Radio annual (1945)

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& ,-/ I? (I P W 11/ fl B II RADIo Daily herewith presents the eighth edition of fUllLitfUIill RADIO ANNUAL, a volume compellingly reflecting the inevitably changing complexion and constant march, both of victory and of progress, of the colorful industry of RADIO. The thousand pages that follow are as accurate as humanly possible. The text comes from a thousand reliable sources. DEDICATION The great field of RADIO is now concerned, perhaps more than ever before, with the problems of preparedness. Preparedness first with the concluding stages of the War, and preparedness second, with the industry's own reconversion period as well as the advent of Television. It is to this dual purpose, specifically, that this 1945 Edition is dedicated. APPRECIATION The editor wishes to take this opportunity to thank all those who have so enthusiastically helped in the full revision, re-arrangement and material strengthening of this volume. To the FCC, the NAB, the world-wide organizations of NBC, CBS, the American Broadcasting Co. (Blue), and Mutual, as well as the great legion of radio showmen everywhere we gratefully acknowledge their assistance with a hearty and understanding thank you. «*■ hakGto&r EDITOR and PUBLISHER