Radio Digest (Nov 1930-Apr 1931)

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90 GENE AND GLENN HELP THE NEEDY THIS is our first message to the V.O.L. and we hope we make ourselves heard. In the past months there has been much interest in endurance contests, with due recognition for the contestants. How about a little applause for Gene and Glenn of WTAM, who gave programs to collect funds for the needy of Cleveland and vicinity? They stayed at the mike until the station was forced to close down for recharging. Their first program lasted three hours, the second four, and the third five, with no time out, as they made time and station announcements themselves. With charity for all and malice toward none — Vallee, Osborne, Sanders, Lombardo and Bernie. Let us live and let live. — Jean MacNicol, Uniontown, Pa. POEM TO CHEERIO (Curiosity Killed the Cat!) Only a voice that comes through the air With its message of cheer and its sympathy rare. Only a voice — and we wonder in vain If the person who owns it is handsome or plain. Is he tall — is he short — is he bald — has he hair? Is he fat — is he thin — is he dark — is he fair? Perhaps, when we come to the blest Pearly Gate, With the Lost Chord, we'll find him. So I guess we must wait Until the glad summons comes to us here below To come up to Heaven and meet Cheerio. —Etta F. Gilbert, 414 Fulton St., Sandusky, Ohio. %. %. % DX CLUBS PLEASE ANSWER I AM eager to know just what these DXer's are and how to join them. From what I have read I assume that they tune in stations and get confirmation to that effect. If this is their object, I guess I would have a pretty good start, as I have bagged 136 stations on 87 wave lengths, with my new set, in two months, but have no verifications. — Malcolm Rackow, Eastport, L. I., N. Y. * * * YOUR January issue has a letter from H. Meta Tafel of Philadelphia, who offers a record of 64 stations. Of course that was a remarkable feat at that time of the year. Last Saturday I tuned in 127 stations ranging from WEAF, New York, to KNX, California, including XFX, Mexico, and CMX, Havana, Cuba. Listened to KTAT, Fort Worth, Texas, and think they performed something never done before. All phone calls which were received were broadcast through the mike. I phoned from Yonkers, N. Y., and my own son heard my voice on our Radio. — J. Rankin, 483 Van Cortland Park Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. * # * I AM a DX fan and to date have three hundred stations picked out of the ether — from San Juan, Porto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, and about fifteen from Canada. I'd like to hear from other DX fans. It's just 12:15 and I'm listening to an old-time Revival meeting from WBAP, Fort Worth, Tex. Why don't we hear more of them on the Radio — I think everyone would be interested in them once in a while. — Jack Owens, 1363 So. Cherry St., Galesburg, 111. * * * THE best that money can buy for a Radio fan is Radio Digest. I received 235 U. S. stations, 12 Canada, 2 Cuba, 2 Mexico and 1 Nova Scotia. — "A Radio Bug," Stephen Malik, Johnstown, N. Y. OlCe of the HIS HYMN OF HATE THERE are absolutely no articles in Radio Digest which appeal to the technical man. If I had wanted a picture book I would have gone down to some Toy Department and gotten an A-B-C picture book to begin with. So far as I am concerned your magazine is a FLOP and you will do me a great favor to stop mailing it to me. As it is, every time I see one it makes me boil. — A. M. Reager, A. I. R. E., 60 N. Bolton Ave., Indianapolis, Ind HER SONG OF PRAISE I FEEL so happy over my discovery this week of a readable Radio magazine — in other words, yours. I never knew any but technical literature was published. I want to find out exactly when your magazine can be purchased here. (Copies are usually on sale at news stands on the 25th of month preceding date of issue. — Editor.) Ever since the addition of a Radio to our home, I have devoured the brief notices and columns in our newspapers, and now picture my joy ! But your magazine does not need any fiction, just Radio