Radio showmanship (Jan-Dec 1943)

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portslants 1 Ten Year Did Sports Program Answers Service Call to the Colors FOR nearly ten years now, Yandt's Men's Wear has been the sponsor of a five minute sportscast, caned Yandt's Sportslants, heard from 6:30 to 6:35 P.M. every night, Monday through Saturday, on KGVO, Missoula, Montana. When we took on the program, our first venture into radio advertising, ^ve felt that sports was the best angle of approach to our potential customers. AV^hile it is true that many women shop in our store for clothing for their men folks, our primary job is to create a desire for our merchandise among the men; the women will shop where they know they'll find what the men want. We not only wanted to sell our merchandise, we wanted to sell our store as an institution, as the place for men to buy. Our location in a college town also made it mandatory that our program appeal to the male collegians. AVhat better show for that purpose than a sports program which covered the entire field of college sports activities. In order to give the institutional twist to our broadcast, I handle all the microphone work on the program myself. This gives a personal touch to the broadcast that means friends for our store. Being familiar with my voice on the air, even men who had never seen me before, coming into our store, feel that they are talking with a friend. And in a community the size of ours (and, I suspect, in a community of any size) friendliness with customers pays dividends. We have found Yandt's Sportslants to be our ideal method of advertising. Even in its first few months on the air it was so successful that we determined to expend practically our entire advertising budget on radio. We have followed that practice through the years. During the football season in the fall, we amplify our five minutes to ten minutes on Saturday night, to enable us to give all the important scores for the day. New Year's Day, 1942, was a day of bad omen for Yandt's Men's Wear. It was on that day, in the early morning, that a disastrous fire swept the business block in which we were located and seriously damaged our stock and fixtures. We had to move such stock as we could salvage across the street into temporary quarters, where we held a fire sale, disposing of all this salvaged stock by April 1. In the meantime, our fire-gutted quarters were being re-built, but we were notified that we would be unable to occtipy those quarters until August, 1942, which meant several months out of business. 230 RADIO SH OWM ANSH IP