Radio stars (Oct 1938)

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Even bombs the odd things people collect. Dave is shown holding two of them. A hobbyist carved the heads of these Indian dolls from dried apples. Charles Metz, piano sales- man, makes tiny orchestras out of nuts. The miniature figures can all play, too! has a handle and removable lid. On the bottom remains the original coin's inscription of "One Cent". Think of the hours of patient, painsl work that went into that article! Here's a lovely, hand-carved cameo, still set in the home-made holding tool in which it was fashioned. The tool is a section of a tree branch, thick as a thumb, and the stone is fastened to the end with a special solder-like cement. And the man who did it is not a pale, long- haired artist, but a husky truck driver. Nearby in the cabinet is a tiny head of Abraham Lincoln, carved out of a peach pit, and behind that a (Continued on page 56) In Dave Elman's office there are many cabinets housing samples of the hobbies of his guests.