Radio Digest (Apr 1925-Jan 1926)

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10 RADIO DIGES T— Illustrated June 13, 1925 SURF RIDES OVER MICROPHONE OF WIP Monday, June 15 (Continued from page 9) WCBD, Zion, III. (344.6), S p. m.. ladies" chorus; clarinet chorus; Carl Newcomer, saxophonist; Erwin Kendall, flutist; Mark Whiteside, baritone; Edith Carey, contralto; Mrs. J. A. Mehaffey, reader; Eleanor Pihl. pianist. WCCO. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. (416.4), 4 p. m., baseball; 4:05, readers' club; 6, baseball; 6:05, sports talk; 6:45. F. & R. family; S, "The Magna Charta Day Movement," J. W. Hamilton; 8:15, talk, prevention cS tuberculosis; S:30, Fort Snelling program, Capt. F. T. Rideout; 9, baseball; 10, Original George Osburn's Nicollet hotel orchestra. WOAF. Kansas City. Mo. (365.6). 6-7 p. m.. Cecile Burton, reader; Plantation players; 11:45-1. Merry Old Chief, Plantation players; Charles Dornberger's Kansas City Athletic club orchestra. WFAA, Dallas, Texas (475.9). 6:30-7:30 p. m.. Honey Bovs' orchestra; 8:30-9:30, Mike H. Thomas, operator; P. R. Freeman, buyer; John T. Orr, president, American Cotton Growers' association . WHA. Madison, Wis. (535.4), 7:45 p. m.. alumni address. M. B. Olbrich; Robert C. Bentley, reader. WHAD. Milwaukee. Wis. (275), 6-7 p. m., dinner hour organ; 8-10, Marquette university studio program. WHO. Des Moines, Iowa (526), 7:30-9 p. m.. Mrs. Kate Miller, whistler; Maude Hughes, pianist; program. Dean Holmes Cowper. director; 11:15-12, organ recital, A. H. Blank theater. WMC, Memphis, Tenn. (499.7). 8:30 p. m.. Washington syucopaters. WOAN. Lawrenceburg. Tenn. (282.8), 12:15-12:45 p. m., orchestra: 9-10, a. m., orchestra, male quartet. WOAW. Omaha, Nebr. (526), 6 p. m., Phyllis Griswold, organist; 6:30. McCrory's popular period: 6:45, orchestra; 9, classical program. WOC. Davenport Iowa (483.6) 6 p. m., baseball scores. WOI. Ames. Iowa (270), 10 p. m.. program, popular music. Helen Nugent, contralto, is a member of the Bicycle Playi n g Card mixed quartet. This quartet gave a special program, which was well liked by the fans, last Saturday to celebrate the anniversary of WSAI. Miss Nugent will again appear with this group at WSAI this Saturday. WOS, Jefferson City, Mo. (440.9), 8 p. m., Missouri night: Missouri association; Audrain Chamber of Commerce, music; address, George A. Pickens. WRBC. Valparaiso, Ind. (278), 7:30 p. m., music. WSB, Atlanta, Ga. (428.3), 8-9 p. m., excerpts from Light Opera productions; 10:45, Stars, Light Opera week. WSMB, New Orleans, La. (319). 