Radio Digest (Apr 1925-Jan 1926)

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12 The National Broadcast Authority WALKER-GREB FIGHT FROM WGBS; Index to Popular Concerts TABULATED below is a time table of the stations giving popular concerts this week. Stations are divided into the four different standard times in use. The hours are given in the kind of time in use at each listed station. By using this table as an index and referring to the complete programs below, full information will be obtained. Popular Atlantic or Eastern Daylight Saving Time Stations Saturday, June 13: 6:0.-,. WTP; 7, WNYC; 7:35, WNYC; S:13, WEAF. WNYC; S:55, WEAF; 10:30, WEAF; 12, WJICA. Sunday, June 14: 7:20. WEAF, WEEI; 7:30, WJAR; 8, WEAF; 10, WHN. Monday, June 15: 7:45. WAHG; 8, WRG; S:30. WOR; 9, WEAF, WEEI, WJAR; 9:30, WHN; 10, WLIT, AVMCA: 10:43, WOR. Tuesday, June 16: 7:30, WHAR; 8:30,:-, WCAE. WEAF, WEEI, WFI; lfrj WGBS; 12, WHX. Wednesday, June 17: 8:15, WHN; 10. WGR. WJZ: 10:15, WGR. Thursday, June 18: 7:30, WEAF, WGBS; S, WGR, WHN; 9, CHNC, WEAF. WGBS; 10, WHN; 12, WHN. Friday, June 19: 7, WGR, WHN; 8, WEAF; S:30, 'WEAF; 9:30, WHN; 10. WLIT; 10:10, WHN; 11:30, WHN; 12, WHN. Eastern Standard or Central Daylight Saving Time Stations Saturday, June 13: 6, WIBO; 7, WEAR: 8, WBBM, WBCN, WLS, WMAQ; 8:30, WMBB, WTAS; 9, WBBM, WBCN, "WLS, WTAM; 9:30, WEBH, WGN, WMBB, WHT; 10, WBBM, WBCN, WKRC, WLS, WQJ, WTAM; 10:30, WEBH, WGES, WJJD; 11, WBBM, WHT, WKRC, WLS, WQJ, WTAM; 11:30, WEBH, "WGES; 12, "WHT, WLS, WQJ, WSAI; 12:30, WEBH, WGES; 1, WQJ; 2, WQJ; 2:40, "WSAI. Sunday, June 14: 6:20, WWJ; 8, WBBM. WBCN, WTAS; 8:30, WTAS; 9, WBBM. WBCN; 9:30, "WTAS; 10, WBCX. WIBO; 10:30, "WJJD, WTAS; 11. WGES, WIBO; 11:30, "WTAS; 12, WBBM. Monday, June 15: 8, WTAS; 9, "WTAS; 10, WKRC, "WTAS; 10:30, WCEE, WJJD; 11, "WKRC, "WSAI; 11:30, WCEE; 12, WKRC. Tuesday, June 16: 7, "WSAI; 8, WBBM, WBCX, WBZ, WTAS; 8:30, WMBB; 9, "WBBM, "WTAS; 9:30, WEBH, WMBB; 10, WBBM, WBCN, WGES, WKRC, "WLS, "WQJ, WTAS; 10:20, WLS; 10:30, WCEE, WEBH, WGES, WGN; 11, WBBM, WBCN, WGES, WKRC, "WQJ; 11:10, WLS; 11:30, WCEE, WEBH; 12, WBCN, "WIBO, WLS, WQJ; 12:30, WEBH, WGES; 1, WIBO, WQJ. Wednesday, June 17: 8, WBBM, WBCX, "WTAS; 8:15, WKRC; 8:30, WEBH, WMBB; 8:45, WKRC; 9, WBBM, WBCX, WTAS; 9:15, WKRC; 9:30, WEBH, "WMBB; 10, WBCX, WIBO, WTAS; 10:10, "WSAI; 10:30, WEBH, WGES, WGN, "WJJD; 11, WIBO, WLS. "WQJ; 11:30, WEBH; 12, WGES; 12:30, WEBH, WQJ; 1, WQJ. Thursday, June 18: 6:30, WSAI; S, WBBM, WBCN. WTAS; S:30, WEBH, WMBB; 9, WBBM, WTAS; 9:30, WEBH, WMBB; 10, WBBM, WTAS, WQJ; 10:30. WEBH, WGES, WGN; 11. WBBM, WQJ; 11:30, WGES; 12, WEBH, WIBO, WQJ; 12:30, WGES, WIBO; 1, WQJ, WIBO; 2, WIBO. Friday, June 19: S, WBBM, WBCN, WLS, WTAS; 8:30, "WEBH, WMBB; 9, WBBM, "WTAS; 9:30, WMBB; 10, WBCN, WEBH, WIBO, WLS, WQJ, WTAS; 10:30, WCEE, WGN; 11, WBCN, WEBH, WGES, WQJ; 11:15, WLS; 11:30, WCEE, WGES; 12, WEBH, WIBO, WQJ; 12:30, WGES; 1, WIBO, WQJ. Central Standard Time Stations Saturday, June 13: 6:30, WFAA; S, WSB; 8:30, WSMB; 9:30, WSMB; 10, KFVE; 10:45, WSB; 11, KFAB; 11:45, WDAF. Sunday, June 14: 10, KTHS; 10:30, WFAA; 