Radio Digest (Oct 1923-July 1924)

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a£s 01 b 0 •( J 4 cJ ■> New Reflex Neutrodyne; Programs; Wave Traps Radio Digest EVERY i a TEN CENTS REG. U. 8. PAT. OFF. & DOM. OF CANADA Vol. VIII Copyright 1924 By Radio Digest Publishing Co. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1924 No. 6 RADIO TO BE TEACHER BROADCASTS TO EDUCATE PUPILS, PLAN Illinois Educators to Act Will Soon Discuss Putting Three R's and Sunday School Lessons on Air GET FULL CREDITS FOR AIR STUDIES Kansas Aggie Gives Regular Recognition in Radio Farm Course MILFORD, KANS.— Station KFKB. the Brinkley Jones Hospital here, is broadcasting an agricultural extension course by direct wire from Kansas State Agricultural College, Manhattan, Kans. The feature is an innovation in broadcasting for full college credits will be given upon satisfactory completion of the course and passing of a written examination. The first announcement of the course reported that Station WTG. Kansas State College, would broadcast the course. This report was in error. Cecile Arden Makes Appearance NEWARK, N. J. — A notable feature of a recent program from WOR was the appearance of Cecile Arden, mezzo-soprano and prima donna of the Metropolitan Opera Company. Miss Cecile Arden is a young American artist who has come to the fore through her artistic merit. She has accomplished her vocal and artistic training in America under the instruction of Buzzi-Peccia. CHICAGO. — Plans said to be ready for Hscussion in Chicago during the latter two weeks in February by delegates to tho annual meeting of the department of superintendence, National Education association, and the executive committee of the International Sunday School Council of Education, each of wrhich directs the instruction of millions of persons, are likely, it is said, to make, through Radio, the people of the United States a nation At the left, dainty Maidie Dantzer, lyric soprano, who recently charmed WHN listeners with her sweet voice. Directly below, Virginia Howell — not unknown to Radiophans, for she entertained them not long ago from WOR — whose darksome beauty peculiarly fits her for portraying passionate daughters of hotter climes, in which, indeed, she delights. Broadcasters Release New Song *Bout Lovin * Enough CHICAGO. — Another ballad whose burden evidently was built on the blasted affections as aired in divorce courts was released here a few days ago by the National Association of Broadcasters. The song, the name of which was "If You Want to Get All the Lovin' I Got, You've Got to Save All Yours for me," was composed by Grace Ingram of the Harmony Girls, widely known to Radiophans, and George Hill. WJAX AERIAL TO BE SWUNG 375 FEET UP CLEVELAND.— WJAX, station of the Union Trust Company here, will shortly move into its new location on the twentieth floor of the new Union Trust Building, the second largest bank and office building of its kind in the world. The antenna will be swung between its towers at a height of 375 feet above street level. "Hou) to Dance" Is New Course Offered by WGY Arthur Murray Tells How to Step the Fancy Ones SCHENECTADY, N. Y.— If you want to learn to dance, or knowing how to dance, wish to learn a few new steps, tune your set to Station WGY Tuesday evening. The course began January 29. Arthur Murray of -New York, nationally known dance master, will personally tell you how to do the modern dances. Seated at the microphone he will explain in slow, distinct words the correct steps of the correct dances, outlining the figures so that you, in the privacy of your home free from the embarrassing presence of others, may follow his instruction. His description will be supplemented by music and if you stumble a bit don't let it worry you for there is no one around to laugh at your mistakes. " Mr. Murray is giving a series of six lessons. The talks have been carefully prepared and charts for the steps will be found In the recent back numbers of Radio Digest The fairy godmothers were good indeed to this winsome young lady— Gloria Marshall, a weekly feature of WHN's programs and recently heard from WJAX and other eastern stations— for she is not only a writer and composer of popular ballads and other music but is also girted with a coloratura voice of rare beauty. radiant with temporal and spiritual knowledge. Each of the organizations, the most powerful and comprehensive of their kind, is to consider, it was said, the practicability of the electromagnetic wave in relation to broadcasting the three R's and higher subjects, and the New and Old Testaments, to the people throughout the land. "The department of superintendence meets in Chicago during the week of February 24," said Dr. William B. Owen, principal of Chicago Normal college. "I shall urge that the national association begin at once thorough investigation as to (Continued on page 2) ;