Radio Digest (June 1932-Mar 1933)

Record Details:

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18 BOBBY BENSON SOoooo ! You thought all that talk about Bobby Benson, being the youngest member and the hero of the H-bar-O Rangers was the bunk ! You thought it was just story-talk that you hear over the CBS broadcasting system from Buffalo every Monday, Wednesday and Friday right after you get home from school. Well, looka this! What? Mrs. Johnny Marvin (Road about Johnny on the opposite page) That's Bobby Benson himself a-settin' on the fence, and that beside him is his trusty steed, Silver Spot ! So you wouldn't believe it, huh? Well sir, you know how the story goes about him bein' the heir to that H-bar-O ranch, and how the villains are a-tryin' to beat him out of it. And boy oh boy, does he have adventures ! Look at him ! Why that little bunch of chaps and sombrero is only ten years old. But don't he look like a regular Tom Mix in the bud ! Course you shouldn't know this but up where he goes to school in Buffalo the teachers and all call him Richard. But some of the boys call him Dick and that's really just about as good a name if not even better'n Bobby. His whole name is Richard Wanamaker. Course you can't tell how that name Wanamaker stacks up out there where the Indianas 'n' cowboys are. Which would you rather be a Benson or a Wanamaker? But what's that got to do with this radio program? You wanta listen to it. Comes on at 5 o'clock. Hook 'em cow ! Hey, Hat, don't you get fresh when a breeze blows up an' drag the little Boss off that corral palin' !