11, WBAP. Monday, June 15: 6:30, WO AW, 6:45, WCCO; 7:30, WBAP, WHO; 8, WHAD; 8:30, WMC, WSMB; 9, KSD; 9:30, WBAP; 10, WOI; 10:45, WSB; 11:45, WDAF. Tuesday, June 16: 8, WSB; 9, WO AW; 10:45, WSB; 11, KFAB; 11:45, WDAF. Wednesday, June 17: 7:30, KFAB, WHO; 8:30, KFAB, WSMB; 11:45, WDAF. Thursday, June 18: 6:30, "WFAA; 7, WO AW; 8, WSB; 11, WFAA; 11:45, WDAF. Friday, June 19: 6:30, WFAA; 7:30, KFAB, KFNF; 8, WDAF, WSB; 8:30, WFAA; 11, WMC; 11:45, WDAF. Mountain Standard Time Stations Monday, June 15: 8, KOA. Wednesday, June 17: 8, KOA. Friday, June 19: 8, KOA. Pacific Standard Time Stations Saturday, June 13: 8, KFWB, KNX; 9, KFWB, KNX; 10, KFI, KFWB; 11, KFI, KNX; 11:30, KHJ; 12, KFI, KNX; 12:30, KHJ; 1, KFI, KNX; 2, KFI. Sunday, June 14: 8, KHJ; 9, KFWB, 10, KFWB. Monday, June 15: 8, KFWB, KNX; 9. KNX; 10, KFI, KFWB, KNX. Tuesday, June 16: 8, KFI, KHJ, KNX; 9, KFI, KFWB, KHJ, KNX, KPO; 10, KFWB, KNX; 11, KGW, KNX. Wednesday, June 17: 7:30, KFI; 8, KFWB, KGW; 9, KFI, KFWB; 10, KFWB, KGW, KNX; 11, KNX. Thursday, June 18: 8, KHJ, KNX; 9. KFWB, KHJ; 10, KFI, KFWB. KHJ; 11, KNX. Friday, June 19: 8, KFWB; 9, KFI, KFWB, KHJ; 10, KFWB, KNX; 10:30, KGW; 11:30, KGW. Thursday, June 18 (Continued from page 11) WCAE. Pittsburgh, Pa. (461.3), 6:30 p. m.. dinner concert. William Perm hotel; 7:30, Uncle Kaybee; 8, recital; 9, Atwater Kent Radio artists from WEAF; .Irk-h Sllvertoun Cord orchestra WCAU. Philadelphia, Pa. (247). 6 p. m„ Hotel Pennsylvania lnterfraternity orchestra; 7:30, N. Sncllenburg ic Co. jymphooy orchestra; 8, talk, Clara Zlllessen; 8.30. recital; 9:10, Sunday school lessons: 10:45, Jack Myers' Musical Architects' dance orchestra. WDWF, Providence, R. I. (440.9), 6:30-8 p. m., Narett hotel orchestra. WEAF. New York, N. Y. (492). 4 p. m.. Blanche Yurka. soprano: 4:lo, bookman review, Amv Flashner; 4:30, Lulu Rogers, pianist; 4:45, current events. Dr. William Tarter; 6. dinner music. Rose Room, Hotel Waldorfla: 7, Greater New York Federation of churches; ~:m. Cushroan's serenade!*; 8, Neapolitan ensemble; 8:30, "Touring In a Packard Eight," George Elliott : 9, Atwater Kent Radio artists; 10. Sllvertown Cord orchestra; 11-12, Vincent Lopez Hotel Pennsylvania orchestra. WEBJ, New York, N. Y. (233), 7 p. m . dance music; 7:45, Rudolph TotkowltZ, violinist; Norman Hennefeld. planl.t; 8:13, KatfTryn Connolly, soprano; M. Well, planlste; Lillian Murlang Kohlei WEEI. Boston, Mass. (475.9), 6:15 p. m., French poetry, Ernest Perrin; 0:30, Big lirother club; 7:4.",, Stanley Greenlaw, musical «aw soloist ; 8, Boston Mechanics building concert; 8:30. muiicale. New York; 9, Atwatcr-Kcnt Radio artists; 10, Goodrich Sllvertown orchestra. WFI. Philadelphia. Pa. (394.5). 3 p. m., Loretta Kerk, Pianist; farm talk, W. H Roberts; 6:30. Bellevue Htratford concert orchestra; 7. bedtime stories; 8, con rom WEAF; '.). Atwater Kent Radio artists; 10, Goodrich Hilvertown Cord orche WGB8. New York, N. Y. (315.6). 6 p. m.. Uncle Gee Bee; 6:15, Perl house orchestra; 7:30, California Ramblers: 9, Hilda Ramon, mezzo-soprano. WGR. Buffalo. N. Y. (319). 