Radio showmanship (Jan-Dec 1947)

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A Magazine for Radio Advertisers Programming is the life blood of radio. • Editorially, and through its advertising pages, RADIO SHOWMANSHIP Magazine presents in stories, pictures and advertising, reasons and arguments that aid in selling merchandise through radio. Every issue carries a host of selling ideas and it is a monthly compilation of the latest trends in radio programming. * What others in your business field accomplish through broadcast advertising, classified by business field. Business PAGE Business PAGE Automobiles 202 ! Grocery Stores 203, 205 Beverages 204 Dairies 190 Department Stores 188, 194, 202, 204, 212, 213 Drug Stores 192, 207 Electrical Appliances 186, 205 Home Furnishings 206 Music Stores 192 Photographers 196 Restaurants 209, 210, 211 Schools 203 Gasolines 214 ' Stationers 211 Grocery Products 207, 209 | Women's Wear 212 Sponsor STATION PAGE Abbotts Dairies, others WFIL, Philadelphia, Pa. 190 Angelo's Restaurants WKXL, Concord, N. H. 210 Armond Furniture Co. WFPG, Adantic City, N. J. 206 Associated Grocers of Colorado, Inc. KOA, Denver, Colo., others 203 Associated Steam Power Laundries, others KTUL, Tulsa, Okla. 209 Chi Chi Club KFMB, San Diego, Calif. 209 Colonial Beacon Oil Co. WGAN, Portland, Me. 214 Davis School of Speech WHHM, Memphis, Tenn. 203 Davison-Paxon Co. WSB, Adanta, Ga. * 213 Dilly Bottling Co. WHHM, Memphis, Tenn. 204 Gold & Co. KFOR, Lincoln, Nebr. 204 Hahn Motor Co. KIT, Yakima, Wash. 202 Lasalle 8C Koch Department Store WTOL, Toledo, Ohio 188 People's Stores WAJR, Morgantown, W. Va. 212 So. Calif. Radio 8C Electrical Appliance Ass'n., Inc. KMPC, Los Angeles, Calif. 186 Super Cut Rate Drug Stores WWDC, Washington, D.C. 192 Triangle Food Stores, Inc. WSAZ, Huntington, W. Va. 205 Van's Modern Appliances WRRN, Warren, O. 205 Winkelman's Department Store WSAM, Saginaw, Mich. 202 Wurzburg's Department Store WOOD, Grand Rapids, Mich. 194 Read your RADIO SHOWMANSHIP!