jack Cronshaw, leader: 8:30-7, Art Hickman's Biltmore hotel concert orchestra. Edward Fitzpatrlek. director: 7-7:30, organ recital, Arthur Blakeley, organist; 8-10, program, Howard and Smith, florists, arranged by J. Howard Johnson, a rose program. KNX. Hollywood, Calif. (336.9), 7-S p. m.. First Presbyterian church of Hollywood*, Stewart P. MacLennan. pastor: 8-9, Ambassador hotel concert orchestra, Josef Roscnfeld,' director: 9-10:30, program, Valhalla Memorial Park and Mausoleum association. KPO. San Francisco. Calif. (428.3), 6:15-6:30 p. m., baseball; 6:35-8. Palm Court concert orchestra; 88:30. Palm Court concert orchestra; 8:30-10, Rudy Seiger's Fairmont hotel orchestra. Charles P. Shoffner: Safety talk: 8:30. Oswald Blako. tenor; 9:30. Stanley theater concert; 10. Arcadia cafe dance orchestra; Spike Hamilton's dance orchestra: vaudeville features. Fay's Knickerbocker theater. WMCA. New York. N. Y. (340.7). 6:30-7:30 p in. Ernie Golden and bis Hotel McAlpin orchestra; 9, Alice Ambrookian, pianist; 0:30, Alice Ambrookian; 10:30, McAlpin Radio forum. WNYC, New York, N. Y. (526). 7 p. in., piano recital; 7:25, baseball remits; 7:;:.".. health talk; 8:45, concert WOO, Philadelphia. Pa. (508.2), 1:45 p. in., organ recital. Mary E. Yogi ; 7:30, A, Candelori's concert orrhestrn; S, Mark Strand theater concert: 9, A. & P. Gypsies; 10:03, Blue Ribbon quartet; 10:30, Heroic's orchestra; 11, Vincent Rizxo's dance orchestra. WOR. Newark, N. J. (405.2). 6:15 p. m., Ernie Krickett's Cinderella orchestra; 7:15. sports talk. Bill Watbey; 8:15, "Learn to Swim." Frank E. Dalton; S::;0, Al Reid's hour; 9:30, Dr. Frank H. Vizetelly. lexicographer: 9:45, Dr. Sigmund Spaeth, music critic; 10:45, Perry and Russell. Eastern Standard or Central Daylight Saving Time Stations KDKA, Pittsburgh, Pa. (309.1), 2:30-7 p. m.. baseball; 8:45. baseball. WBBM, Chicago. 226). 6-7 p. m.. Crillon orchestra. WBZ. Springfield. Mass. (333.3). 6 p. m.. Capitol theater orchestra: 6:30, baseball: 6:35, Capitol theater orchestra; 8, Aleppo Drum Corps of Shriners' band: 8:30, to be announced: 9, Mrs. Alice F. Steele, reader; 9:15, Charles H. Young, tenor; 9:40. at the theaters; 9:50, baseball. WCEE. Elgin,, III. (275), 10:30-12 midnight. Joe Rudolph and the Boss' Own orchestra: >'rsn|i Morris. Polly Willis, John Poat. Eddie and Fannie Cavanaugh. WCX. Detroit. Mich. (516.9). 1:15 p. m.. musical program; 6, dinner concert, Book-Cadillac hotel musical program. WEAR, Cleveland, Ohio (389.4), 3:30-5 p. m., musicale. Eldon Smith, left, is tenor on the WPI staff. His interpretations of popular airs are well liked. Water Reagler, tenor, sing's regrularly at WHY, Schenectady. His fine tenor voice helps to keep WGY's programs among the best. Elizabeth Coles, violinist, plays this week at KDKA, Pittsburgh. WBBM. Chicago. III. (220), ', I ;, m., Homer's or G planJ i ; Joe Allabaugh, tei ; Dare Piudelmaa.; S 10, Samlv Meek, Bcotch tenor; Loiter Kelscy, Joe Alia t; William Molnalre, tenor: (Milan i; Harry So nil., pianist; ReynerUon Sisters trio: ' land, pianist; Jerry' Cromark : 12-1 a. D1 . II 'lob frolic; Ralph Atlass: Charlie Garland, pianist; n; Crillon orchestra. WBCN, Chicago, III. (266), in 30-12 noon, services. People'i Liberal church.; * 5 p. m., elastics! 11, popular pro ly Dancing Gardens' orchestra; Casey ami (lertrude Payette, dramatic . '' its, WBZ. Springfield. Mass. (333.3). 9:95 a. m.. South ii ii.i program, William I. Anders dlroctor; B:30, to o< uinounced. WCX. Detroit. Mich. (816.9), ... .,. I, . services. WEBH. Chicago. III. (370.2), 7-9 p. in. artists' pro WOES. Oak Park. III. (250), 5-0 p. m.. Hllss School of i i .. r,i . \ Cat lib. and hi* ii I'lsns: Edwin Kemp, ; ] 0 H WGN. Chicago. III. (370.2), 8:80 p. m.. Chicago Musical mile I WGY, Schenectady. N. Y. (379.5). 11:3(1 a. m . I i church; '• 15, Hotel Commodore orchestra; Bsrnhsrd . condui 'or. WHT. Chicago. III. (399.8). 9 s. m .11:30 p. m.. Paul WIBO. Chicago. III. (226). 10:15 » m . church Rev. I Bet knr. soil Ml Mirk, soprano; Para Dentclte, ■ . I. II. i 'IrrifT. rlollnlal ; ■ 12, Dan Ho i I ii WKRC, Cincinnati Ohio (422.3). 8:48 P in.. Walnut iiiii Christian chui WLS. Chicago. III. (344.6). 7 30 p m . Ralph I ... WLS i WLW. Cincinnati. Ohio (422.3). 0:30 a in . Mb >,r Bundsy school i; concern: 11. Church "f Cotensnt, it, Krunk Blovei on; ircli of Walnut i, Mi Mlllan; < :;". W« ti Southern ci r t _ i ■ ml WMBB. Chicago. III. (250). 7 8 ■ " I' m . «cml Teller and Trianon ensemble I Amino. e Wyrlek. Klfn ' Ii el (IN. II. A ! and the V. I Trianon on it ii.. . B , Atfln 1 trmin r Bind and th,. \\ i . WMBF. Miami Beach. Fin. (.181.4). 0:30 7 p D :■ i; .ii .1 .ii . in '2. Fleetwood Radio ord i iltles. WORD. Batnvia. III. (275). 10 n m . hymns. Mr. and n r Bolll ti I • p m . I It s \ soprano; lOUSS. WO). Chicane. Ill (447 8), II tu„ Dl Pri lot Liadle., . , in. Ralph. SVUUanj ai.d Ills Italnbn Oar director; i 30, lioi.icn Bule circle; s. Christian church. KLDS. Independence. Mo. (208). II a m., Btone church, it.-v. o, Edward Miller; 6:80, rasper . ■ < ■ Hi Harold Burge -. soprano; Mrs, Henry Btahl, contralio; Fred |.'rieii.l. tenor; Paul N. Craig, ba sermon. Evangelist I'. W. Greene; 9. Amy Winning, organist; Oraee Do ... oprano; Mrs. Elms Eaton Karr. rlollni ': Haul Bcott, plan! t; 0:30. lecture. Ralph W. I'.irrcll. KTHS, Hot Springs National Park, Ark. (374.8). 