2:80-4:30 p. m., WGR's A. .1 l.ri man, director; 0:30-7:30, two-pieee piano recital. Go pel Melodists; 8-11, jointly with WEAF, Including Neapolitan ensemble, Atwater Kent and Sllveriown Cord orchestra. WHN. New York, K. Y (361.2), 6:30 p. m.. Olcott "Vall'i string trio; 7, Silver Slipper revue; 7:30, health tall:. I)r. Landis; 8. will Oakland's Chatheau Hhanley; 9:30, Palisades Amusement Park orchestra; 10. I Hie headline! ; 12-12:30 a. m„ Parody club revue, orchestra. WIP, Philadelphia. Pa. (508.2), 3:30 p, m.. Comfort's Philharmonic orchestra; 11:05, Benjamin Franklin eon ra; 7, Uncle Wlp'i bedtime stories; 8, ilharmonic orchestra; 8:45, Sounds of the Surf: 8:50, Versella'l band; 10:05. Howard Lanln's dance orchestra. WJAR. Providence, R. I. (305.9), 8 p. m., program from New York studio; 9, Victor presentation; 10 Goodrich Silvertown Cord orchestra. WJZ. New York, N. Y. (455), 8:30 p. m., V. S. Marine band; 10, Keith McLeod, pianist; Godfrey Ludlow violilnst; Milton J. Cross, tenor. WKAQ, San Juan, P. R. (340.7), 8:30-10 p. m., musical concert. La Cafetera. WLIT, Philadelphia, Pa. (394.5). 4:30 p. m., talk, "Care of Eyes," Dr. Harris Grunian; 7:30, Dream Daddy's bedtime stories. WMCA, New York, N. Y. (340.7), 11-12 p. m., Ernie Golden and his Hotel McAlpln orchestra. WNYC, New York, N. Y. (526). 7 p. m.. Harnett Donaldson and his orchestra; 7:25, baseball results; 7:50, Harnett Donaldson and his orchestra; 8:30, song recitals; 9:30, Municipal trio: 10. dance program. WOO, Philadelphia, Pa. (508.2), 4:45 p. m., organ recital. Mary E. Vogtj 7:30, A. Candelori's concert orchestra. WOR. Newark. N. J. (405.2), 6:15 p. m., Halsey Miller's orchestra; 7:15-7:30, sport talk. Eastern Standard or Central Daylight Saving Time Stations KDKA. Pittsburgh, Pa. (309.1), 2:30-7 p. m.. baseball; 8, program. National Stockman and Farmer studio; 8:45, Teaberry time; 10:30, Pittsburgh Post studio. WBBM, Chicago, III. (226). 8-12 midnight, Maurice Silverman, tenor; Marldean Borresen, baritone; Charlie Garland, pianist; Jerry Cromack; Dr. Lucille Long, harmonica soloist; William Molnalre, tenor; Dave NiKlelrnan; Crillon orchestra. WBCN, Chicago, III. (266), 8-9 p. m., popular program; Borden Brothers, harmony duo; Midway Dancing Gardens' orchestra; piano duet team; 10-11, semi-classical concert; 11-1 a. m.. Owl matinee; Midway Gardens' orchestra; Clarence Jones, pianist; artists. WBZ, Springfield, Mass. (333.3), 6 p. m., Leo Reisman's Hotel Lenox ensemble; 0:30, baseball: 7:30, U. S. Marine band; 9, concert, Lawrence Square and Compass glee club; 9:40, "Bringing the World to America," Our World; 9:."i0. baseball. WCX, Detroit. Mich. (516.9), 4:15 p. m.. musical program; 6, dinner concert, Book-Cadillac hotel; 8:30, musical program. WEAR, Cleveland. 0. (389.4). 7-8 p. m., talks; 8-10, Larry Kcnnlth and his Gang; 10-11, organ recital, Vincent H. Percy. WEBH, Chicago, III. (370.2), 7:30-8:30 p. m.. Oriole concert orchestra; Edwin Kemp, tenor; musical bits, Riviera theater; Victor Young, violinist; 9:30-10:30, Oriole dance orchestra; lleulah Ladon. violinist; Leroy North, pianist; 11:30-1 a. m.. Oriole dance orchestra; songs, Paul Small; stories. Wayne Myers; Edwin Kemp, tenor; Oriole orchestra. WGES. Oak Park. III. (250). 