Radio showmanship (Jan-Dec 1949)

Record Details:

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Publisher Leonard Martin Fox Editor Sol Shulman Associate Editor Muriel Fried Editorial Assistants Thelma Edelman Nona Lefkowith EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Roger Clipp Philadelphia F. Van Koynenburg Minneapolis J. Harold Ryan Toledo Ben Strouse Washington, D. C. Philip G. Lasky San Francisco Lloyd E. Yoder Denver EDITORIAL OFFICE: N. E. Corner 16th & Conlyn Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. Telephone: HAncock 4-9056; 4-9345; 4-9354. COPYRIGHT: 1948 by Fox-Shulman Publications, publishers of Radio Showmanship. ®0& V0® CONTENTS JANUARY 1949 Vol. 10, No. 1 Sales Soar Via Show 2 Good Will the Big Feature 4 It's JDJ Time 6 WCOV's Grouchy Gus 8 Ohio Favorite 9 Award Winner 10 Spots Mean Sales 12 Zany Swap Shop Aids Norfolk Dialers 14 Radio Promotes Big Food Fair 16 Johnny on the Spot 19 Joske's of Texas Airs Three Shows 20 Showmanscoops 22 Airing the New 24 Contests 26 Showmanship in Action 28 Proof of the Pudding 30 SUBSCRIPTION RATES; United States and possessions S one year Canada S5.50 Single Copies — 50 cents Canada — 55 cents. JANUARY. 1949