6:30-7:30 p. m., dinner musicale, baseball, twilight tales; 8:30-10:30, Leslie George and his Patio Royal dance orchestra, FuzzyWuzzy Twins. WSUI, Iowa City. Iowa (484), 8 p. m.. Celeste Fuhrman, soprano; Zita Fuhrman, pianist. Mountain Standard Time Stations KOA, Denver, Colo. (322.4), 8 p. m., Fred Schmitt and his Bialto theater orchestra; 8:10, one-act comedy, KOA players; "Spanish Conquistadores, in Colorado," Joseph Emerson Smith; KOA orchestra; "The Gorgas Memorial Institute," Dr. W. W. Grant; instrumental numbers, pupils Inez Arnold Allen. Pacific Standard Time Stations KFAE, Pullman. Wash. (348.6), 7:30-9 p. m., Mrs. Herbert Kimbrough, contralto; Lusinn Barakian, soprano; Lillian Pettibone, pianist; E. Craig Beardman, tenor; "What Should a Student Expect of His High School." Prof. George A. Coe; "Cost of Harvesting Wheat," R. N. Miller; "Agricultural Engineering," Prof. C. C. Johnson. KFI, Los Angeles, Calif. (467), 5:30 p. m.. Examiner's matinee program; 6-6:15, McDaniel's nightly doings; 6:45-7, radiotorial talk; 7-8, California Serenaders orchestra. George Cronk, leader, Sigmund Sachs, violin soloist; 8-9, program. Owl drug company; 9-10, program, Walter M. Murphy Motors company; 10-11, Examiner presenting Ray West and his Alexandria hotel dance orchestra. KFOA, Seattle, Wash. (454.3), 6:45-8:15 p. m.. Sherman, Clay and company program; 8:30-10. Times program. KFWB, Hollywood, Calif. (252), 6:30-8 p. m.. program, John A. Evans corporation; 8-9, program, Cheek-Neal Coffee company. Maxwell House coffee string quartet, Columbian trio, Sol Hoppli's Hawaiian trio, Newton Hall, hoy singer; 9-10, program. E. P. Janes, contractor of Altadena, Great Western male quartet. Bill ir;j"h's orchestra, Ina Mitchell Buller, soprano. Miller's International trio; 10-11, Warner Bros, frolic direction Charlie Wellman. KGO. Oakland, Calif. (316.2), 6-7 p. m., dinner concert^ Sherman, Clay and company; 8, Amphion trio; "The Need of a National Reclamation," Prof. Davis Weeks; "Inside Dope on Curing Automobile Ills," P. Singer; "Problems of the Adolescent Boy," Dr. Virgil E. Dickson; "The Volga Biver;" 10-1, Henry Halstead's orchestra. _ , KGW, Portland, Ore. (491.5), 6-7 p. m., William Robin Boone, organist. KHJ, Los Angeles. Calif. (405.2), 6-7 p. m., Lelghton's Arcade cafeteria orchestra. Jack Cronshaw, leader; 8-10, program, Rosecrans Camp No. 2 Sons of Vetand Auxiliary in honor of Flag Day. KNX. Hollywood, Calif. (336.9). 5:30-8:15 p. m., Wurlltzer pipe organ studio, Sid ZHf's sports talk; 6:15, travel talk. W. F. Alder: (1:30-7:30, dinner hour ; 7:30, program, Columbia Outfitting company; 8-9, program, L. W. Stockwell company; 9-10, program 1.1 tenwaltcr & Gough, Zenlih orchestra, Bola male quartet; 10-11, Goodrich Silvertown Cord dance orchestra. Juno Pursell, KNX girl, soloist; 11-12, A hi; Lyman's Cocoanut Grove dance orchestra from Anil,;! a-Ior hotel. KPO. San Francisco, Calif. (428.3), 6:15-6:30 p. m., baseball: 6:40-7, States Restaurant orchestra; 7-7:30, Rudy Beiger'l Fairmont hotel orchestra; 8-!), Theodore .1. Irwin, organ! i; 9-10, Peter Norman's mixed quartet; 10-11, States Restaurant orchestra. Tuesday, June 16 Tuesday, silent for: CFCA. CHNC. CHIC. CHYC, CNRT, KFAE. KFKU, KFKX, KFNF, KLX. KOA, PWX. WAHG, WBAV, WBBR, WCBD, WEA0, WHA. WHAO, WHAZ. WKAQ, WOI, WOS, WRBC, WSUI, WTAM. Atlantic or Eastern Daylight Saving Tirrn Statio I CNRA. Mon-.ton. Cans p in . 