Radio Digest (Oct 1923-July 1924)

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New Miloplex Panel Layout; t irst Cla. Radio DF ^t EVERY i TEN CENTS REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. & DOM. OF CANADA Vol. VII Copyright, 1923 R. D. P. Co. Inc. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1923 No. lu< i: DETECTIVE BURNS TALKS RADIO CORPORATION HURLS BOOMERANG REQUIRED TO SHED LIGHT ON TUBES IT MADE Grebe May Win R. C. A. Suit When "Radio Group" Figures Are Aired in Court I "Pretty Nelly Kelly," otherwise Miss Elizabeth Hines, of "The O'Brien Girl" fame, recently bewitched the Radiophans by broadcasting some of her song hits from the WOR Station, fiewark, N. J. After starring in the last named Cohan success as the singing and dancing ingenue— a Cinderella-like character— she now heads the cast of the same producer's "Pretty Nelly Kelly." Critics of Gotham and Chicago are unanimous in praising her lovely, unassuming manner and her notably graceful, mobile face. One Chicago critic said of her that "she is not too proud of her light singing voice" and "altogether her personal charm is irresistible" MWI'f'/f^"''^ (Special to RADIO DIOEhT) NEW YOKK. — If Edison when he invented the incandescent light were to have said, "Now that I own the patent on the incandescent lisht you <->iner fellows have u\ ight to manufacture Hixturt's, socket:-. or generators built for tho express use of my incandescent light," the famous inventor would merely be duplicating the present effort of the Radio Corporation of America in its "Spring" suit against the A. H. Grebe Company. For the "Radio Group," as the combine of companies making up the Radio Corporation is known, is attempting to show in this suit, in view of the fact that they own certain patents (several almost expired) on the vacuum tube, that no manufacturer or individual has the right to make apparatus which is useful only with their tubes. But on this subject, the R.C.A. has opened itself up to some very pertinent questions. The answers to these, it is believed by many attorneys and engineers well informed on the situation, will decide the suit against the Radio Corporation, and, in that event, to the complete vindication of the Grebe company. The All-Important Question The question the "Radio Group" will be required to answer to the court and, it is said, much to their distaste, will be: "Approximately how many vacuum (Continued on page 4) Noted Parisian actress. Mile. Gabrielle Ravine, who has delighted listeners in on WOR Station (L. Bamberger Co.), Newark, N. J., by her English and French songs. Among her renditions are "The Battle of Y s e r," "La Marseillaise," "Puisque j'ai mis ma levre," and others ON RADIO AS AIR NET FOR CRIME FIGHT Plans Broadcasting Bureau to Furnish Information to All Police Would Broadcast Hourly Washington to Put Entire Nation on Lookout for Fugitives by Ether Descriptions By X>. M. Lamm WASHINGTON, D. C — A gigantic plan is being perfected for the catching of criminals by use of a Radio crime net, says William J. Burns, the foremost detective in the United States, formerly directing head of the William J. Burns International Detective Agency and now Director of the Bureau of Investigation of the Department of Justice. Mr. Burns, when interviewed by a representative of Radio Digest, said that he is much interested in the development of the use of Radio in connection with his work. One of Mr. Burn's pet hobbies at this time is the organization of the bureau of (Continued on page 5)