5-6:30 p. m., Edgard Scott, tenor; Katherlne Forbes, soprano: Edwin Kemp, tenor; Earl Wettland. pianist; 6:30-7, bedtime stories, Cornelia Dungan; 10:30-1 a. m., A. Cavallo and his 11 Master Musician^ : Emily Llepe, syneoptaion artist; Louis Butler, Edwin Barge; Coyne Electrical School orchestra. Alex De Sio, cellist, has played for Meyer Davis at Philadelphia and Atlantic City. He is now with the Meyer Davis orchestra at the New Arling-ton hotel at Hot Springs National Park and may he heard at KTHS regularly, "both in ensembles and solos. WGN, Chicago. 111. (370.2), 6:30-7:30 p. m., Drake concert ensemble, Blackstone string quintet; 8:30":30, United Choirs of German Baptist churches; 10:30-11:30, Drake Hotel Terrace Garden program. WGY. Schenectady. N. Y. (379.5). 5:30 p. m., dinner music, John Fink's orchestra; 6:35. book chat, William F. Jacob; 6:45, "A Cruise Up the West Coast of Southern America," Dr. Sigel Rousch; WGY orchestra; 7:30, U. S. Marine band; 10:30, organ recital, Stephen E. Boisclair. WHT, Chicago, III. (399.8), 7-8:30 p. m., Marilla Walsworth, soprano; Tony Corcoran, baritone; Margaret Garrity, pianist; Marten and Wilkens; (238), 8:4510 :05, Elmer Kaiser's Riverview Park Ballroom orchestra; AI Carney, organist; (399.8), 10:30-12:30 a. m., Walter Donovan, tenor; Ned Becker, humorist; Si Berg, ukulele; Agatha Karlen, reader; Sandy Meek, tenor; Rita McFavvn, soprano; 12:30-1, Al Carney, organist. WLS, Chicago, III. (344.6). 6:30 p. m., Ralph Emerson, organist; 7:15, Cornhuskers orchestra; 7:45, lullaby time; 8, second act of "Pinafore." WLW. Cincinnati, 0. (422.3), 4 p. m., French lesson, Madame Ida Tcimpidis; piano recital, Adelaide Apfel; 7, dinner hour concert, Hotel Gibson orchestra, Robert Visconti, director; 8, Sekatary Hawkins; 10, three minute message from Civil Service Dept. of TJ. S. Government; 10:03, orchestra concert; 11:15, organ recital; other features to be announced. WMAQ, Chicago, III. (447.5), 6 p. m., Chicago theater organ recital; 6:30, Hotel LaSalle orchestra; 8, speaker, announced; 8:15, M. G. -Moon, tenor; 8:40, financial talk; 8:50. University of Chicago lecture; 9:15. Arion Musical and Dramatic club. WMBB. Chicago, III. (250), 7-8:30 p. m., semi-classical program, J. Bodewalt Lampe ; Beatrice Teller and Trianon ensemble; Ambrose Wyrick, Rita McFawn, Hazel O'Neil. John S. Everett, Armin F. Hand and Woodlawn theater orchestra; 8:30-10:30, Dell Lampe and Trianon orchestra; Florence Tenny, Fisher and Smith, Charles Agna and Trianon syncopators ; Johnnie Keane, Bob Duffy, Geraldine Doyle, Little Orphan Annie presentation. WMBF, Miami Beach, Fla. (384.4). 