'In. W. F. Wheeler, planl i; Fred Mc.Nulty, Gordon Douglas, saxo phonists; solos and duets, Mariam, Ebon Cameron: H. L. Parsons, bass; J. A. Laviolette, baritone; CNRA orchestra. WCAE. Pittsburgh, Pa. (461.3), 6:30 p. m., dinner concert, William Perm hotel; 8, program from New York; S:30. Gold Dust Twins; 9, Eveready hour; 10, grand opera. WCAU. Philadelphia, Pa. (247), 6 p. m.. Hotel Pennsylvania Interfraternity orchestra; 7:30, concert, N. Snellenburg and company; 8, talk, Clara Zillessen; 10:30, .lack Myer's Musical Architects dance orchestra. WDWF, Providence, R. I. (440-.9), 8:30 p. m., Arcadia orchestra. WEAF. New York, N. Y. (492), 4 p. m., Violet Miller, contralto; 4:15, Max Ewing, pianist; 4:30, Women's League of the United Synagogue; 6, dinner music; 7, Myro Glass, baritone; 7:10, Columbia university lecture course; 7:30, Mozart string quartet; 8, "States Responsibilities," Gov. Albert C. Ritchie; 8:30, Gold Dust Twins; 9, Eveready hour; 10, "Tale of Hoffman," scores; 8:45, concert; 10:30, concert. Grand theater. WBBM, Chicago, III. (226), 8-12 midnight, Al Furry, Frank Johnson, harmonica, banjo specialties; Sylvia Galnic, soprano; Dave Nudelman; Charlie Garland, pianist; Crillon orchestra; Sunset male quartet; Cort Banks, ukulele soloist; William Molnaire, tenor. WBCN. Chicago, III. (266), 8-9 p. m.. popular progTam; Borden Brothers, harmony duo; Midway Dancing Gardens' orchestra; George McGonigle, tenor; 10-11, classical concert; 11-12, popular program; Midway Dancing Gardens' orchestra; Jessie and Nan Muir Scotch harmony duo; Kathryn Krauter, guitarist; 122 a. m.. Pirate Ship. WBZ, Springfield, Mass. (333.3), 6 p. m., Leo Reisman's Hotel Lenox ensemble; 6:30, baseball; 8, "The Four Melodettes;" 8:30, Lenox Music company. Cable club comedians; 9, Hotel Brunswick orchestra; 9:50, baseball. WCEE, Elgin, III. (275), 10:30-12 midnight, Charlene Star midnight dance program, Joe Rudolph and the Baseball Scores TABULATED below is a time table of the stations giving baseball scores this week. Stations are divided into the different standard times in use. The hours are given in. the kind of time in use at each listed station : Atlantic or Eastern Daylight Saving Time Stations Saturday, June 13: 4:30, WJZ; 5:30, WJZ; 7:25, WNTC; 8, WJZ. Monday, June 15: 4:30, WCAE; 7:25, WNYC; 8:30, WEEI. Tuesday, June 16: 7:25, WNYC; 7:45, WEEI. Wednesday, June 17: 7:25, WNYC; 7:45, WEEI. Thursday, June 18: 7:25, WNYC; 7:45, WEEI. Friday, June 19: 7:15, WEEI; 7:25, WNYC. Eastern Standard or Central Daylight Saving Time Stations Saturday, June 13: 2, WGY; 2:30, KDKA; 2:45, KDKA, WMAQ; 2:30, KDKA; 3, KDKA; 3:15, KDKA; 3:30, KDKA; 3:55, WWJ; 4, WMAQ; 4:15, 4:30, KYW; 4:45, 5, KDKA; 5:55, WTIC; 6, WGN, WLS; 6:50, WTIC; 7, KDKA; 9:55, KDKA; 10, WREO. Sunday, June 14: 6:55, WTIC. Monday, June 15: 2, WRC; 2:45, WMAQ; 3:30, KDKA; 3:45, WEAR; 3:55, WWJ; 4, KDKA, WMAQ; 4:30, KYW; 5, KDKA; 5:55, WTIC; 6, WGN, WLS; 6:30, WBZ; 