Radio stars (Oct 1938)

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RADIO STARS For most of them, life begins after they've spoken on Heatter's program To have a Camera Perfect skin you must have Deep-Down Beauty William Morris. In the heart of William Morris there burned a pledge made one hundred and fifty-six years ago by an ancestor who signed the Declaration of Independence. Legend, in the Saluda Mountain country of North Carolina, said that the first William Morris had started a fire in a little cabin, a vigil to the endur- ing flame of the Colonial spirit. He dedicated his progeny to the task of main- taining that flame to eternity. But the 1938 William Morris was the last of his line, and he was old, near the end of his days. With a tragic tone he sadly foretold the dying of the fire in the mountain cabin. The response to his story was instantane- ous. He was stormed with letters. "There were many," he said, "who wanted to trace relationship, and one dear widow with six children who wanted to marry me to keep the fire from going out." Gabriel Heatter's handling of his cast of characters has brought more tangible re- sults than that. As an example, there was the after-experience of George Barto. In Beaver Falls. Xew York, where he had fiddled at barn dances for fifty years, he was known as "Dad Barto". Heatter pitted him against Dad's own son in a fiddling vs. violin combat; the son played classical music and Dad counter-attacked with such items as Chicken Reel and Turkey In The Strtwu. The old fellow won. Back at Beaver Falls his first dance job necessitated calling out the local constabulary to restrain the crowd. Fifteen hundred persons wanted to hear the fiddler who defeated his own son—for the son was the first violinist in Basil Fomeen's Hotel Ritz Carlton or- chestra in New York! Monetary benefits from appearing with affable and agreeable Gabriel Heatter seem to be so general that it may explain the aura of mystery in which he is held by most of his performers after they have met him. He's a good luck talisman! Even Steiny's Lunch Room at Norfolk, Virginia, where guests are insulted for entertain- ment, is now a state sight-seeing stop, like Grant's Tomb in New York. "We insult our guests," Mrs. May Harlow, one of the waitresses, said on the program. "They seem to like it and come back for more." It is a little difficult to believe that such a statement would develop interest in hungry customers, but it has. Steiny's now does not have enough room to satisfy the curious, anxious to test the brand of insulting service of which Mrs. Harlow spoke over the air. And for this she promises Mr. Heatter the best brand of insult she can muster, if he will just drop in one day for a hamburger. (Continued on page 12) Two distinctive elements in this famous cream help build beauty more than skin-deep Of course, you've longed for it—"Camera Perfect" skin, that transcendent complex- ion which can fearlessly meet the camera's eye or strong revealing sunlight. Now such a complexion may be won from thorough care with Woodbury Cold Cream. For this cream contains two ele- ments which inspire skin beauty. One of these elements keeps Woodbury Cold Cream germ-free. Pure to the last dab. This purity reacts upon your skin, helps to keep it, in turn, radiant, clear. The skin-stimulating Vitamin, the sec- ond element, speeds up your skin's breath- ing, helps keep your skin vital and alive. See how Woodbury Cold Cream can build in your skin the foundations of loveliness! $1.00, 50c, 25c, 10c. ( SEND for Trial Tubes of Woodbury Creams John H. Woodbury. Inc., 6794 Alfred St., Cincinnati, Ohio Please send me trial tubes of Woodbury Cold Cream and racial Cream; 7 shades of Woodbury racial Powder; guest- size Woodbury Facial Soap. I enclose 10c to cover mail- ing costs. Address . 11