6:30-7 p. m., Fleetwood Radio orchestra; 7-7:30, dance music, Fleetwood Radio orchestra; 10-12, Fleetwood Radio orchestra, specialties. WORD, Batavia, III. (275), 8:30 p. m.. Christian Church choir; Sunday school lesson. WQJ, Chicago, III. (447.5), 7-8 p. m.. Ralph Williams and his Rainbo Gardens orchestra; Henrietta Greenfield, violinist; Jeanette Simons, accompanist; Margaret Cade, soprano; Madeline Ruff, pianist; Izora Logan Reynolds, reader; 10-1, Ralph Williams and his Rainbo Gardens Skylarks; Ha Shannabrook, soprano; Ned and Ches; Marie Wright, soprano; Lucas Sisters; Lew Butler; 1-2, Ginger hour. WSAI, Cincinnati, 0. (326), 6:30 p. m.. Hotel Sinton instrumental trio; 7, Neapolitan ensemble; 8, Atwater Kent Radio artists ; 9, Silvertown Cord orchestra. WTAM, Cleveland, Ohio (389.4), 6-7 p. m.. Hotel Statler. concert orchestra. WTAS, Elgin, III. (302.8), 8-12 midnight, Joe Rudolph and the Boss's Own orchestra: Frank Morris, Polly Willis, John Poat, Eddie and Fannie Cavanaugh. WTIC, Hartford, Conn. (348.6). 6 p. m., Emil Heimberger's Hotel Bond trio; 6:50, baseball; 7, dinner program. WWJ. Detroit, Mich. (352.7), 3:55 p. m., baseball scores; 6, dinner concert; 7, WEAF concert. Central Standard Time Stations CKY, Winnipeg. Can. (384.4), 8 p. m., Canadian National Railway's program. CNRW, Winnipeg, Can. (411). 8:30 p. m.. bedtime travel tales; 9, Canadian National Transcona shops brass band. KFNF. Shenandoah. Iowa (266), 7:30 p. m., concert from Roikport, James F. Gore family, Genevieve Gore, director. KLDS, Independence, Mo. (268), S p. m.. Madge Nesbitt, soprano; Alice Burgess, contralto; Mrs. E. G. Haberlein, reader; Emma Snead, violinist; "Independence Industries." KTHS. Hot Springs National Park, Ark. (374.8), 9:10 p. m., Lawson Reid, organist. WBAP, Fort Worth, Texas (475.9), 7:30-8:30 p. m., musical program; 9:30-10:45, musical program. WCBD. Zion, III. (344.6), 8 p. in., commencement exercises, Dept. of Music of Zion Educational institutions; Zlon orchestra. WCCO, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. (416.4), 6 p. m., baseball; 7-9, program from New York; 9, baseball; 9:05, talk, prevention of tuberculosis. WDAF, Kansas City, Mo. (365.6), 6-7 p. m., book talk, Louis Meeker; Tell-Me-a-Story Lady; Plantation players; 11:45-1, Merry Old Chief, Plantation players; Johnnie Campbell's Kansas Citv club orchestra. WFAA. Dallas, Texas (475.9). 0:30-7:30 p. m.. Lone Star Five's seven-piece dance orehsetra; 8:30-9:30, Mrs, William L. Echols; 11-12, Jefferson theater entertainers; 12-1, Hunt'u Imperial orcheutru. Here is Unit No. 1, or rather the hub of that mysterious hut famons Coyne Electrical School orchestra, heard every Thursday at WOES. Henry Martin is the trap drummer and contortionist de luxe. ^u^S' M'lwau,k«e. Wis. (275). 6-7 p. in., organ music. WHAS, Louisville, Ky. (399.8). 7:30-9 p. m., concert, auspices Liberty Insurance bank, baseball WHO, Des Moines, la. (526). 7:30-9 p. m., musical program; 11-12, dance program. WMC. Memphis, Tenn. (499.7), 8:30 p. m , musical program. WOAN, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. (282.8). 