Radio mirror (July-Dec 1946)

Record Details:

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COAST TO COAST records for kids . . . Ditto Alec Templeton with some priceless waxings of Christmas Carols in an album which should delight the heart of everyone over five years of age. * * * Only one more holiday-time item — this one to do with Beatrice Kay, whose mind is running out of ideas for keeping her husband busy — away from their home in the country at certain hours. Miss Kay's husband is a camera fiend and her surprise Christmas present for him is a specially designed darkroom, which she is having built into the house. For months, Beatrice's efforts to keep her husband out of the room that's being converted and away from home while the workmen have been there, have taken the ingenuity and wit to have kept three hair raising serials running on the radio. * * * A sad, sad story. Lloyd Shaffer was almost, but not quite, signed to direct the music for another series besides the Supper Club programs. The sponsor liked what Shaffer does with music — But — the sponsor had to turn him down because it was a beer company and it didn't seem a hot idea for said company to hire a man whose name is the same as that of a rival beer company. * * * Remember a while back we wrote an item about radio actors being worried about their future earnings because of the large number of audience participation shows that were replacing big production programs? Well, back in those days, radio actors always had television to fall back on, provided they were photogenic. Now the audience participation fever is taking hold in the television field, too. After the success of Stop the Clock, a video quiz show, the television boys are coming up with more and brighter ideas. * * * The devotion of fans is always a thing to marvel at. Lionel Barrymore, thanks If Your little One Has ACoM Tonight Relieve His Distress This ^2^ -As Be Sleeps/ It's easy to understand why most young mothers depend on this modern way to relieve distress of children's colds. It's so easy . . . and it brings such wonderful relief. What you do is rub warming, comforting Vicks VapoRub on throat, chest and back at bedtime. Its 2-way relief-bringing action (shown below) starts to work instantly . . . PENETRATES Into upper bronchial tubes with special medicinal vapors. STIMULATES chest and bock surfaces like a good, warming poultice. This wonderful, special penetratingstimulating action (brought to you only by Vicks VapoRub) quickly relieves discomforts and invites restful sleep. WORKS DURING THE NIGHT For hours the special penetratingstimulating action of VapoRub keeps on working during the night to relieve coughing spasms, ease muscular soreness and tightness and bring grand relief. Try it yourself the next time a cold strikes. ^" a special w"'" When „^"««Vicis V„H°« ^0"r chfid catnh ^^'^^'^e wJieT Best-Known Home Remedy You Can Use To Relieve Distress of Colds. For Children or Adults 11