6:50, WTIC; 9:50, WBZ; 9:55, KDKA; 10, WREO. Tuesday, June 16: 2, WRC; 2:45, WMAQ; 3, 3:30, KDKA; 3:45, WEAR; 3:55, WWJ; 4, WMAQ; 4-:30, KYW; 5, 7, KDKA; 6, WGN, WLS; 9:50, WBZ; 9:55, KDKA; 10, WREO. Wednesday, June 17: 2, WRC; 2:45. WMAQ; 3, 3:30, KDKA; 3:45, WEAR; 3:55, WWJ; 4:30, KYW; 5, WWJ; 6, WGN, WLS; 6:50, WTIC; 7, KDKA; 9:55, KDKA; 10, WREO. Thursday, June 18: 2, WRC; 2:45, WMAQ; 3, 3:30, KDKA; 3:45, WEAR; 3:55, WWJ; 4:30, KYW; 5, KDKA; 6, WGN, WBZ, WLS; 6:50, WTIC; 9:50, WBZ; 9:55, KDKA; 10, WREO. Friday, June 19: 2:30, KDKA; 2:45, WMAQ; 3, 3:30, KDKA; 3:45, WEAR; 3:55, WWJ; 4, WMAQ; 4:30, KYW; 5, KDKA; 6, WGN, WLS; 6:50, WTIC; 9:50, WBZ; 9:55, KDKA; 10, WRCO. Central Standard Time Stations Saturday, June 13: 3:15, WHAS; 3:30, WDAP; 4:30, WDAF, WFAA; 5, WDAF; 6, WCCO, WDAF, WOC; 6:20, WOAW; 6:30, WSMB; 8:30, KTHS; 9, WCCO. Sunday, June 14: 4:30, WFAA; 5:05, WOS; 6:45, WOC; 9, WCCO; 9:15, KTHS. Monday, June 15: 3:15, WHAS; 3:30, WDAF; 4, WCCO, WDAF; 4:30, WFAA; 5, WDAF; 5:05, WOS; 6, WCCO, WDAF; 6:30, WSMB; 8:30, KTHS; 9, WCCO. Tuesday, June 16: 3:15, WHAS; 3:30, WDAF; 4, WCCO, WDAF; 4:30, WFAA; 5, WDAF; 6, WCCO, WOC; 6:20, WOAW; 6:30, WSMB; 8:30, KTHS; 9, WCCO. Wednesday, June 17: 3:15, WHAS; 3:30, WDAF; 4, WCCO; 4:30, WDAF, WFAA; 5, WDAF; 5:05, WOS; 6, WCCO, WDAF, WOC; 6:30, WSMB; 8:30, KTHS; 9, WCCO. Thursday, June 18: 3, WDAF; 3:15, WHAS; 4, WCCO, WDAF; 4:30, WFAA; 5, WDAF; 6, WCCO, WDAF, WOC; 6:20, WOAW; 6:30, WSMB; 9, KTHS, WCCO. Friday, June 19: 3, WDAF; 3:15, WHAS; 4, WCCO, WDAF; 4:30, WFAA; 6, WCCO, WDAF, WOC; 6:20, WOAW; 6:30, WSMB; 8:30, KTHS; 9, WCCO. Mountain Standard Time Stations Monday, June 15: 6, KOA. Tuesday, June 16: 6:30, KOA. Wednesday, June 17: 6, KOA. Thursday, June 18: 6, KOA. Friday, June 19: 6, KOA. Pacific Standard Time Stations Saturday, June 13: 2-5, KNX; 6, KFOA; 6:15, KPO. Monday, June 15: 6, KFOA; 6:30, KPO; 6:45, KGO; 7:30, KGW. Tuesday, June 16: 6, KFOA; 6:15, KPO; 6:45, KGO; 7:30, KGW. Wednesday, June 17: 2, 3, 4, KNX; 6, KFOA; 6:15, KPO; 6:45, KGO; 7:30, KGW. Thursday, June 18: 6, KFOA; 6:15, KPO; 6:45, KGO; 7:30, KGW. Friday, June 19: 2, 3, 4, KNX; 6, KFOA; 6:15, KPO; 6:45, KGO; 7:30, KGW. grand opera company; 11-12, Vincent Lopez' Hotel Pennsylvania orchestra. WEB!, New York, N. Y. (233), 7 p. m., Dan Barnetfs orchestra ; 7 :45, Viola Verdun, soprano; 8, Eddie Burke, Irish piper; 8:15, Lilian Buckman, soprano; T. Gerard Hughes, pianist; 8:30, Eddie Burke, Irish piper; 8:45, Hcnryetta Turner, ukulele girl. WEEI, Boston, Mass. (475.9), 6:30 p. m.. Big Brother olub; 7:15, talk, Ralph Rogers; 8, musicale from New York; 8:30, Gold Dust Twins; 9, Eveready hour; 10, Grand Opera. WFI, Philadelphia, Pa. (394.5), 3 p. m., Caroline Hoffman, pianist; 6:30, Bellevue Stratford concert orchestra; 7, bedtime stories; 8:30, Gold Dust Twins; 9, Eveready hour. WGBS, New York, N. Y. (315.6), 6 p. m.. Uncle Gee Bee; 6:30, Jersey Collegians; 7:30, "For Distinguished Service," play. Lighthouse players; Ballin