Radio showmanship (Jan-Dec 1943)

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RADIO wasn't new to the Alfar Creamf ERY Co., West Palm Beach, Fla., when it took on Alfar's Parade of Sports over WJNO. For five years we had made successful use of radio advertising. Now we were ready to back a hard hitting campaign in the interests of our ice cream department. Our selection of sports broadcasts was based on the theory that the vast majority of ice cream eaters are interested in sporting events of one kind or another. To give that theory a complete test, we went all out on sports. In addition to the daily sports review heard at the dinner hour, we also took on sponsorship of all major local sports events. In other words, we followed up our week-day quarter-hours with playby-play descriptions of professional and high school baseball, high school football, professional and local amateur golf tournaments, tennis matches, and regattas. Listeners even heard the Boy Scout Soap Box Derby. In this way, we accomplished a number of things. In the first place, through such an extensive sports coverage, we © ream ©' the © rop