Radio showmanship (Jan-Dec 1943)

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^nc^ Radio's Newest, Most Exciting MYSTERY PROGRAM! Latest surveys show drama programs leading all other types in popularity. And here is a new radio show that fits today's trend. "The Weird Circle," produced by the NBC RadioRecording Division, is a half-hour series of weird, suspense-filled adventures! Stories by the greatest writers of all time; Poe, Bulwer-Lytton, de Maupassant, Balzac, Hugo, Collins and others — acted by some of radio's finest dramatic talent, perfectly produced at NBC — "The Weird Circle" is a sure-fire audience-builder, promises to be a certain success for every type of sponsor. Ask your local station to arrange an audition or write NBC Radio-Recording Division today for complete details of this magnificent series of 26 half-hour broadcasts. "The Weird Circle" is mystery at its best, radio at its peak of effectiveness! ^0(/t<fc&r2^ NATIONAL BROADCASTING COMPANY A Radio Corporation of America Service RCA Building, Radio City, New York, N. Y. Chicago, III. • Washington, D. C. • Hollywood, Cal. What Audiences Want {Continued from page 223) put more precisely. It almost answers itself. If you can find out what people are wanting, what is on their minds, what they are talking about, what they are interested in, you have only to give them radio programs which satisfy this interest craving. Keen of wit and sharp of mind is St. Paul-born Elizabeth Reeves, vice president and script editor of the Knox-Reeves Advertising Agency, Minneapolis, Minn. A hard worker with a string of advertising triumphs to her credit, she has also invaded the arts, has authored two successful novels, ''Then Again June" and "A House for Emily." The house for Betty fronts the steep banks of the Mississippi. From the gleaming white, corner-windowed modern house with its saturated blue curtains to the path which follows the river's meandering course is only a stone's throw. There her two dachshunds chase rabbits, flush pheasants. Good books, modern paintings, and symphonic music fill quiet evenings beside the fire. Only evidence of the efficient business woman that she is: a bowl full of well sharpened pencils rests upon a book ledge. Not by a long shot was advertising her first love. After a year in Boston's Simmons College, another undergraduate year at Columbia, she returned to her native haunts, did social work at the St. Paul Neighborhood House. Cupid had his innings when she met Knox Reeves. Between playing the roles of wife and mother to daughter Jane, she catered for ten years to the appetites of St. Paul book-lovers who entered the portals of the Mable Ulrich Book Shop. As radio script editor of the agency, she has practiced the art of the spoken word since 1936. 234 RADIO SHOWMANSHIP