Radio Digest (Oct 1923-July 1924)

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RADIO DIGEST — Illustrated February 16, 192U COMPLAINT ON R.CA. (Continued from page 7) states In this country and between snips and ships and shore, and between the Vnlted Sums and Cuba and foreign countries, and in the business of buying and selling apparatus and derices for use in Kadio broadcasting and receiving and Badlo communication and shipping the same among and between the States of the United States and to foreign countries. Marconi Company PARAGRAPH SEVEN: The Marconi Wireless Te!e» graph Company of America, was, prior to October. 1919. a corporation organUed and doing business under the laws of the State of New Jersey. It had its prmclpal place of business In New York City, State of New York, and was engaged in operating a transoceanic Radio service and from ships to shore, and in the manufacture of apparatus and devices used in Kadio communication. It owned and operated stations at various points In the United States and elsewhere tor the conduct of its business, equipped with the necessary apparatus therefor, and through its connection with the Marconi Wireless Company, Ltd.. of Great Britain, the largest holder of its stock, was equipped for transoceanic Radio traffic It was the owner of various patents and licenses and rights under patents for Inventions and devices used in Badlo communication, and it manufactured and sold various articles Tinder said patents, including Important patents relating to the manufacture and use of vacuum tubes in Radio communication. How B. C. A. Was Formed PARAGRAPH EIGHT: Prior to this country's entering the war the General Electric Company, In connection with its research work in the Badio field, had developed and constructed a powerful rapid alternating generator known as the Alexanderson generator. The efficiency of this machine in transoceanic communication by Badio was demonstrated during the war. The movement for control of this machine and other patented Badio devices not owned by General Electric Company, led to the organization of Badlo Corporation of America as above alleged, by persons among whom the interests of General Electric Company predominated. On or about October 22, 1919, the General Electric Company entered Into an agreement with the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America, whereby the latter agreed to seek the approval by its stockholders of a proposed agreement between the Badio Corporation of America and the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America, and the General Electric Company agreed to cause the Badio Corporation of America to execute and deliver said proposed agreement as soon as approved by the stockholders of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America. This proposed agreement provided substantially for the sale to the Badio Corporation of America of the assets of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America, including its patents and physical assets and stock of various subsidiary corporations, in consideration of the issuance to It by the Badio Corporation of America of two million shares of its preferred stock and two million shares of its common stock, as more fully appears from said agreement Thereafter, and on or about November 20, 1919, said proposed agreement between the Badio Corporation of America and the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America was executed and delivered. In connection with said negotiations and agreements, the General Electric Company purchased the holdings of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co.. Ltd.. a British corporation, in the stock of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America, for the Badio Corporation of America. In August, 1919. the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America was dissolved, a trust, however, being created, with tho corporation's directors as trustees, for the purpose of prosecuting claims of tho corporation against the United States Government and accounting lor any proceeds thereof. All the stock of the company has been exchanged for shares In the Badlo Corporation of America, it being noted in the stock of the Marconi Company so exchanged that It was entitled to share pro rata in any moneys resulting from the prosecution of said claims against the United States Government, and it was provided further that such moneys were to be Invested in the preferred stock of the Radio Corporation of America. O. E. Oeta Stock Melon as Gift PARAGRAPH NTNE: On or about October 22, 1919, the Badio Corporation of America agreed, by appropriate action of 10, directors, to i6sue to the General Electric Company, in consideration of its services and expenses in bringing about the purchase above described from the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America, and otherwise 135,174 shares of preferred and 2,000,000 shares at the common stock of the Radio Corporation of America. Among the considerations referred to was the procuring of an agreement between Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company, Ltd., a British corporation, and the Badio Corporation of America, for the conduct of international transoceanic Badlo traffic. Prior thereto tho former corporation (British Marconi Company) had >>een the largest stockholder in the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America, and bad entered into agreements and contracts with it covering the exchange of traffic facilities and all equipment and apparatus under patent rights. By said agreement between the Radio Corporation and the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company, Ltd., all said agreements and rights of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America under said contracts and agreements arid specifically the agreement of April 18, 1902, were confirmed and continued to the Radio Corporation of America under an agreement executed on or about November 20. 1919, between the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co., Ltd., and the Radio Corporation of America, a. E. Grants B. C. A. Valuable Bights PABAGBAPH TEN: On or about November 20, 1919,, the General Electric Company and the Badlo Corporation of America made an agreement by which the General Electrio Company granted to the Badlo Corporation of America the exclusive divisible license to use and sell (with certain reservations as to use) but not to make, unless the General Electric Company is not in a position to do so, apparatus for Badlo purposes under all patents, present or future, owned or controlled by the General Electric Company, for the term of the agreement, namely, until 1945. The Badlo Corporation of America granted to the General Electric Company the exclusive divisible right to make and sell Badio devices through the Badio Corporation only, under all its patents, present or future, for tho term of the agreement, except certain patents acquired by purchase, for which special provision for apportioning costs was made; and the Badio Corporation agreed to purchase from the General Electric Company all Badlo devices covered by patents, which the General Electric Company is In a position to supply, and not to sell patented articles except as a part of the Badio system; and generally to restrict its business to Badlo supplies and not to enter with any patented device, process or system, the field of the General Electrio Company or encourage others so to do as more fully appears from said agreement On December 31, 1922, the General Electric Company owned 620,800 shares of the preferred stock and 1,876,000 shares of the common stock of the Badlo Corporation of America. 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