Radio daily (Oct-Dec 1949)

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The National Daily Newspaper of Commercial Radio and Television VOL. 49. NO. 11 NEW YORK, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1949 TEN CENTS THREE WEBS SIGN ASCAP TV CONTRACT Divergent TV Views By CBS, (TI At FCC Washington Bureau of RADIO DAILY Washington — With RCA on the sidelines, CBS and Color Television, Inc., yesterday presented differing ideas on the relative merits of direct view and projection tubes. For CTI, attorney Samuel Burrows Smith, former RCA patent attorney, maintained that the present CTI projector color method is good enough for commercial service, while CBS research chief Dr. Peter C. Goldmark held that the loss in color quality (Continued on Page 3) Pollster On Spot Tonite At Rutgers Univ. Forum New Brunswick, N. J. — The problems that public opinion pollsters face will be discussed tonight by Dr. George Gallup, director of the American Institute of Public Opinion, as guest speaker on the Rutgers University Forum's press-radio conference at 8: 05 o'clock. Gallup, who will be interviewed by a panel of three newspaper and radio men, is expected to tell how (Continued on Page 2 1 42 Stations Elected To AP Membership The Associated Press has announced the election of 42 more radio stations to membership, raising to 1,048 its total of radio members. The added stations are: WLYC, Williamsport, Pa.; WJAR, Providence, R. I.; WOPI, Bristol, Tenn.-Va.; KAMQ, Amarillo, Texas; KIBL, Beeville, Texas; KPET, Lamesa, Texas; KTRH, Houston, Texas; WDAN, Danville, 111.; WABY, Al(Confinucd on Page 3) Pioneers to Meet The Radio Pioneers, an organization of 300 veteran radio executives, artists and engineers, will hold a luncheon meeting tomorrow at the Hotel Roosevelt in New York City. The meeting will discuss plans for a membership drive, annual banquet and the establishment of radio awards, according to William Hedges, president. Back In Harness Lowell Thomas, globetrotting CBS newscaster, is a hard man lo keep away from a microphone. Returning Sunday night by air from a trip to Tibet during which he suffered a broken thigh bone in a fall from a horse, the veteran broadcaster said he would resume his regular 6:45-7 p.m. stint on CBS tonight. Thomas brought back with him personal greetings from the Dalai Lama and the Regent of Tibet for President Truman and Secretary Acheson. Mark Warnow Dies; Veteran Air Maestro Mark Warnow, veteran musical conductor and arranger, died suddenly of a heart attack yesterday soon after being admitted to Polyclinic Hospital in New York. Warnow, conductor of NBC's 'Your Hit Parade" series, had returned to New York early Sunday morning from a weekend trip to Richmond for the Tobacco Festival celebration. He was taken ill the following morning. His radio career dated from 1933, (Continued on Page 2) National Flower Week Kits Sent To Stations The Society of American Florists has sent out radio kits consisting of spot announcements, program scripts, and suggested music to all stations in connection with the fifth (Continued on Page 2) NBC, CBS, ABC In For Blanket Use Expect DuMont 5-Year Agreement Of Society Music; Pact This Week Private Broadcasters Organizing In S, A. Private broadcasters' associations have been established in six South American countries as part of the InterAmerican Association of Broadcasters (AIR) , Goar Mestre of Cuba, AIR president, and board members Gilmore N. Nunn of the U. S. and Lorenzo Balerio Sicco of (Continued on Page 3) Gen. Bradley, Ed Murrow Address NARND Dinner Gen. Omar N. Bradley, permanent chairman of the U. S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Edward R. Murrow, CBS news commentator, will speak at the 1949 convention banquet of the National Assn. of Radio News Directors, to be held at the Commo(Continued on Page 3) McCreery Buys Control Of Coast Ad Agency West Coast Bureau of RADIO DAILY Hollywood— Walter McCreery has bought the controlling interest in the advertising firm of Smith, Bull & McCreery, of which he is president. McCreery will move to new quar(Continued on Page 3) "Mere Of The Year" Named By Chicago Conference Chicago — Two radio administrators and educators were honored by the national advisory committee of the School Broadcast Conference yesterday when they were voted "men of the year" at the opening session of the 13th annual SBC at the Hotel Sherman. The broadcasters are Kenneth G. Bartlett and Richard B. Hull. In announcing the awards, George Jennings, director of the Conference, said, "For the first time in ten years the advisory committee vote was tied. Both Ken Bartlett and Dick Hull have long been leaders in educational radio. Under Bartlett's leadership Syracuse University has made great strides in the use of radio and television in education; the same may be said for Iowa State, where Dick Hull is the director. Despite heavy teaching and adminis( Continued on Page 3) After about a year of negotiation, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers and three networks —ABC, CBS and NBC— yesterday signed a five-year contract, retroactive to Jan. 1, 1949, covering blanket use of ASCAP members' music on TV. The fourth video web, (Continued on Page 7) Rural Radio Strength Stressed By Nielsen Although television is making inroads on radio listening in urban areas, the vast majority of radio homes are in non-urban areas and therefore unaffected by video competition, A. C. Nielsen declared this week in announcing a new Nielsen service, "Homes-Using-Television." Underlining the growing rivalry between his firm and C. E. Hooper, Nielsen said: "The only nation-wide (Continued on Page 2) Clete Roberts To Cover Oahu 'Invasion' for KFWB West Coast Bureau of RADIO DAILY Hollywood — Clete Roberts, ace newscaster for KFWB who has covered the war in Europe and the Pacific, the Bikini A-bomb explosion, and many other top news stories, leaves this week for Hawaii to cover (Continued on Page 2) Testimonial Wilmington, Del. — Add radio's selling power: WTUX got the following note from Gordy & Son Co.. local builders — "We have sold 350 homes. . . . Four out of every five (sales) were directly traceable to radio advertising on Station WTUX. We feel that. . . . this has been the biggest selling job ever done in real estate in Delaware. . . ."