Radio Digest (Nov 1930-Apr 1931)

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91 istener DO FADING SIGNALS ANNOY YOU? AM glad the controversy about popular . programs is dying down. It is impossible for two people to prefer exactly the same entertainment. Indeed, I find that I do not always care for the same programs every time they are on the air. This winter we, in this locality, are annoyed by fading during the evening broadcasts. Some stations fade entirely away, eventually returning, and others become distorted. Do other localities have this experience? Does anyone know the cause? I have the impression it is due to too many stations on the air. It certainly is not the fault of the receiving set. Wonder if many are annoyed by XEN of Mexico interfering with WGN of Chicago. By the way, I have a portable speaker in addition to the built-in dynamic speaker. The portable is attached by a long cord, and as I live alone and do my own work, I find it very convenient to listen in from different parts of the house. Am passing this along to other women past the heyday of life who are compelled to remain indoors most of the time and depend on Radio for interest in life. Radio Digest is a boon to such people. — Mrs. Dora D. Breech, 201-4th Ave., Sterling, 111. TO MADAM ERNESTINE SCHUMANN-HEINK (After her article ''Joy Comes After Fifty" in a recent issue of Radio Digest) Evil takes its toll; whate'er is sown must be reaped. And wild oats, when it comes to garnering Will yield weak bodies, untrue friends, and vacillating will, Ah, then the latter years are spent in sorrow and despair. All happiness consists in memories, E'en then so much repentance and regrets come creeping in Small satisfaction can be found in these. But he who spends his youth and middle years in doing good, Collecting loveliness within the heart In serving those about him, finding pleasure in the work, Gleans happiness that never can depart. Ah, then the latter years are spent in blessedness and joy, With no regrets for pleasures that are past. Enjoying surcease from all care; a host of friends to love, 'Tis only Christ Who brings the best wine last! — Mrs. H. A. Dannecker, Box 328, Newcastle, Ind. * * * "CONGRATS" FOR "PIPES OF PAN" ALLOW me to congratulate you on your . page, "The Pipes of Pan.'' The organization of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Radio Fans is a noble idea. The broadcasters need their "wrists slapped" as you say. There are so many programs that are wholly inane and unjustifiable. For instance, tonight I listened to the "Sleepv Water Orchestra" from WMAQ. They played a good selection or two and then came down to Can This Be Love? When a good orchestra which is supposed to present some particular type of music, presents foolish stuff like the tune mentioned it becomes just another orchestra. Go ahead. Slap them plenty. — Calvin Cannady, New Harmony, Ind. * * * CLASSICAL MUSIC AND DR. WILLIAM BRAID WHITE THE articles by Dr. W. B. White are the leading features in your magazine. He is certainly right when he says classical music should be explained by the announcer before played. I think this point cannot be stressed enough. Also enjoyed Maria Jeritza's article. "The Golden Baton" was very good. Anything David Ross does is good. I'm very much interested in articles about announcers, which I find very few and far between. (Follow Marcella's columns — she often prints sketches of the "lives of our great announcers" — Editor) . — Carroll Kilpatrick, Woodley Road, Montgomery, Ala. * * * THE RIGHT SPIRIT JUST a word to say that I get a great deal of enjoyment out of your magazines and am passing them on to a "shutin" who feels she knows the Radio stars after seeing their pictures. — Mrs. C. E. Clement, 8780-97th St., Woodhaven, L. I. * * * OF COURSE MR. VALLEE WRITES HIS OWN ARTICLES! I'D like to ask a few questions in regard to Mr. Vallee. Where does he live? (New York). Does he write the articles appearing in the magazine? (Yes — he dictates them, then re-reads and corrects them. His manuscript for Tnnejul Topics in this issue was mailed from Miami, Fla., where he was on tour with his band.) Is he going on a tour of the Paramount theatres soon? (Yes — see last answer). — A. C. S. 