Radio stars (Oct 1938)

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RADIO STARS A TIP ABOUT BATHING TO A GIRL WITH A DATE TONIGHT After your bath, don't fail to give underarms Mum's sure care! WHAT a wonderful lift a bath gives to a girl who is going out in the evening. It starts you off so gloriously fresh and alive. But even the most perfect bath can't protect you all evening long. Underarms must have special care—that's why smart girls, popular girls, follow every bath with Mum! They know that a bath only takes care of past perspiration—but Mum keeps underarms sweet through the hours to come— makes odor impossible. Many a girl who starts out fresh, loses that freshness before the evening's over. If you want to avoid worry about under- arm odor—if you want to be a girl who gets a second date and a third— remem- ber, no bath protects you like a bath plus Mum. Then you'll never risk offending others, never risk spoiling your own good times. Always use Mum. MUM IS QUICK! Just half a minute is all you ever need to apply Mum. MUM IS SAFE I Mum is completely harmless to every fabric. And Mum is gentle, actu- ally soothing to the skin. You can use it immediately after shaving the underarms. MUM IS SURE! Mum does not stop perspi- ration—it simply banishes all odor, all day or all evening long. Hours after your bath, Mum will keep you as fresh and sweet as when you started out. ANOTHER IMPORTANT USE FOR MUM —Thousands of girls use Mum for Sanitary Napkins because they know it's gentle, safe, sure. Avoid worries and embarrassment with Mum. ONE HALF MINUTE AND YOUR CHARM IS SAFE Mum TAKES THE ODOR OUT OF PERSPIRATION 7