and Race, pianists; Judith Roth, program, James Brennan; 9:3010, mystery quartet; 10-11, Helen Herman, contralto. WGR, Buffalo, N. Y. (319), 2:30-4:30 p. m., WGR's afternoon program, A. J. Erisman, director; 8-11, , jointly with WEAF, including address, "States Responsibility," Gov. Albert Ritchie of Maryland; Gold Dust Twins, Eveready hour, grand opera, "Tales of Hoffman." WHN, New York, N. Y. (361.2), 6:30 p .m., Olcott Vail and his string trio; 7:10, Colonial Aces, steel guitar, Spanish guitar, mandolin and ukulele; 7:30, health talk. Dr. Landis; 7:35, Will Oakland's Chateau Shanley; 8, songs. Bob Miller, Mabel Wayne; 9:30, Palisades Amusement Park orchestra; 11:30, Club Alabam orchestra; 12-12:30 a. m. Parody club revuo orchestra. WIP, Philadelphia, Pa. (508.2), 3:30 p. m.. Comfort's Philharmonic orchestra; 6:05, Benjamin Franklin concert orchestra; 7, Uncle Wlp's bedtime stories; 8, Comfort's Philharmonic orchestra; 8:45, Sounds of the Surf; 8:50, Vessella's band; prominent soloists; 10, Emo's weekly movie talk; 11, Howard Lanin's dance orchestra. WJAR, Providence, R. I. (305.9), 8:30 p. m.. Gold Dust Twins: 9, Eveready hour. WJZ, New York. N. Y. (455), 10:30 p. m., Nazarene Congregational choir. WLIT, Philadelphia, Pa. (394.5), 2 p. m., Arcadia cafo conceit orchestra; 7:30, Dream Daddy. WMCA. New York, N. Y. (340.7), 4:45 p. m., beauty talk, Mme. Belle; 6:30-7:30, Lew Krueger's Aladdin orchestra; 8:15, health talk; 9:15, George Dale, tenor; 9:45, tenor; 10-11, Chiropractic hour of music; 11-12, Ernie Golden and his Hotel McAlpit orchestra. WNYC, New York, N. Y. (526), 4:30 p. m., Agnes Vernon's juveniles; 7, dance program; 7:25, baseball results; 7:35, "Progress of the City of New York," Mayor ,T. F. Hylan; 8:30, instrumental program; 9:30, concert program. WOO, Philadelphia, Pa. (508.2), 4:45 p. m., organ recllal. Mary E. Vogt; 7:30, A. Candelorl's concert orchestra. WOR, Newark, N. J. (405.2), 6:15, Hotel Lorraine orchestra; 6:30, Man in the Moon stories I 7, Hotel Lorraine orcbesira; 7:15, sport talk. Eastern Standard or Central Daylight Saving T'me Stations KDKA, Pittsburgh, Pa. (309.1), 2:30-7 p. m., baseball Boss's Own orchestra; Frank Morris, Polly Willis, John Poat. Cavanaughs. WCX, Detroit, Mich. (516.9), 4:15 p. m., musical program; 6. dinner concert, Book-Cadillac hotel; 8:30, musical program; 10. The Red Apple ciub. WEAR, Cleveland, Ohio (389.4), 7-9:15 p. m., Akron Central high school boys' glee club; 9:15-10:15, Ringwall string trio. WEBH, Chicago, III. (370.2), 7:30-8:30 p. m.. Oriole concert orchestra; Lydia Lochner, contralto; musical bits, Riviera theater; 9:30-10:30, Oriole dance orchestra; Frank Bordner, baritone; songs, Dennis Sisters; Frank Magini, songs; 11:30-1 a. m.. Oriole orchestra; Jack Penewell, twin guitarist; songs, Dennis sisters; Frank Magini, songster; feature acts, Riviera theater. WGES, Oak Park, III. (250), 5-6:30 p. m., Katherine Forbes, soprano; Edgar Scott, tenor; Edna Wallace, soprano; Howard