Radio stars (Oct 1938)

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RADIO STARS RADIO STARS LESTER C. GRADY. Editor ELLA RIDDLE Associate Editor A8RII LAMARQUE. Art Editor ME QUICK/" "YOU WIN! I can't stay mad when you bring me Bee- man's! It's got such flavor— a dash and tang and irresis- tible lusciousness that lifts me right out of the dumps! They say it's the triple guard airtight package that keeps Beeman's so fresh and full of flavor—all / know is, it's good ! " Beeman's AIDS DIGESTION... BROADCASTING WEST COAST CHATTER by Lois Svensrud BREATHING SPELLS SCRIPT SECRETS WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE NEVER THE SAME by Charles Moran SIGNALS ONI 14 A BACHELOR'S ADVICE by Ronnie Randall 16 FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE TO RADIO 19 THE TEN MOST UNUSUAL PEOPLE IN RADIO by Jack Hanley.... 20 DAVE ELMAN'S OWN STORY OF HOBBY LOBBY 22 SO YOU'D LIKE TO PLAY IN A BAND? by Jera'd Manning 24 BETWEEN BROADCASTS 26 THE HOUSEWIFE BE PLEASED! by Elizabeth Benneche Petersen 28 WHAT THE LISTENER MAY EXPECT THIS FALL by Willard Marshall 30 A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL! 32 RADIO RAMBLINGS by Arthur Mason 34 "YOU'RE LISTENING TOATRANSCRIBED PROGRAM"by Ella Riddle 36 INTERESTING PEOPLE I HAVE VISITED by Jerry Belcher 38 IN THE RADIO SPOTLIGHT 40 WHAT GOES ON AT RADIO PARTIES? by Samuel Kaufman 42 TAKE YOUR DEGREE IN RADIO bv Gene Harvey 44 THE BANDWAGON by Jerry Mason 46 BUCK BENNY RIDES AGAIN! 48 MRS. WIGGS GOES TO TOWN by Wendy Lee 50 WRITE SO YOUR AUNT SUSANNAH CAN UNDERSTAND YOU by Lilian Lauferty 62 LARRY CLINTON SONG TITLE CONTEST WINNERS! 83 PLATTER PATTER 84 Radio Stars published monthly and copyrighted, 1938, by Dell Publishing Co., Inc. Office or publication at Washington and South Avenues, Dunellen, N. J. Executive and editorial offices. 149 Madison Avenue, New york, N. V. Chicago advertising office, 360 North Michigan Ave., George Delacorte, Jr., Pres.; H. Meyer. Vice-Pres.; J. Fred Henry, Vice-Pres.; M. Delacorte, Sec'y- Vol. 13, No. 1, October, 1938, (No. 299986), printed in U. S. A. Single copy price 10 cents. Subscription price in the United States and Canada $1.00 a year,- Foreign Subscription $2.00 a year. Entered as second class matter August 5, 1932; at the Post Office at Dunellen, N. J., under the act of March 3. 1879. The publisher accepts no responsibility for the return of unsolicited material. Additional second class entries entered at Seattle, Washington; San Fran- cisco, California; Houston, Texas; New Orleans, La., and St. Louis, Mo. 4