Radio Digest (June 1932-Mar 1933)

Record Details:

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14 Irene Taylor Jiigh lig h ts PAUL WHITEMAN has again established his leadership during the current season and by the time this reaches you he will have launched his new program, the Buick Travelers from WEAF over an all-nation network. With him will be his charming entertainers including the especially charming Irene Taylor who joined the NBC in Chicago last year. Paul met her there and upon his return to New York succeeded, only a few weeks ago, in having her annexed to his staff. The three Sundays that Whiteman left the air for his rehearsals in Carnegie Hall brought an avalanche of mail from protesting listeners in all parts of the country. The new Buick Travelers series will take up the period formerly utilized by the General Motors for their Parade of the States, which concluded Oct. 17th with the forty-eighth and final tribute of the series. The program begins at 9:30 p. m., EST, every Monday night and will continue along the high standard maintained by General Motors on all of its programs. Paul Whiteman