Radio Digest (Nov 1930-Apr 1931)

Record Details:

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96 ICiloMeters cycles Watts Call Signal Location 384.4 780 500 1,000 500 500 250 1,000 500 500 500 500 500 KELW Burbank, Calif. KTM Santa Monica, Cal. (day) KTM Santa Monica, Cal. (night) WEAN Providence, R. I. (day) WEAN Providence, R. I. (night) WMC Memphis, Tenn. (day) WMC Memphis, Tenn. (night) WPOR Norfolk. Va. WTAR Norfolk, Va. WISJ Madison, Wis WISJ Madison, Wis. 389.4 770 5,000 25,000 KFAB Lincoln, Neb. WBBM-WJBT Chicago, HI. 394.5 760 1,000 1,000 30,000 KVI Tacoma, Wash. WEW St. Louis, Mo. WJZ New York, N. Y. 399.8 750 5,000 WJR Detroit, Michigan 40S.2 740 1,000 5,000 KMMJ Clay Center, Neb. WSB Atlanta, Ga. 410 731.3 2,000 1,000 CMK Havana, Cuba XEN Mexico, D. F. 411 729.9 500 50 50 500 CHYC Montreal, P. Q. CKWX Vancouver, B. C. CKMO Vancouver, B. C. CKAC Montreal, P. Q. 50 50 CKCD-CHLS Vancouver, B. C. CKFC Vancouver, B. C. 416.4 720 25,000 WGN Chicago, III. 299.8 710 250 KFVD Culver City, Cal. 422.3 710 5,000 WOR Newark, N. J. 428.3 700 50,000 WLW Cincinnati, Ohio 434.8 690 500 500 500 500 CFAC-CNRC Calgary, Alt. Can. CFCN-CNRC Calgary, Alt. Can. CJCJ-CHCA Calgary, Alt. Can. CKGW Bowmanville, Ont. 441 680.2 50 CMBS Havana, Cuba 440.5 680 5,000 1,000 KPO San Francisco, Cal. WPTF Raleigh, N. C. 447.5 670 5,000 WMAQ Chicago, 111. 454.3 660 500 50,000 WAAW Omaha, Nebr. WEAF New York, N. Y. 461.3 650 5,000 WSM Nashville, Tenn. 466 643.7 250 CMCF Havana, Cuba Kilo Call Meters cycles Watts Signal Location 468.5 640 5,000 KFI Los Angeles, Cal. 500 WAIU Columbus, Ohio 470 638.3 2,000 XFG Mexico, D. F. 475.9 630 476.2 629.9 490 491.5 611.9 610 500 599.6 500 KFRU Columbus, Mo. 500 WGBF Evansville, Ind. 500 WMAL Washington, D. C. (day) 250 WMAL Washington, D. C. (night) 1,000 WOS Jefferson City, Mo. (day) 500 WOS Jefferson City, Mo. (night) 500 CFCT Victoria, B. C. 500 CJGX Yorktown, Sasq. 500 CNRA Moncton, N. B. 50 CMBD Havana, Cuba 1,000 KGW Portland, Ore. 1,000 KREP Phoenix, Ariz, (day) 500 KREP Phoenix, Ariz, (night) 500 KTAR Phoenix, Ariz. 1,000 WDAE Tampa, Fla. 1,000 WDBO Orlando, Fla. 2,500 WFLA-WSUN Clearwater, Fla. (day) 1,000 WFLA-WSUN Clearwater, Fla. (Night) 500 WJAY Cleveland, Ohio 500 WLBZ Bangor, Maine 2,500 WTMJ Milwaukee, Wise, (day) 1,000 WTMJ Milwaukee, Wise, (night) 200 CMBY Havana, Cuba 1,000 KFRC San Francisco, Cal. 1,000 WDAF Kansas City, Mo. 500 WFAN Philadelphia, Pa. 500 WIP Philadelphia, Pa. 1,000 WOQ Kansas City, Mo. 1,000 KFSD San Diego, Calif, (day) 500 KFSD San Diego, Calif, (night) 250 WCAO Baltimore, Md. 500 WEBW Beloit, Wise. 500 WMTWaterloo, Iowa 500 WQAN Lawrenceburg, Tenn. 1,000 WREC Memphis, Tenn. (day) 500 WREC Memphis, Tenn. (night) 250 WCAC Storrs, Conn. 250 CFCH Iroquois Falls, Ont. 500 CJRM Moose Jaw, Sask. 500 CJRW Fleming, Sask. 500 CNRO Ottawa, Can. 1,000 CMW Havana, Cuba 2,000 KHQ Spokane, Wash, (day) 1,000 KHQ Spokane, Wash, (night) 590 WCAJ Lincoln, Nebr. 1,000 WEEI Boston, Mass. Kilo Call Meters cycles Watts Signal Location 508.2 590 1,000 WEMC Berrien Springs, Mich. 1,000 WOW Omaha, Nebr. KFDM Beaumont, Texas, (day) KFDM Beaumont Texas, (night) KFEQ St. Joseph, Mo. KLZ Denver, Colo. KTAB Oakland, Calif. WFI Philadelphia. Pa. WIOD Miami Beach, Fla. WLIT Philadelphia. Pa. WNOX Knoxville, Tenn. (day) WNOX Knoxville, Tenn. (night) WOI Ames, Iowa WQAM Miami, Fla. KGFX Pierre, S. D. KSAC Manhattan, Kans. (day) KSAC Manhattan, Kans. (night) WOBU Charleston, W. Va. WSAZ Huntington, W. Va. WTAG Worcester, Mass. WSUI Iowa City, Iowa CKUA Edmonton, Alta. CKNC-CJBC Toronto, Ontario CHMA Edmonton, Alta. CJCA-CNRE Edmonton, Alta. CKCL Toronto, Ont. KGKO Wichita Falls, Tex. (day) KGKO Wichita Falls, Tex. (night) KMTR Hollywood, Calif. KXA Seattle, Wash. WEAO Columbus, Ohio WIBO Chicago, III. (day) WIBO Chicago, III. (night) WKBN Youngstown, Ohio WNAX Yankton, S. D. WMAC Cazenovia, N. Y. WMCA New York, N. Y. WNYC New York, N. Y. WPCC Chicago, III. WSYR Syracuse, N. Y. WWNC Asheville, N. C. KFDY Brookings, S. D. (day) KFDY Brookings, S. D. (night) KFUO St. Louis, Mo. (day) KFUO St. Louis, Mo. (night) KFYR Bismarck, N. D. (day) KFYR Bismarck, N. D. (night) KOAC Corvallis, Ore. KSD St. Louis, Mo. WGR Buffalo, N. Y. WKRC Cincinnati, Ohio XEY Surerida, Yuc. 548 588.2 500 XEZ Mexico, D. F. 555.6 540 500 CKX Brandon, Mass. 514.4 560 1,000 500 2,500 1,000 1,000 500 1,000 500 2,000 1,000 5,000 1,000 516.9 580 200 1.0C0 