Radio Digest (Apr 1925-Jan 1926)

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June 13, 1925 RADIO DIGES T— Illustrated 11 CARL ZOELLER'S MELODISTS AT WHAS Tuesday, June 16 (Continued from page 10) his La Monica ballroom symphonic dance orchestra; 7:30, Btyle talk, Slyer Siegel, Jr.; 7:45, health talk. Dr. Root. T. Williams; 8-9, program. First NationalPacific Southwest Trust and Savings bank; 9-10, program. Independent Furniture Manufacturing company; 10-12, movie night at the Ambassador, Abe Lyman's Cocoanut Grove dance orchestra. KPO, San Francisco, Calif. (428.3), 6:15-6:30 p. m., baseball; 6:30-6:40, Ye Towne Cryef; 6:40-7, States Restaurant orchestra; 7-7:30, Rudy Seiger's Fairmont hotel orchestra; 8-10, municipal night on KPO; loll, Johnny Buick's Cabirians. Wednesday, June 17 Wednesday, silent night for: AT9, CFAC, CFCA, CHIC, CHNC, CKAC, CKY, CNRT, KFDM, KFKX, KFMQ, KGG, KLDS. KOB, WBAV, WBBR, WCAL, WCBD, WDWF, WEBJ, WEBW. WFAA, WFI, VVGBS, WGY, WHAR, WHAZ, WJY, WMC, VVOAVV. WOI, WORD, WPG, WRBC, WRC, WREO, WSUI, WTIC. Atlantic or Eastern Daylight Saving Time Stations CNRO, Ottawa, Canada (435), 8 p. m.. Chateau Laurier orchestra; 9, "The Patrician Peony," Fred H. Byshe, Salvation Army Citadel band; Gertrude Phillips, contralto: male choir; instrumental quartet; Chateau Laurier dance orchsetra. WAHG, Richmond Hill, N. Y. (315.6), 7:30 p. m., sport talk, Thornton Fisher; 8, Joe Zimmerman, pianist; 8:15, J. J. Kimmel trio; 8:43, Charles Weber, tenor; 9, J. J. Kimrael trio; 9:30, Charles Weber, chestra; 8, "Topics of the Day," Spencer Armstrong; 10:15, Jascha Gurewich saxophone ensemble; 11:15, Ciro's orchestra. Eastern Standard or Central Daylight Saving Time Stations KDKA, Pittsburgh, Pa. (309.1), 2:30-7 p. m., baseball; 8:43, Dry Slitz Hour of Music. PWX, Havana, Cuba (400), 8:30 p. m.. Cuban navy band. WBBM, Chicago, III. (226), 8-10 p. m., Harold Winston tenor; Charlie Garland, pianist; Sylvia Galnlc, soprano; Dave Nudelman; instrumental specialties; Crillon orchestra. WBCN, Chicago. III. (266), 7-8 p. m., classical concert; Pearl Fairchild, pianist; artists; 8-9, popular program; Axel Christensen, pianologist; quartet; Midway Dancing Gardens orchestra; 9-10, popular program; Arends Sisters, violinist, pianist; Isabel Hogenhuis, Eanist; Brooks Colby, violinist; 10, Cornhuskers orchestra; 10:10, Handel's "Messiah," Apollo club; 11, Williamson Brothers; Phil string quartet; 11:20-11:30, Cornhuskers orchestra. WLW, Cincinnati, O. (422.3), 4 p. m.. Shut In program; 7, dinner hour concert. Hotel Gibson orchestra, Robert Visconti, director; 8, "Farm Land Values," J. R. Sedgwick: 10. program, ensemble and solos. Instrumental trio; The Cino male quartet; 11, organ concert, Johanna Grosse; other features. WMAQ, Chicago, III. (447.5), 6 p. m., Chicago theater organ recital; 6:30, stories, Georgene Faulkner; 8, lecture. Northwestern university; 8:25, piano concerto; 8:4"), WMAQ players. WMBB, Chicago. III. (250), 7-8:30 p. m.. operatic program, J. Bodewalt Lampe, director; Beatrice Teller and Trianon ensemble; Ambrose