12:15-12-45 p m Vaughan Radio orchestra; 9-10, Vaughan Radio orchestra; male quartet WOAW, Omaha, Nebr. (526), 6 p. m.. Every Child's hour. Grace Sorenson; 6:20, baseball: 6:30. to be announced; 7, Randall's Royal Fontenelle orehsetra; 9. classical period. WOC. Davenport, la. (483.6), 5:45-6 p. ni., chimes concert; 6:30-6:50, Sandman's visit, Val McLaughlin7-8, Atwater Kent artists; 8-9, Silvertown Cord orchestra: 11-12, Lonis Connor and his LeClaire Hotel orchestra: Peter MacArthur, baritone. WOI. Ames. la. (270), 8:15 p. m., musical program. WSB. Atlanta, Ga. (428.3), 8-9 p. m., annual prize winners, Morgan Stephens Conservatory of Music; 10:45, Dr. Charles A. Sheldon, organist. WSMB, New Orleans. La. (319). 6:30-7:30 p. m., dinner musicale; 8:30-10:30, serenaders. Mountain Standard Time Stations CNRC, Calgary. Can. (435), 7 p. rn., bedtime travel tale, Mrs. Conquest; 9, Holdens Academy dance orchestra; Hazel Campbell, violinist; Jack Rushton. saxophonist; J. E. Holdens, vocalist, pianist. Pacific Standard Time Stations KFI. Los Angeles. Calif. (467), 5:30-6 p. m.. Examiners matinee program; 6-6:15. McDaniels' nightly doings6:45-7. radiotorial talk; 7-8. Packard Six dance orchestra; 8-9, one act play, KFI players and vaudeville acts; 9-10, by remote control from Chickering Hall Southern California Music company; 10-11, Examiner program, Jean Jacques, popular pianist. KFOA, Seattle, Wash. (454.3), 6:43-8:45 p. m.. Moran school for boys. KFWB, Hollywood, Calif. (252), 7:45-8 p. m.. Jack Boaz, fishing scout, talking on fishing streams; 8-9, program, Starr Piano company; 9-10, program, Don P Smith, Inc., Kathryn Martin, soprano: Charles Beauchamp, tenor; Albert Keglovich, bov marvel violinist; Miller's International Hawaiian trio, and Don P. Smith dance orchestra: 10-11. Warner Brothers frolic, direction Charlie Wellman. KGO, Oakland, Calif. (361.2), 8 p. m.. National Carbon company program; de Grassi trio; Harrison Coles tenor; Mary Groom Richards, contralto; George Madison, bass; Florence Brown, soprano: selections from "II Trovatore"; 10-1, Henry Halstead's orchestra. KGW, Portland, Ore. (491.5), 8-9 p. m., ShevlinHixon Lumberjack band; 9-10, Fields Motor Car company; 10-12, Herman Kenin's Multnomah hotel orchestra. KHJ. Los Angeles, Calif. (405.2), 5:30-6 p. m.. Leighton's Arcade cafeteria orchestra. Jack Cronshaw, leader; 6-6:30, Art Hickman's Biltmore hotel concert orchestra. Edward Fitzpatrick, director: 6:30-7:30. little stories American history. Prof. Walter Sylvester Hertzog, Dickie Brandon, screen juvenile, and Uncle John; 7:30, talk on insurance; 8-10, program. Pacific Clay Products company, arranged bv ITncle John; 10-11. Art Hickman's Biltmore hotel dance orchestra, Earl Burtnett, leader. KNX, Hollywood, Calif. (336.9), 5:30-6:15 p. m.. Wurlitzer pipe organ studio. Sid Zlff's sports talk; 6:15, travel talk. W. F. Alder; 6:30-7:30, program, Los Angeles County Ass'n of Optometrists; 7:30-8. one act play, KNX players, Edward Murphey, director; 8-9, program, Brent Furniture company; 9-10. program. Running Springs Park; 10-11, Abe Lyman's Coeoanut Grove dance orchestra from Ambassador hotel. KPO. San Francisco, Calff. (428.3). 6:15-6:30 p. m., baseball: 6:40-7, States Restaurant orchestra; 7-7:30, Rudy Selger's Fairmont hotel orchestra ; 8-9, popular music. George W. Caswell company: 9-10. Theodore J. Irwin, urganist; 10-11, Johnny BuicU'* Cabirians.