Neumiller, pianist; 6:30-7, Cornelia Dungan; 10:30-1 a. m., A. Cavallo and his 11 Master Musicians; Rudolph Hess; Sandy McTavlsh; Coyne Electrical school serenaders. WGN, Chicago, III. (370.2), 6:30-7:30 p. m., Drake concert ensemble, Blackstone string quintet; 8:309:30, Charles A. Stevens' chorus; 10:30-11:30. Drake Hotel Terrace Garden program. WGY, Schenectady. N. Y. (379.5), 5:30 p. m., dinner music. Hotel Van Curler orchestra; 6:35, Stanley Hummel, pianist; Earl Hummel, violinist; 7:10, program, Wanamaker auditorium; 8:10, "The American Constitution," Waldo F. Postel; 8:20, Avis Larsen Richardson, pianist; 9, "Over the Seven Seas;" 10, Meyer Davis orchestra. WHT, Chicago, III. (399.8), 7-8:30 p. m., Ed Kemp, tenor; Dorothy Wilkens, Thora Martens; Agatha Karlen, reader; (238), Elmer Kaiser's Riverview Park Ballroom orchestra; Al Camey, organist; (399.8), Dorothy Herman Blum, soprano; Eleanore Gilmour, soprano; Jane McCounel, contralto; Ned Becker, humorist; 12:30-1, Al Carney, organist. WKRC, Cincinnati, Ohio (422.3), 10 p. m.. Cosmopolitan quintet; 11, Doc Howard's WKRC entertainers. WLS, Chicago, III. (344.6), 6:30 p. m., Ralph Emerson, organist; Martha Meier, contralto: 7:15, Cornhuskers; 7:45, lullaby time. Aunt Martha, Uncle George; 8, Howe program, first act of "Pinafore"; 8:45, "MacBeth," Anthony Wons; 9, Kenneth Clark, guitarist; Jack Friedenberg, harmonica soloist; 10, Cornhuskers orchestra; 10:15, Nubs Allan, contralto; 10:30, Williamson Brothers: 10:45, GraceWilson, contralto; 11, WLS Harmony trio; 11:20, Solemn Old Judge's program; Joe Bren's minstrel company; 12-1, Cornhuskers orchestra; Ralph Emerson, organist. WLW, Cincinnati, Ohio (422.3), 4 p. m., student recital, pupils of Leo Stoffregen and Wm. Kyle; 6:30, organ concert; 7, dinner hour concert; 8, orchestra selections; twenty minutes of song, Madame Rasola Arnold, soprano; solos on Wurlltzer-unit organ; 9, concert program; the Formica concert orchestra; Richard Whlteacre, soloist. WMAQ. Chicago, III. (447.5), 6 p. m., Chicago theater organ; 6:30, Hotel LaSalle orchestra; 8, Harry Hansen, literary editor; 8:20. musical reflections, Sidney Silber; 8:10, "Canadian Trail Riders," Capt Kilroy Harris; 8:50, lecture. University of Chicago; 9:15, Anna Weska, pianist; Mme. Nonn \ soprarjo. WMBB, Chicago. III. (250), 7-8:30 p. m., semi-classical program, J. Bodcwalt Lampc director; Beatrice Teller and Trianon ensemble; Ambrose Wyrick; Rita McFawn; Hazel O'Neill; John S. Everett; Armln F. Hand and Woodlawn theater orchestra; 8:30-10:30, Dell Lampe and Trianon orchsetra ; Johnnie Keane, Bob Duffy, Geraldlne Doyle, Charles Agne and Trianon orchestra, Fisher and Smith, Florence Tenny, Little Orphan Annie presentation, Phyllis Harris, Annie, Emily Schneider, Tony the Janitor's Boy, Clyde Hager, Cop, Irish Woman, Pedro, the Organ Grinder. WMBF, Miami Beach, Fla. (384.4), 6:30-7 p. m„ Fleetwood Radio orchestra; 7-7:30 dance music, Fleetwood Radio orchestra; 10-12, Fleetwood