'Brooklyn, N. Y. WHAT RICHARD DOESN'T LIKE GOT the December issue of your Radio magazine the other day. I used to get your magazine a year ago when it was something. In those days it was a humdinger. I'll list the things I don't like in the December issue: First. "Million Dollar Radio Rum Ring" is the first. If your readers want all this detective stuff, they'll buy a detective magazine. Second. "Making the Most Out of Matrimony" — there are plenty of "True Confession" magazines for the ones who want this love bunk. Give us pictures, more of them, give Marcella more space, and cut out these stories that don't have anything to do with commercial broadcasting, like "John Garland the Deliverer," "We Are All Poets," "Hooked Rugs" and "Stretching for Beauty." Yours for a bigger and better Radio Digest. — Richard Douglas, 1130 Krug Park Place, St. Joseph, Mo. * * * THAT'S WHAT "W. P." LIKES! EACH month finds me more interested in your publication, especially the Voice of the Listener page. Am looking forward to another Oppenheim story, like "John Garland." "Radio Rum Ring" is interestng. — W. P. Smythe, Louisville, Ky. FANS, WE'RE ASKING YOU ALTHOUGH this is my first letter to . you, I am an old time reader of Radio Digest. I used to buy your magazine when you looked like the Police Gazette. In those days you featured pictures of Radio stars and celebrities. Xow you feature articles and stories by well-known people. Which do the fans like best? Why not ask them? What do we care about the man who made the first moving picture? Tell us about the first man to broadcast. Who cares what George Bernard Shaw says about this and that? You're paying these people a lot of money. Why not put that money into the Digest by securing more Radio information? Don't mind me, I'll buy the darn thing even if Einstein gives a detailed account of that theory of his. — John C. Barry, 49 Worcester St., Nashua, N. H. HERE'S THE VOTE ON LOGS AS A DX fan and an ardent reader of . your magazine I should like to voice my opinion on logs. I, for one, would have no use for Radio Digest without the splendid log which you have been giving to your readers. The Chain Calendar has no value for me, nor has the Alphabetical List, but when you have the State and City Index, and Official Wave Lengths, that is all I want— Frank X. Scott, 41-26 Gleane St., Elmhurst, N. Y. . . . Keep up the Log, Wave Lengths, State Index, etc., if not each month, every other month — Mr. and Mrs. Perry Van Meter, Davenport, Wash. . . . My vote is for the Alphabetical List and the State and City Index, three or four times a vear — H. G. Myers, 607 So. Home Ave., Oak Park. 111. ... I think that the Official Wave Length is all that is necessary — Mrs. Walter Hart, Alpena, Mich. I DON'T think that such a great number are necessary and think that space should be used for pictures — Xorman L. Benner, Souderton, Pa. ... By all means have all lists in each month. There were new Cuban and Mexican stations in last issue that weren't in previous numbers — the listine helped me identify them — L. E. Stewart. Winchendon, Mass. ... I was very much disappointed because the January issue did not have the Chain Calendar as I always refer to it — Mrs. Leonard Walter. 501 S. Bedford Ave., Evansville, Ind. . . . Imaeine my disappointment when I found the Chain Calendars missing! — H. J. Bollin, Xacozari, Sonora, Mexico. ... It is quite interesting to look back at old issues of your magazine and see, from the Chain Calendar, what was on the air at that time — R. Arnold, loo3 Dwight, Springfield, Mass. . . . Alphabetical list? Yes, indeed, each month. There are so many changes. Official Wave Lentiths? Yes. indeed, each month. Many times in locating new stations we get the city and state but not the call letters. State and City Index? Yes. indeed each month5 Chain Calendar Features? Yes! Yes! Yes! every month ! — Frances Cherry. o05 Logan St., Wayne, Neb. * * * SORRY Frances, but there isn't room enough to print each log every month. However, we can promise one each month. together with the Chain Calendar. This decision was made in view of the overwhelming votes in favor of Lous— The Editors. • * * The Editors want to know whai think about our authors, our features, our policies. Write us— join VOL.