500 250 250 250 500 517.2 580.4 500 500 250 500 500 526 570 500 250 500 500 750 1,500 1.GO0 500 1,000 250 500 500 500 250 1,000 S45.1 550 1,000 500 1,000 500 2,500 1,000 1,000 500 1,000 500 546.8 548.6 105 Beauty Is As Beauty Thinks {Continued from page 15) look around her "soul's windows", to boot. "Now look at this other picture," continued Bernadine in her pianissimo voice which, even in ordinary conversation, seems to whisper crooning lullabies. It's a long, long way from Greta Garbo, the dramedienne (lexicographers, please note as opp. to comedienne for purposes not fully covered by tragedienne) to Nancy Carroll, the ingenue, but Bernadine made the complete journey, the while the photographer, smothering beneath the black pall, feasted his eyes upon this her beauty. How is it possible, it may be asked, to reflect such widely different characteristics with but a single face? Simply by taking the Special Hollywood train, Mental Express ion and stopping off at the visage of your favorite actress. "That's the whole solution," said Bernadine as she rested for a moment out of character. Of course, some very learned and sage ps-ps-psycho-analyst may come along and say that there is a subconscious reason for it all — that it's the calories that actually do the work — calories plus the cooperation of versatile vitamins. But a chorus of boshes throws Psir Psychist off the soap-box, for the reason that very few aspiring artists with the slender, airy form of Bernadine, wish to make the acquaintance of calories. Not that she has to go diet-wise, mind you, for when Bernadine comes, it is like the rustle of spring — there is that freshness of youth about her — but she is wise enough to look ahead, and she shudders at the forbidding shadow of the rippling chin. The interviewer, however, having no compunction over calories, proceeded with the healthy appetite and purpose of the average consumer while Bernadine raved on about the bigger things in life. She said: "One's attitude of mind has everything in the world to do with one's success and activities. Just as I portrayed Greta Garbo and Nancy Carroll at will, that is how I can bring success to my work. "Sometimes when I find a tendency to yield to discouragement, I just shake myself and affirm that I can go on and make progress continually. And back of this urge for success is the desire to please my parents. Believe me, it takes all the determination I have to rise above seeming obstacles and their attending difficulties— but these trials do make one grow. Looking back, I don't think I should have foregone any of the experiences I have been through when I think of the golden lessons they held for me. "And now I'm off to Hollywood and my advice to everyone is, think success and you will bring it into your lives, think beauty and beauty will come into your experience — but it has to emanate from your own thinking." By this time we had left the restaurant and were going through the busy streets of Manhattan. The hurrying throngs of people who caught the music in Bernadine's voice turned their heads and looked after her. Bernadine has her audience now. Anc any place she happens to stand on will become her stage. Added to her many gifts as an actress and Radio artist is her leaning toward writing poetry and composing music. "I don't know how it happened, but I was walking along the street one day and the whole song just ran through my mind. Here, let me hum it for you." Against the background of New York's throbbing symphony of familiar tones — train rumblings, auto whirrs with an occasional clang of fire engines — Bernadine sang her little song. Its merits have already been recognized by a music publisher, and readers of this article will probably be hearing arrangements of it over the Radio very soon. Bernadine waved a sweet farewell as she turned the corner. "Think success and you will bring it into your life," I murmured. There's a philosophy that's worth while, easily understandable and applicable — not dependent on deductions, logic or a priori reasoning. It worked with the photographs, why not with the problems of being? It became clear after this chat, why so many gifted people are complete failures, while others with fewer talents are great successes. The person who succeeds has a native philosophy, a determination to conquer all odds and a love for people. And Bernadine has all of these elements.