Radio orchestra, WORD, Batavia, III. (275), 8:30 p. m., musicale, Edna Winiferd Cookingham, director; 9:30, world news digest G. L. Pyle. WQJ, Chicago. III. (447.5), 7-8 p. m., Ralph Williams and his Rainbo Gardens orchestra; Tula Miller, Soprano; Margaret Walbank, contralto; Sheppard Levine, tenor; Helen Reed, accompanist; Marie Lenters, reader; 10-1, a. m., Ralph Williams and Rainbo Gardens Skylarks; Ned and Ches; Tommy Jancosek, harmonica player; Mack Sisters; Will Rossiter; 1-2, Ginger hour, Ralph Williams. WSAI, Cincinnati, Ohio (326), 6:45 p. m.. Chimes; 7, Hotel SInton instrumental trio; 8, Eveready hour of music; 9, WSAI, studio. Randolph Wadsworth, baritone; Stella Kent, soprano; Margie Bland, accompanist. WTAM, Cleveland, Ohio (389.4), 6-7 p. m.. Hotel Sutler, concert orchestra. WTAS, Elgin, III. (302.8), 8-10:30 p. m.. Joe Rudolph and the Boss's Own orchestra; Frank Morris, Polly Willis, John Poat, Eddie and Fannie Cavanaugh. WTIC, Hartford, Conn. (348.6), 6:50 p. m.. baseball; 7, organ recital, Austin Organ company; 7:40, Hartford Symphony Mandolin orchestra; 8:30 songs in English and Swedish, Edna Hansen, soprano; 9, Bill Tasillow's orchestra. WWJ, Detroit, Mich. (352.7), 3:55 p. m., baseball scores; 6, dinner concert; 7, WEAF concert. Central Standard Time Stations CKY, Winnipeg, Can. (384.4), 8:30 p. m., lecture; 8:45, concert, Winnipeg Piano company. John Finnegan, tenor, sing's Irish folk song's in a way that makes an Irishman Ion? for his native land and those who are not Irish wish they were. He may be heard every week at WMCA. Photo, George Maillard Kesslers. KFDM, Beaumont, Texas (315.6). 7-7:30 p. m., children's program; 8-10:30, musicale. KLDS, Independence, Mo. (268), 8 p. m.. Auditorium orchestra; address, William T. Southern. KSD, St. Louis, Mo. (545.1), 6:30 p. m., Abergh's concert ensemble; Arne Arnesen, violinist. KTHS, Hot Springs National Park, Ark. (374.8), 9:10 p. m., Ray Mullins Whittington Park orchestra. WBAP, Fort Worth. Texas (475.9), 7:30-8:30 p. m., Mrs. Mary Eubank Miller, pianist; 9:30-10:45, musical program. WCCO, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. (416.4). 6 p. m., baseball; 6:05, dinner concert. Biley's St. Paul hotel orchestra; 7, program from WEAF; 8, Silver Lake concert band; 9, baseball. WDAF, Kansas City, Mo. (365.6). 6-7 p. m., Tell-Mea-Story Lady; Maudellen Littlefleld, pianist; Plantation players; 11:45-1. Newman Nighthawk night. WFAA, Dallas, Texas (475.9), 6:30-7:30 p. m., Hauulea School of Hawaiian music; 8:30-9:30, Jack A. Davis; 11-12, Dwight Brown, organist. WHAD, Milwaukee, Wis. (275), 6-7 p. m., organ music. WHAS. Louisville, Ky. (399.8), 7:30-8:30 p. in., Car! Zoeller's Melodists; 8:30-9:30 concert, auspices Ben Snyder. WHO, Des Moines, Iowa (526), 7:30-9 p. m., musical program. WMC, Memphis, Tenn. (499.7), 8:30, p. m., George Luttrell; 11, Harry O. Nichols, organist. WOAN, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. (282.8), 12:15-12:45 