Wyrick, Rita McFawn, Hazel O'NctI, Rebecca Agulnick. Marie Caruso, Armin F. Hand and Woodlawn theater orchestra; 8:3010:30, Dell Lampe and Trianon orchestra; Cecil Ward, WHAD, Milwaukee. Wis. (275), 6-7 p. m.. Wisconsin theater organs; 8-10, dance music, Wisconsin Roof; 11:30, popular program. WHAS. Louisville, Ky. (399.8), 7:30-9 p. m.. Keith Kannard and his Kentucky Ramblers; baseball. WHO, Des Moines, la. (526), 6:30-7:30 p. m.. ReeseHughes orchestra; 7:30-9, Arthur Cohen, violinist; Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Hurd, Hawaiian guitarists; Alice Coons Cameron, soprano; Helen G. Ross, soprano; 9-9:45, Des Moines theater symphonic orchestra; 9:45-11, dance program. WOAN, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. (282.8). 12:15-12:45 p. m.. Vaughan Radio orchestra; 9-10. Vaughan Radio orchestra; male quartet. WOC, Davenport, la. (483.6), 4-4:45 p. m., Louis Crowder. pianist; Edward Crowder. ukulele: Ann Bradfleld, reader; 9-10, musical program; S. J. Burich. organist; Mrs. Harry Tedder, soprano. WOS, Jefferson City. Mo. (440.9). S p. m.. "Southeast Missouri, the Second Valley of the Nile." H. O. Harrawood; Flower City quartet. WSB, Atlanta, Ga. (428.3), 10:45 p. m., Bohemians' orchestra. WSMB, New Orleans. La. (319). 6:30-7:30 p. m.. dinner music, baseball; 8:30-10:30, entertainment. Mountain Standard Time Stations KOA, Denver. Colo. (322.4). 8 p. m.. Fred Schmitt and his IUalto theater orchestra; 8:10, "Trouble Brewing." KOA players; KOA orchestra; 10-12, Dave Ginsburg and his Argonaut orchestra. Pacific Standard Time Stations KFAE, Pullman, Wash. (348.6), 7:30-9 p. m., Dorothy Hutchison, soprano; John Nasmyth, harmonica soloist: Cooper Sisters; Clelah Cooper, reader; Mrs. Carl Brewster, pianist: "The Field .Mouse iu Its Relation to Human Beings." William Morris; "What Dn Roses Do!" Dr. F. D. Heald; book chat. AJJce Lindsay Webb. KFI. Los Angeles. Calif. (467), 5:30 p. m.. Examiner's matinee half hour; 6-6:15, McDanlels' nightlv doings; 6:|5-7, radlotorial talk; 7. Nick Harris detective slow; 7:30. dance orchestra; 8, program, Ventura Refining Company; 9-10, Examiner, program by the Examiner Radio girls; 10-11. Patrick-Marsh dance orchestra, Betty Patrick, blues singer. Beatrice Teller, violinist, and the Trianon ensemble always take part In the regular semi-classical programs at WMBB, Chicago. These programs have received, much favorable comment. tenor; 9:45, Glen C. Smith's Paramount orchestra; 11:15, Glen C. Smith's orchestra. WCAE. Pittsburgh. Pa. (461.3), 6:30 p. m., dinner concert, William Pcnn hotel; 7:30, Sunshine Girl; 8:30, concert; 9, concert. WCAU. Philadelphia. Pa. (247). 6 p. m.. Hotel Pennsylvania interfratemlty orchestra; 0:30, Charles Venn's danco orchestra; 8:45, N. B. T. Boys' concert. WEAF, New York. N. Y. (492), 6 p. m.. dinner music. Rose Room, Hotel Waldorf AHtorla; 7, Synagoguo services; 7:30, TJ. S. Army band; 9, "Ipana Troubadours"; 10, Royal Little Symphony; 11-12, Ben Bernle'l Hotel Roosevelt orchestra. WEBJ. New York, N. Y. (233). 7-9 p. m., to be annouri" 1 WEEI. Boston. Mass. (475.9). 