11 12 .'i i. in . CenO .1 Method! I i hureh . B 1 15, De Luxe 'la i'ii program, hotel-Meyoi orche Ira; 0:25-10. orch. 10-11, f r.,n. . Chucs Root and hi* be Sot. Garden ""-hostra. WBAP, Fort Worth. Texas (475.9). II a. in . I"' :i i church, Rev. .1 w. Bi . i. mi . .. I Star Tele iram i nectlun; I p. in , Itlalto Ib.ili-r; 1 1. Knh WCBO. Zlon. III. (344.6). Hi..,, Quartet on . sic 'it bell . Mr. nod Mrs. it M Btei I, .oprano; E I: I'.nioo. baritone; Hi u U Bleel. , Mr .. E. B. Pastoi I inalla Mel ..... WCCO. MinneapolisSt. Pnul. Minn. (416.4). 10:20 a. m . PlvmouJ ' ttlonal church; 1 in p tn., H Hope Presbyterian church; 7 15, Hennepin Avenue -M 1-:. f li'lreli ; 0, I, a '-Lull ; '.' : 1 '.. Die ill ' I I '•'•' BTt, WDAF, Kansas City. M« 5, baseball; Chool loon. Dr. Walter I. WFAA. Dallas, Texas (475.9). • . ." 7 10 p ' Bible els . i" H till , . , m temple lervlce; 9:30 II. Rallen Brothers orchestra, WHA8. Loultvlllo. Ky. (399. B). 0 .7 a in . organ inuslr; in, Broadway HautM church, I:.. Dl ; .'. i ve pel ith Dai WHO. Des Moines. Iowa (520). II a. m. Unlrorilt] Church ol Chi lit; 4 p .... program, Dean Holmi Cowper, din H WMC. Memphlt. Tenn. (199.7). II S. i WOAN. Lawrrnceburo. Tenn. (282.8). I 10 p m., isrrrd rlel WOAW. Omaha. Nchr. (^26). ■' ■ oi . Radio rhapel . churdi WOC. Davenport. Iowa (483.0). 8 I n ; Llltll Hwlndoll eon WOS. Jefferson Citv. Mi. (440.2), D " WRBC. Valparaiso. Ind. (278). 7:o p. m. Immanuel W8B. Atlanta. On. (428.3). ehuren W8UI. Iowa City. Iowa (181). si p. m . familiar hymns Mountain Standard Time Stations KOA. Osnver. Colo. (322.4), II » m . Inimini' eeptlon esthedral ; I i> m . Mali -i. < Mat ami Protectlre Order ..( Klks. Pacific Standard Time Stations KFI. Los Angele*. CalK. ( H .' " Daniels' nlthtl 15, miKlral >| Ik; 7-S. in theater with t '. ■I hl« I.'-.ol -.Uo,i KlTe danre II. Pai kar.l ':i, Bill linear. Monday, June 15 Monday, sllont night (or: AT9, CKAC. CKY, CNRT, KFDM. KFMQ, KFMX. KGW. KLDS. KYW. PWX. WBBM, WBCN, WCAU. WDWF. WEAO. WEBH. WEBJ. WFI, WGN. WGBS. WHAS. WIBO. WJY. WKAQ. WLS. WMAft. WMBB. WOC. WOAI. WQJ. WRC. WREO. Atlantic or Eastern Daylight Saving Time Stations CHNC. Toronto, Can. (356). 8 p. in. CUM' ... WAHG. Blehmond Hill. N. Y. (315.6). '. 0 p in . Th. .mi. hi Planer, i Lulk; 8, Viola Bherer, s 15, Horace .1. Taylor, . C. ..,, tii... '" is, viols ... \\ iiiiaio Morgan, planlsl : '■' 15, C C Jonoi, bsrltone: 10, Bynohronhase string trio; in 10, Kcnluckj It in i ; 11:05, Kentui kv R WBBR. Now York. N. Y. (272.6). 8 p oi . Silo, Oriental mu Ic; rouOi Moubald. Kill ith A»nd; 8:10. i .. World N. ei:, 10, "The Man. ..I I I Syrian . . , .1 mu i. WCAE. Pittsburgh, Pa. (461.3). 8:80 I' tn . .11' '■ ii. w 1 1 ■• ■ n hotel; 0 I ri ; 8, Hamilton en omblc . 1 1 . mythical dlrl Ible, Pri I WEAF. New York. N. Y (492), . fllnnei munlr. It,. .• ". Hotel V . i .ckharL trend theater; S 30, Ralph Bsrko«li/„ p| , . ill . >, \ a r . in, Olu oppe in i: lotto, tenor; I" 1 • Vera .. 