Radio annual (1945)

Record Details:

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SESAC PUBLISHERS PUBLISHERS Accordion Music Publishing Co.; New York including Deiro, Pietro Albright Music Company (See National Music Company, Inc.) Alford, Harry L.; Chicago Alkire Publications, Eddie; Easton, Pa. Altschuler, J. (See "P.W.P.") Arct, M.; Warsaw Ashmall Company, Wm. E. (See McLaughlin & Reilly Co.) Augsburg Publishing House, Minneapolis, Minn. Avalon Music Publishing Co. (See Stirling Music Publishing Co.) Barnes, A. S., and Company, Inc.; New York Barnhouse Company, C. L. ; Oskaloosa, la. Barwicki, K. T. (See "P.W.P.") Beirly Company (See Chart Music Publishing House, Inc.) Benson Publishing Co., John T.; Nashville, Tenn. Berge Music Co. (See McLaughlin & Reilly Co.) Braun, Hubert J.; Chicago including: Braun Music Co. Braun Organization, The Broadcast Music Publishers (See National Music Company, Inc.) Brumley, Albert E.; Powell, Mo. Bryant Music Company; New York Calbo, N.; Barcelona (compositions as per list issued) Capitol Music Co. (See National Music Company, Inc.) Catholic Music Co. (See McLaughlin & Reilly Co.) Central Music Co. (See Ramsey, Will M.) Chart Music Publishing House, Inc. ; Chicago including: Beirly Company, Alfred Coanacher, B. Buffer, Fred K. Littig Music Publishing Co., Frank Warde, Harry Warner, F. Eugene Western Accordion Music Company Clef Music Co.; New York Coanacher, B. (See Chart Music Publishing House, Inc.) Composers Press, Inc., The; New York Concord Music Publishing Co., Inc.; New York Culla, Antonio; Barcelona (compositions as per list issued) Dean, Emmet S. \ Dean & Edmiaston I Dean & Evridge f (See Firm Founda Dean & Franklin , tion Publishing Dean & Hensley I House) Dean & Morgan 1 Dean & Sebren / Deiro, Pietro (See Accordion Music Publishing Co.) Denison & Company, T. S.; Chicago Di Bella, 0.; New York Do Re Mi Fa Casa Editora de Musica (See Ediciones Internacionales Fermata) Ediciones Fermata (See Ediciones Internacionales Fermata) Ediciones Internationales Fermata; Buenos Aires (South American Publications) including : Ediciones Musicales Pampa Do Re Mi Fa Casa Editora de Musica Ediciones Musicales Pampa (See Ediciones Internacionales Fermata) Ediciones Rodoch (C. Rodriguez) ; Bilbao (compositions as per list issued) Ediciones A. Urmeneta; Barcelona (compositions as per list issued) Edition "Jastrzab" (See "P.W.P.") including: Rudnicky, Walery "W.J.R." Rzepecki, J. Editions "Olympia" (See "P.W.P.") Edition Pro Arte (See "P.W.P.") Eulenburg, Ltd.; Ernst; London Fairbank Company, H. W. (See National Music Co., Inc.) Fermata (See Ediciones Internacionales Fermata) Ferrill, J. W. (See Quartet Music Company) Firm Foundation Publishing House; Austin, Tex. including: Trio Music Co. Gebethner & Wolff; Warsaw Georgi & Vitak Music Co. (See Vitakelsnik Co.) Gilbert Music Company (See McLaughlin & Reilly Co.) Gornston, David; New Yoi-k Gospel Music Publications (See Hathaway, Franklin Earl) 743