6:30 p. m.. Big Brother club: 7:15, muslcale; 8. Traveler shoe conrcrt : 11:80, Mnn'ey Cohan's half hour minlrale; 9, Ipnna Tooth Paste oorjcsrti 10, organ recital. Boston Chamber of I'lCTCC. WFI. Philadelphia, Pa. (394.5), 6:80 p. m.. Bollevuo Rlratfot : 7, bedtime stories. WGBS. New York, N. Y. (315.6), 6 p. m.. Elite danco itstrs, WGR. Buffalo. N. Y. (319). 1:80-4:80 P. m.. WGR's afternoon Pi ' '"■ nti il program by Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Curtis and associates: 10-11, muslral N I United Order of Splendor and 111 a. m , luppl i tier dance orchestra, Harold Gtcaer, dire WHN. New York. N. Y. (361.2). 7. Harry Rlchmnn ni hi I'h talk. Dr. 1. .in. II i; 8, program, Union of Orl of America; !'. Coi land dance 01 10:30, Palltadee .11 :". Silver Slipper revue and orchestra; ■'<trn. WIP, Philadelphia. Pa. (508.2). 3 p. m.. Comfort's phllhiirmnnle orcheatra: 0:05, Benjamin Fran: cert orchestra: '. Linda Wlp'i bedtime stnrics. WJAR. Providence, R. I. (305.9). 7:30 p. m.. program from New Y"rk. WJZ. New York. N. Y. (455). 9.30 p. m. . Robert Armiini iter, pianist; 10, Maurice Meal and his trio; ~ ", 'i WKAQ. San Juan, P. P.. (340.7), 8-10 p. m.. municipal u WLIT, Philadelphia, Pa. (394.5), 4:30. "Caro of (Ml dren," Mr li I, ■..'■: T ■". DnftlB I'. 'fly's bed time gotrli irr, eoocnlto; Eleanor Wynkoop, soprano; Edward " llaway, tenor: Bonald MUea, baritone; sport* talk; 0:80, llalns »angellstic Party; 10, Arcadia cute dance orchestra. WMCA. Now York. N. Y. (340.7). 6 30-7:30 p. m., Ernie Golden and hi Hotel UcAlpln orcheatn. WNYC. New York. N. Y. (526). 7 p. m.. song re rllals; 7:15. baseball n ITiaress of New York city," Mayor John r ilvian; 8:1"., choral program: 8:48, Five IfeaanaT Brothers. WOO. Philadelphia. Pa. (508.2). 1:48 p. m . "rein re dial, Mary E. Vogt; 7:30. A. Cli.indeh.rrs concert orchestra; B, concert from WEAF; 10:03, "rqan re cllal, Mary E. Vogt; 10:30, Vincent Riant'* danre orchestra. WOR, Newark. N. J. (405.2). 6:15 p. m.. Tlvoll theater orchestra; 7:13, sport talk; 7:30, Vincent Lopea or Mary Oroom Richards, contralto, may be heard Thursday, June 18, at KQO, Oakland. Miss Blchards is well known on the Pacific coast and her appearances are always popular with western fans. George Forsylho. Morey Alswans. Glllia and Owen, Anna Fleming Kenney, I.indu-y McPhall, Clyde Basel WMBF. Miami Beach. Fla. (384.4). 6:30-7 p. m.. FleotBfood Radio orchestra; 7-7:30, danco music, Fleetwood Radio orcheitra; 10-12, Fleetwood Radio orchestra. spccl.ihl WORD. Balavla. III. (275). 8:80 p. m.. hymns and ni 'nil' ; addre i, W, n W Iley WOJ. Chicago. III. (447.5). 7-8 p. in.. Ralph Williams and lil^ Ralnbo Ourden* nrebestra; Bel ' nprano; F.slher Block, plmil t; Kane MrDulTre, whistler; Everell <i Mitchell, baritone; m i, Balph Williams and mi Batata Garden Skylarks; Bert Davis, Clown nf the Air; Mclmllain; Fred A. Jarobson; Zrlaler Misters; lllekey and Johnson; Brundago and Kraemer; 1-2. Ginger hour. WSAI. Cincinnati. O. (326). in . art talk; lo 10. I ird string *iuartel ; l faculty, fjnlrerelty of Cincinnati; i" ' 1. 