Radio stars (Oct 1938)

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RADIO STARS THE LIFE, THE SINS OF A ROYAL BAD-GIRL! The world has read and remembered the story of Marie Antoinette . . . glamorous Queen ifO of France. Of her virtues . . her intrigue ^4 as a queen but ^ ^ ' * more t^ian anYth'n9 e'se • • we rea<^ °f her scarlet history as the playgirl %. ) of Europe . . . <^£$1 of her flirtations . . her escapades with the noblemen of her court . . her d. * Now the^' /# starve< ANTOINETTE" the extravagances even while her subjects screen gives us. ."MARIE woman ..we see her, as tho' through a keyhole. . not on the pages of history... but in her boudoir .in the perfumed halls of the palace of Versailles . A// ||\\\ ..on the moonlit nights in her A garden .. A rendezvous with her lover fol her triumphs and glory .. midst the pageantry of that shameless court., we \ 1 / through see the ^=^^s^> tottering of herX } . ^ throne .. the uprising of her people .. her arrest and imprisonment . . and we tJ \ )y, § jyA follow her on that last ride through the streets of Paris to the guillotine^ 4W j \V ( NEVER. . not since the screen found voice .. has there beenj^^f",, L_( J-i--^ a drama so mighty in emotional conflict., so sublime in romance .. so brilliant in spectacle .. so magnificent in performance .. truly "MARIE ANTOI N ETTE" reaches the zenith of extraordinary entertainment thrill/ 2? NEVER HIS THE SCREEN WITNESSED A 6RE1TER PERFORMANCE THAN THAT OF NORMA SHEARER AS THE "ROYAL BAD-6IRL" SHEARER POWER in Metro • Goldwyn • Mayer's Finest Motion Picture The Private Life of MARIE ANTOINETTE JOHN BARRYMORE • ROBERT MORLEY ANITA LOUISE * JOSEPH SCHILDKRAUT Gladys GEORGE • Henry STEPHENSON Directed by W. S. VAN DYKE II • Produced by HUNT STROMBERG ROMANTIC TYRONE POWER AS THE MAN WHO OFFERED HER THE 10VE SHE COULD NEVER FIND IN HER STRAN6E MARRIA6E