10 1 1 30, Hen Bi " . Hot) I WEEI. Boston. Mass. (478.9), '. in. ildo. i. not ; Orlando Itlr.bie. bsrlloni '.,1k; 9, i". Blue Ribbon iiomiet WFI. Philadelphia. Pa. (894.8), I P in . tall W0B8. New York. N. Y. (818.6), Op WOR. BufTnlo. N Y (819) Wfllf. atteni. . Ito I, s; in. Flownrd (I ■ nlertslnsn ; i" i" ID, liter; 1 1 I n. to., super dan. I "." II. roll WHN, New York. N Y. (1612). '. p, m, Vladimir .Ik. barlliiii. II It Bhonti ii. mu ■ iiilneol . 11. I .| ". Bllrer Bllppar r.^or ami orchestra; 12■ inexs WIP. Philadelphia. Pa. (508.21. :i ti o. . Bout Hurt; i l« W|p'« wiar. Provide*.**, it I Spring ■ nitde WIZ. N»« York. NYU nle clce WLIT. Philadelphia I Iran Errand 1 1 and oi. Hotel Cleveland orclu Ira: 1-t musical program; B-9, organ rocltal, Vlnconl il Poray; 9:10, erenlna bout WGES. Oak Park, III. (250). .'. 8:80 p. in.. Blue Devil's orchestra ; I ttta Cluaman, oprano; Ci Eli Bohool '■'.■!.. i. i.i : 8:30 i. Cornells Dungan, bedtime story teller. WGY. Schenectady. N. Y. (379.5). .'. 30 p. m . illoo. r muslo, John ETlnk*i orchestra; '-, port review, Harold i program, Bcotch > c; "The Scotchman's Utopia," Rov. Dr. David Paton, WHAZ, Troy, N. Y. (360). 8:15 P. m . OPM1 eluht glrli : Troy Oi Cora Hldley Miller, soprano; Mi George \n Predoubui tralto; in, HiirbA orcl WHT. Chicago. III. (.199.81. 7-8:30 p tn . Noi trio; (' ah, in, ii, baritone: A.leie Brandt, ■ 10 i Imi i Kal or' in,. 1 1 (i " Pai It Ball n lie Ire; \i Cal ney. oi ml i . i "" B), 2:30 n. in.. Boyd, wnlatler; Milton ti. . Welti i in, tenor; itiorli Bisters; 12:30 I, AJ I organist. WKRC. Cincinnati. Ohio (422.3). In p in. < ..,.-. . ii. popular program; 12, mldnli gram, K... I.I i .in' WLW. Cincinnati. Ohio (.122.3). 7 p, in., ill'", concort, h I i-i B ntl, dl roctoi : H 15, enu rial enl, n.< alar oi CI : rnn lo o' WMBF. Miami Beach. Fla. (381 n. I JO-i p. m.. dam i. . 1" 12, Ii. ■ i« I Radio orchestra, (lirclnllles. WORD. Bntnvla. III. (275). s ::" p m . BlblO QUI ami no wers, It M ito a ; 0, An irtel W8AI. Cincinnati. Ohio (.125). Hi p in . Edith ' llollol I . M. Jo . I i, 1 I . I.i I.I 'I POI ,1 ,r «onn«, M ,, i. i . Mi lull .,' ii,ii,i.... pi ii WTAM. Cleveland. Ohio (889.4) III I, . \n Mo U ill. VVI Hard S) f n. •todlo urogram: 11-12, William Metealf, or wi as i iain. ill. (802.8), i ■ " i Rudolph ni.'l I! , ' ' lie .".'I I'.'l.. , Poll) W IMI . Jl ... P I WTIC. Harllord. Conn. (.118.61. ', p in . I "ill Helm Hotel It. .... I I rln ; i Inrencc \\ • I, t rail..; WW). Detroit. Mlrh. (882.7), •■ p tn . ' . I ,. troll Neat ord i in Central Standard Time Stationa KFKU. Lawrence. Kan (77.' In number; 7. mu le; ; i'.. "Th, Btory ol Volvanle A ti Dope It ," I'll , It \\e si LllevatureT" Myra Hull Board h Ii KFNF. Shenandoah, Iowa (260). Smith Iteldloe owhe.lro. K8D. 81. Louis, Mo. (545.1). B p " ' mmpam : lo. program KTHS. Hot Springs National Park. Ark. (374.8), 0 10 p. in . WBAP. Fori Worth. Tesa. (475 9 ■ ((■•ontlnuod on pag< 10)