1 string quartet; Mm Kmma llurkhardl i'. inline Btcmlcr, eccompanlat; II. Mrs. Frank Poloi . opt WTAM. Cleveland. Ohio (389.4). 0-7 p. m . Inn ludlo, I'lill Spltnlnv's orchestra; 8-10, studio program; in ii. il., ii. >,,. 1. 1 hour, C "i Hupp hi il":. i Hoi. 11-13, Eui lid i.e.tra. WTA8. Elgin. III. (302.6). H 10:30 n ra ., Jne Rudolph and Die Hi\*t* Own .,t, lir-ir.i ; Funk Mnrrls, Polly Willis, John IV.. 1. Eddie I'.nmiaiigh. WTIC. Hartlord. Conn. (11; i.i . baseball. WW). Oetmll. Mich. (883 m.. baseball score,; 8, dinner rnnrrrt ; H. Drlr.dl News Oft Anne C whistler; Johnny Special, harmonic soloist; 10-11, Honolulu sorcnaders, string orchestra; Ruth Cross, dramatic reader: Ruth Klni:, soprano; artists. WBZ. Springfield. Ma»». (333.3). 0 p. m. Hotel Kimball trio; 0:30, baseball; ' H lo nature story, Thornton W. Burgess; x. Albert! Id Kelleher, violinist: 8:15, Anne Wollner, lOpranoj 8:30, OOncert, Mrs. E. II. Heywood. director; ''. to tie announced: (I 10, "It. en n'lnnal Attraetlnns of New England,' Denny II. Qoa ' eball. WCEE. Elgin, III. (275). 10:30-12 midnight. Toe Ituin. I the Boss's Own orchestra: Frank Mnrrl i. I'll Willis. John Poet, Kddle (Tavanaugh. WCX. Detroit. Mleh. (510.9). 1:15 p, m . inii'lcal progr,im: 8, liimir .nn.crl, Book-Cadillac hotel; 8:30, d urogram, WEAO. Columbus. Ohio (293.9). 7:30 p in. bedtime stories, .in rine Carter; «. "Trend nf Ihi rTool Market." i i VTdker; Cnllllcothe Ladles' quarett« WEAR, Cleveland, O. (3B0.1). 7 s p, m . dinner eon cert. Hotel Cloveland orchestra; Ivan Franel il. dl reetor. WEBH. Chicago. III. (370.2). 7::o NO. (Irl eert nrrhc-itra: "Hooks of the Day." Lewellyn Jnncs ; inn leal bin. Itlilcra theater. ..rrhestra ; *m ' Holier II n 1 11 m . OrlOla daiire or chesli I I ""11^. ; Dan Rtllao and Ted rlotilo, pale to and rlolll Robert York. WOES. Oak Park. III. (250). 8-8:80 p. m. Margsret itnk (irlef. lennr; Arlnw Thorpe, i-i mi t; 0 ;u ;. Cornelia D MullClani; Insln I'leeky, lenor; Ralph Olson, pianist; l'« . I seren aders. WGN. Chltago, III. (170.2). 0:30-7:30 p m. Drako concert Blackitone strinc qulnl 90 1 1 :io, Drake iimei Temee fjarden program. WOY. Sehenrcbldy. N. Y. (379.5). '. 18 p. m . Albsnj Sir nit '. i:i , JullUl I'.i.sli'on. ' ■» Book WHT. Chicago. III. (399.0). 7-8:30 p ni . Oaeal Heather, '; Herman Mine, barllone: (138), 9 15-10 05, Elmer Kaiser's Rlvervlers park Itallroom nrelie.tra: Al I 11:30 a in . Ilrnek Sl«ter«; I.vdla Irfwiifraltn; rhurrh. Weaver, Gualann, banjo trln. ai Carney, ..rcanlst WKRC. Clnrlnnati. Ohle (422.3). fl P m. vtreklv hook review, reading rour.e. AUcc B I ■ : 8:16, Leila l,eM,rr. special (caturcs; 0:15, Bob Groenke, Jim Mlachler. WLS. Chirago. Ill (344.6). 0:30 p. m. Rah , 7:15, Cornhuakere; 7 15, lullaby time. le George; 8:13. WX3 Lone Scout program; HI'.. Anthony Wont; 0, Haaoh Emer.oo, or Carl Zoeller is the director of Carl Zoeller's Melodists, a famous Kentucky syncopating orchestra. This orchestra has been heard from WHAS, Louisville, fifty times, and may be heard again Tuesday, June 16. KFOA, Seattle. Wash. (454.3). 