p. m., Vaughan Radio orchestra; 9-10, Vaughan Radio orchestra; male quartet; Vaughan Recording male quartet. WOAW, Omaha, Nebr. (526), 6 p. m., "Advice to Lovelorn," Cynthia Grey; 6:20, baseball; 6:25, May Seed and Nursery company; 9, program, auspices HannanVan Brunt company. WOC. Davenport, Iowa (483.6), 8-8:15 p. m., "Safety — from a Locomotive Engineer's Viewpoint," G. A. Wheeler; 8:15-9:15, musical program; Crescent orchestra. WSB, Atlanta, Ga. (428.3), 8-9 p. m., program; 10:45, Vick Myers Melody artists. WSMB, New Orleans, La. (319), 6:30-7:30 p. m„ dinner music, baseball. Mountain Standard Time Stations CNRR, Regina, Can. (356), 8 p. m., bedtime travel tale; Pat's Novelty orchestra. Pacific Standard Time Stations KFI, Los Angeles, Calif. (467), 5:30-6 p. m., Examiner's matinee musicale; 6, McDaniel's nightly doings; 6:45, radiotorial talk; 7, Aeolian residence pipe organ recital, Dan McFarland, organist; 8-9, Examiner: program. Police Department, City of Los Angeles; 9-10, Indian song hour; 10-11, Packard ballad hour, Ashley sisters Bud Jamieson, filmland entertainer, Billy and Polly Hall, Marion Boogar and others. KFOA, Seattle, Wash. (454.3). 6:45-8:15 p. m., studio program: 8:30-10, Times program; 10-11, Eddie Harkness and his orchestra. KFWB, Hollywood, Calif. (252), 7:45-9 p. m., program. Western's Super-service garage, Harry Jackson's instrumental trio: Charles Beauchamp, tenor; Frank Braidwood, cowboy baritone; 9-10, program. Union Oil company of California, Union Oil orchestra, Russian Gypsy trio, Frank Braidwood, baritone. Miller's International Hawaiian trio: 10-11, Warner Bros, frolic, direction Charlie Wellman. KGO, Oakland, Calif. (361.2), 6-7 p. m., dinner concert, Sherman, Clay & company: 8, mixed quartet; Claire Harsha Upshur, soprano; Edna Fischer Hall, contralto; George R. Hunter, tenor: Morton H. Gleason, bass: Claire McClure. accompanist; instrumental trio; Robert Rourke, violinist; Flori Gough. cellist; Ebert Cowan, harmonium soloist; William W. Carruth, pianist; Allan Wilson, tenor; 10-1, Henry Halstead's orchestra. KGW, Portland, Ore. (491.5), 9-10 p. m., Woolach and Powell company; 10-12, Herman Kenin's Multnomah hotel dance orchestra. KHJ, Los Angeles, Calif. (405.2), 5:30-6 p. m.. Leighton's cafeteria orchestra, Jack Cronshaw, leader: 66:30. Art Hickman's Biltmore hotel concert orchestra, Edward Fitzpatrick, director; 6:30-7:30, little stories American history. Prof. Walter Sylvester Herttog, weekly visit of Queen Titania and Sandman from Fairyland, Louis F. Klein, auto-harp and harmonica, Chas. Leslie Hill, readings. Uncle John; 7:30, Tiggly Wiggly girls string trio; 8-10, program, Los Angeles Income Propeties company, arranged by ,T. Howard Johnson ; 10-11, Art Hickman's Biltmore hotel dance orchestra. Earl Burtnett, leader. KNX, Hollywood, Calif. (336.9), 5:30-6:15 p. m.. Wurlltzer pipe organ studio, Sid Ziff's sports talk, 6:15, travel talk, W. F. Alder; 6:30-7:30. Don Clark and (Continued on page 11)