news and items. — Mrs. D. H. Reed, 319 Wester St., N. W., Washington, D C. KEEP YOUR EARS CLEAN— PHIL ALWAYS SAYS "PRINT TO FIT" LAST night Phil Cook was singing his usual -/"news" song and this is the way he sang it: "I see by the papers, all the news that's 'print to fit'." This is the second time I've heard him sing it that way and I'd like to know if he intends to do it turned about that way or whether it is a slip. — Rene Doutt, 337 N. Woods, Fullerton, Cal. BROADCASTERS, ANSWER YOUR LETTERS! IF STATIONS would all answer their letters written them there would be no need for them to offer something to get people to write. It seems that some of them do not appreciate people writing and thanking them for the pleasure their programs afford. — Frank Wise, 329 E. Doty, Neenah, Wis. BOUQUETS AND NO BRICKBATS MAY I throw a few bouquets in the direction of my favorite Radio artists? The brickbats aren't important, so why bother with them? Best actors: Frank Gill, Jr., WJR, Louis Mason (Moonshine and Honeysuckle), John McGovern (Silver Flute, East of Cairo, etc.). Best actresses: Georgia Backus, CBS (first and always), Donealda Currie, WJR. Best singers: Billy Hughes, Reinald Werrenrath, Rollin Pease, Glenn of Gene and Glenn, Al of Al and Pete, Brad Towne, Lois Bennett, Jessica Dragonette, Julia Sanderson, Mary McCoy, Evelyn Bard, WXYZ. Best announcers: Russell B. Wise, WTAM, Frank Gill, Jr., WJR (the cleverest in the business), Jean Paul King, Harry Vonzell. Best humorous skits: Station KUKU, Nit Wits, Irrational Broadcasting Co. WLW. Best musical programs: Camel Pleasure Hour, Cities Service Hour. Best guest-artist program: Radio Follies, Nestle's. BEST PROGRAM OF ALL: Cheerio. Best Magazine: Radio Digest — always. Most enjoyable things in Radio Digest: Indigest, Marcella, V.O.L., and recent articles on Gene and Glenn and Robert Brown. It seems when I get to talking about my favorites I could go on forever. — Just a Radio Fan, 24 Morley Ave., Deerhaven, TAKE RECIPES OFF THE BROADCAST SECOND the motion of the Florida lady ! Take recipes off the broadcast. Not all have cooks, neither do they go to restaurants, but with domestic science books and magazines loaded with recipes, and occasionally having a mother who knows how to cook, housewives should be able to survive.— Mrs. Lucy LaPierre Reed, 5639 Holmes St., Kansas City, Mo. * * * HERE'S A FUNNY LETTERHEAD Radio Concerts Every Day Is Open House Personal Representative of Faith, Hope and Charity Mrs. H. B. Buckeridge 729 Pine St., Port Huron, Mich. Dear Arthur Francis Byron Justin Beatrice Gladys I COULD not live without the Radio Digest. I am a shut-in. Have six children and all are married and away. (Mrs. Buckeridge must write to them often — see the businesslike salutation printed on her letterhead. — Editor) . They gave me a Radio on my seventieth birthday, and as I am such a Radio fan, I want to know all about my new family. — Mrs. H. B. Buckeridge. GET OUT THE V. O. L. GOAT HAVE your January issue at hand and on page 82 I find that you want my letter. We enjoy the magazine very much and surely like Coon-Sanders, and also Sen Kaney, announcer. We feel we know the stars by reading the magazine. — A. M. Davis, Box 14, Gastonville, Pa. WHEN JESSICA WAS A GIRL JUST a few lines to let you know how I enjoy your wonderful magazine. One picture I liked was that of Jessica Dragonette. You know, every time I hear her singing on the Radio, it brings back memories of my younger days. I remember her singing in the Church Choir when only a small child. When she sang a solo on Easter Sunday one year, every one in church sat and listened to what they thought was the best singer in the choir. To think that today she is one of the best sopranos of the country! — Frank B. Finan, 6070 Callowhill St., Philadelphia, Pa. * * * JUST WRITE ROOSEVELT HOTEL, NEW YORK I WOULD like to know where I can address a letter to Guy Lombardo of the Royal Canadians. Please continue to put pictures of Guy Lombardo in your magazine — and, please, may I join the V. O. L.? — Mary DeMissett, Box 813, Port Colborne.Ont.