6:15-8:15 p. m.. Hopper Kellv company program; 8:80-10, Times music. KFWB. Hollywood. Calif. (252), 7-8 p. m.. program. lteverlyrldt:e company, Beverlyrldge Collegiu program. Arrowbead Springs coniininy. Harry I string quartet; Co-Roso male quartet. Shimmy Shlmer's banjo trio; 9-10, prngram. Big Hear l^ind and Water company; 10-11. Warner Brothers frolic, direction Charlie Wdlman. KGO. Oakland. Calif. (3GI.2). 6-7 p. nl., Ben Black's urrlieslra. KGW. Portland. Ore. (491.5), 0-7 p. m.. JarMo s„u urcheitra; s 10, Woitorn Auto Bupply oonpanrj loll, Sherman, Clay and comiiany studio. KHJ. Los Angeles. Calif. (405.2). 5:80-5 p. m. l.elth ton's Arcade . afett rla oreheatra, J 8-8:80, .Art Hickman's. Blllmorc hotel concert oi rhestra. Edward Plupatrlck, 80-7:80, little tmerlean hlitory, Prof, Waltei Bylreater Hen wig. Dirk WlnilOW, juvenile repnrter. Unity Muriel eta. Uncle John ; S. Dr Mars llnmgnrdl. srleiilllle lectin. program, Oiugi il I Mu Ii i i paru ; D n in . \hi Radio company; 10:30-11:80, Art mu man's lllllmnre lintel dance nrebestra. Earl I i leader. KNX. Hollywood. Calif. (330.9), 1:80-8:18 P. m. Wur Ht.-er in. ". . m tudlo, sid '/iff', ipori travel talk. W, V Alder, ii Insect life, Harrv V¥ Bpadden; I I, Ami rhestrn. Joi 1 1 Roionfeld, dlrcs 'n : Security Trusl and Raring flank: 0 I". KMX feature program; I" il. progi im. Hen ule nil i KPO. 8an Francisco. Calif. (428.3). 0:15-8:80 P m., ha«ei)4ii ' ' K. i mi ,.,! orcheitra; , B I 'i ' "..; fl-9, program. Mabel i ■ I 10, Ooodrlcn sih.r lovrn Cord orcheitra; 10-1, Johnny llulrk'i 'al.irlonj. Central Standard Time Stationa KFNF Shenaodonh. Iowa (200). 7 30 p, m.. Ii '-';,'... rll KSD. 81. Louis. Mo. i i it 0 p. m., Lyric I KTH8. Hot Springs National Park, Ark. (374.5), tl In l> 111, DrOgl New Arllniilnn lintel an* WBAI". Fort Worth T«xa» (475.9), 7 30-«:30 p. m., mil 1:48, I l ' ii n's Teias hotel ira. WCCO. Minneapolis. SI. Paul. Minn. (410.4). n p m . baseball: 7. midweek rhuirli sertlre. First Itaptht rhnrrti. Dirk Ixma's Nankin rafe orchestra; il 30, Eddie Dnnetedtor, nr ganlfL WDAF. Knasas City. Ma. (303. 0). 0-7 p. m. addre... ppeaktr, Meat Coundl of tjrealer Kansas City: rlsnla playere; t 1". siar'a Radio orchestra; n tvi a. m . Merry Old Chler; I rg's t'lanlsllnn . Charlea Dornberger's Kansas City Alhleiir rluh nr : WHA. Madison, Wis. (535.4). 8 p. m.. alumni addre,.. William Metier nf , John A. Jan.i I. C. Oundersoo, violinist: Mrs. J W. Snell. violinist. Thursday, June 18 Thursday silent night (or: CHIC. CHYC. CNRT, KFAB. KFAE. KFDM. KFMX, KFOA. KOA. KOB. K80. PWX, WAHO, WBAV. WCEE. WEAO. WEBJ, WEBW. WHA. WHAO. WHAZ. WJJO, WKHC. WOS, WRBC. W9AC. WSUI. WTAM. Atlantic or Eaatcrn Daylight S.-s vimTime Stationa CHNC. Toronto, Can. (330). 9 p. ra and lil Bon I'" 'i It. r. Bill i ; Eddie CNRM. Montreal. Canada (411), 9 p While rtlar-Domlnl'n Una; Vloll Bonoft, S'liirann. WBBR, New York. N. Y. (272.0), 8 p. riulnlel; Fit i Albert Kooi, | lo; k:30. s la M Van Mi ma; «:10. Buth de liner, contralto; ". IJawallan rjulnlct. (Continued on page 12)