Radio doings (Dec 1930-Jun1932)

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Tlie Host Popular Stations Heard by Western Listeners WESTERN KDB — Santa Barbara, Calif. SB 514 tKECA— Los Angeles. WEstmore 0337 KELW— Burbank, Calif. GL. 2110 KEX— Portland, Ore. ATwater 3111 KFAC— Los Angeles. EM. 1171 §KFBK— Sacramento, Calif. MAin 8700 tKFI— Los Angeles. WEstmore 0337 KFOX— Long Beach, Calif. 672-81 §KFPY — Spokane, Wash. MAin 1218 §KFRC — San Francisco. PRospect 0100 tKFSD— San Diego, Calif. FRanklin 6353 KFSG — Los Angeles. Exposition 1141 KFVD— Culver City, Calif. EMpire 1171 KFWB — Hollywood. HOlIywood 0315 KFWI— San Francisco. FRanklin 0200 KFXM— San Bernardino, Calif. 4761 KGA— Spokane, Wash. FRanklin 6151 KGB— San Diego, Calif. FRanklin 6151-2-3 KGDM— Stockton, Calif. KGEF— Los Angeles. WEstmore 8887 KGER— Long Beach, Calif. 632-75 KGFJ— Los Angeles. WEstmore 7788 tKGO— San Francisco. SUtter 1920 tKGW— Portland, Ore. ATwater 2121 §KHJ--Los Angeles. VAndike 7111 tKHQ— Spokane, Wash. MAin 5383 KJBS— San Francisco. ORdway 4148 KJR— Seattle, Wash. SEneca 1515 KLX— Oakland, Calif. LAkeside 6000 §KLZ— Denver, Colo. KMCS— Inglewood, Calif. VAndike 7643 KMJ— Fresno, Calif. 3-5221 KMO— Tacoma, Wash. MAin 4144 KMPC— Beverly Hills, Calif. CR. 3101 KMTR — Hollywood, Calif. HO. 3026 KNX — Hollywood, Calif. HEmpstead 4101 KOAC— Corvallis, Ore. Vorvallis 526 IKOIN— Portland, Ore. ATwater 4151 §KOL— Seattle, Wash. MAin 2312 tKOMO— Seattle, Wash. ELliott 5809 +KPO— San Francisco. KEarney 0704 KQW— San Jose, Calif. Columbia 232 KREG— Santa Ana, Calif. 4900 KROW— Oakland, Calif. GLencourt 6774 KTAB — San Francisco. GArfield 4700 KTM— Los Angeles. Exposition 1341 KTW— Seattle, Wash. §KVI— Tacoma, Wash. BRoadway 4211 K.WG — Stockton KWSC— Pullman, Wash. KXL— Portland, Ore. ATwater 5124 KYA— San Francisco. PRospect 3456 MOUNTAIN §KDYL— Salt Lake City. WAsatch 7180 KLO — Ogden, Utah. BIgelow 84 tKOA— Denver, Colo. YOrk 4634-R KOB— State College, N. M. tKSL— Salt Lake City. Wasatch 3901 tKTAR— Phoenix, Ariz. 36631 CENTRAL tKMOX— St. Louis, Mo. Central KRLD — Dallas, Texas. 2-6811 tKWK— St. Louis, Mo. DElmar 3218 KWKH— Shreveport, La. 6739 tKYW— Chicago. W Abash 4040 §WCCO— Minneapolis, Minn. GEneva 9101 WCHI— Chicago. STate 2200 tWENR — Chicago. FRanklin 5000 tWFAA— Dallas, Texas. 2-9216 tWGN— Chicago. SUperior 0100 tWHAS— Louisville, Ky. Louisville City 320 tWHO— Des Moines, la. tWJR— Detroit, Mich. MAdison 4440 §WMAQ— Chicago. DEarborn 1111 tWOC— Davenport, la. §WOWO— Ft. Wayne, Ind. Anthony 2136 EASTERN tKDKA— Pitsburgh, Pa. ATlantic 4854 §WABC— New York City. §WBT— Charlotte, N. C. 3-7107 §WCAU— Philadelphia, Pa. RItnhse 6447 tWJZ-New York City tWLW— Cincinnati, O. Kirby 4800 WOR— Newark, N. J. tWSB— Atlanta, Ga. HEmlock 1045 tWTAM— Cleveland, O. CHerry 0942 §CBS tNBC Page Twenty-eight RADIO DOINGS